Trusting God is Knowing God

I do not trust a living soul. Sin is just too accepted and “ok” and lies too accepted as truth to trust another person. I just believe it is foolish to put your trust in any human being. You are just naively sitting there waiting to be proven ignorant and then be wounded when that person screws up. People are selfish, fickle, sinful, lying, harsh, mean, proud, etc. Whatever they want to do they justify it as acceptable and right even if n it is illegal, harmful to themselves or harmful to others. People are not worth trusting and those who trust them will be disappointed at some point. 

Now, that all seems so negative, right? Surely there are good people we can trust, right? Nope. Not one. They may be good or mean well but nobody is 100% trustworthy. Why? Because all humans are flawed since the first sin and lie was accepted by the first society. Sin and lies were accepted as ok. They still are. Truth would set us free if we were willing to throw off the lies and stop sinning. But people like to play. They like their toys and entertainment. People want to do what they want to do, even at the risk of eternity in hell when this life is over. It is pathetic and so very sad.

Now there is hope. There is good and love and truth. Only found one place, which is God. God is trustworthy, the only One who is. He is our hope. He in His role as Father and Lord, Son and Redeemer, or Holy Spirit and caregiver. All roles perfect, all vital, all true and flawless. No lies or sin even tolerated because of His holiness. Not one justification for behavior because He is right and perfect in everything He says and does. Nothing ugly in God. God is trustworthy in our eyes the more He is known. He is the only One like that. God heals and loves and cares for. He provided a way for our flaws to be forgiven and cleansed to stand before Him through paying the sin penalty for our salvation. We had sold our soul to Satan with sin and lies but He bought us back from Satan with the blood of Jesus Christ, anyone who humbly asks Him and then turns away from those sins and lies. God is the Holy loving One. What He says it true. What He does is beautiful. He is everywhere. God is worth our trust and praise and worship forever. He never changes and is as perfect and powerful from one day to the next forever. Praise God for this!❤


God is Way Bigger than Any Hurricane

I wanted the world to know that God is way bigger than any hurricane. A lot of us Christians in Florida and otherwise have been fasting and praying to Almighty God for protection and provision and to break down the hurricane faster and make it not devastating. God answers, and He has already tuned down the power some. God is so very good and answers prayer. Pray with us. Just pray. God is the only  One stronger than a hurricane and faith and prayer releases His power to us. God loves us and you so very much!!❤❤❤

Something Funny about Irma

My mom has been texting all day (she prefers texts) with questions about preparing for Hurricane Irma. After about the fifth question, I asked her one… “Who was it that taught me faith and to trust God, who is way bigger and stronger than Irma?” She stopped texting questions. Lol ❤

No Worries

I am not worried because God is in control. He is bigger than hurricanes and loves me. He is my Heavenly Father and protects and provides for me, his little girl. So no worries. All is well. We will take it as it comes, be ready where we can and trust God with the rest. God is so good!❤❤❤

Hurricane Irma

So, my family is preparing for hurricane Irma. We are generally prepared for anything (I married a boyscout). I mean, we always have lots of water and first aid kits even. We just needed a few more candles and charcoal is all and we got it. But in going to the store for milk, every register had long lines. Was there a big sale? Was it Christmas? No. People were in greedy/panicking mode. It is scheduled to hit who knows where around Sunday and we are in panic mode already now? Oy. I dislike worry and panic mode. Get what you need and then relax has always been my motto. The media always makes everything worse for ratings or whatever nefarious reasons, but we do not have to take our trust away from God. God protects and saves. My answer to everything is to do what you can calmly and relax and trust God with the rest. Drawing close to God is always the best response to any problem or every day. Truly. No worries.❤

The Matter of Trust

Trust is a funny thing. It is very difficult to earn and impossible to earn back when broken. Why? I believe the only One we should ever put our trust in in the first place is the only One great and faithful and reliable and strong enough to keep it. Anyone else not fitting into that category will let you down, prove untrustworthy, be unfaithful, break it. This basically means that only God can and should be trusted. Anyone not God cannot be. I do not put my trust in anyone, not even myself, and I am the most trustworthy person I know. We all have flaws, emotions, weak moments, character issues, impeefections, etc. God only does not. He can be trusted because He is perfect. No one else is. So not trusting anyone but God is wise. Even a spouse. I mean, we hope they wish to be faithful and loyal but in my experience and those aound me and in front of me and publisized, it is indeed almost nonexistent, even among Christians, so sad to say. Either a real other person or an airbrushed fantasy other person in porn or other passion or hobby they feel is needed because more and more are selfish, selfishness and its parent pride being the primary sin of man arendnd woman kind. So it is really never a question of will this person break my trust but when and was it intentional or to what extent, etc. Anything else, in my possibly cynical but realistic opinion, is a fantasy or fool’s game. God is trustworthy. God is worthy. He is the only One. He loves selflessly not selfishly. God loves for real and true and that means we can trust Him entirely. He never let’s us down. So no matter who else does, God is worthy of trust and respect and faith. I put my trust in Him. Only. ❤❤❤

Walking Through the Unknown

When we walk with God, and if our faith deepens to the point of putting our lives in His capable hands, He directs our paths. And like walking in the dark from step to step on flat towers with huge chasms beneath, God gives light and direction to our steps and we realize that following Him who is so full of grace, love and knowledge is actually never walking through the unknown for He knows everything and guides us. So it is never a matter of unknown but not enough faith. And as our faith and relationship with God grows, our need to know lessons and we become the culmination of what we should be, children.