Second Interview

So, tomorrow I have a second interview for a possible salary part time job as an Audiologist. I am excited about being able to contribute more to paying the bills, helping Zac get his first car, paying for field trips and special outings with my kids or the family in general but mostly paying bills.


I could actually not get the job. And that would be ok too. It is entirely in God’s hands and I accept His answer. I trust Him completely. If He wants me to get the position, I will, and if He knows better than I do that it would be a stress more than a help, I will not get it. I am completely ok either way. I am God’s little daughter, little servant girl, and He takes very good care of me and provides what I need.

So, either way, tomorrow is yet another step in a big maybe job opportunity. God is good and I trust Him. Praise God!😃❤️

Never Alone

We may feel alone but feelings are very often wrong. Feelings depend on what happens, the circumstances surrounding it, past experiences, past or present trauma, how well you slept, hunger leves, hormonap balance or lack thereof, upbringing, etc. The list is endless which is why the devil has successfully launched a marketing campaign to ‘follow your heart”, “do what makes you happy”, “trust how you feel”, “do what feels right to you” and so on. Christians hVe even fallen for this bad advice. It is thr opposite of God’s true Word. God says to trust in Him, study the Word of God to show ypurself approved, a workman who needs not be ashamed, rightly divising the Word of Truth. We are to tame our feelings and even hold every thought and word captive for inspection before we act on it. Feelings are stupid and fleeting. God and His Word is consistent forever and True uncontestibly.😃❤️

How We “Know” Anyone

How do we “know” someone? Their words, their silence, their actions? Can we really “know” anyone at all? There are spies and actors whose sole job is to convincingly deceive. There are evil people who stay in a disguise for years and are really the enemy’s pawn. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. So it is in the spiritual realm. The enemy disguises himself as an angel of light. Very convincing but very deceptive, lies are their bread and water and what they exhale. How do you know truth from lie?

Only God knows a person. Only He knows if someone is genuine. And we can know by a few key ways. We can know our Bible. That is the best way; it is black and white what the Scripture says. Also, we ask questions and study for discrepancies or cringes of spirit. We also can ask if Jesus Christ came down from heaven to be born a man to die and rise from the dead and ask if Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. We pray and ask for wisdom and discernment.

I, like most of you, have been hurt a lot. I really only trust God and a very few godly women I have known most of my life. I do not believe God ever comma ds us to trust other people but He does command us to trust Him and love and serve Himself and others. I have found that when I trust God, I can easily serve in love. And the closer I am to Jesus Christ, the more I trust Him and know if someone is His or not.😃❤️

Lining Up Under God’s Will

I still love this billboard that says “God’s Word is His Will”. Nothing could be more true. We can know what God wants us to do by reading His Word and applying it to our life. And this requires some humility, some desire to please and know God better, a relationship growing closer to Christ and salvation through Him. So, lining ourselves under God’s will is first and foremost intentional, an act of the heart and decision of the mind. It does not grow unless you nourish it. You have to want what He wants more than you want what you want. You have to trust that He loves us better and more than we love ourselves and accept His better way. That is the crux of the matter.😃❤️