Motherhood and Sisterhood

This was a gift sent to me from a good friend and sister and fellow mother. What a great reminder that we are never alone on our journey. We have the Lord and each other. Always remember and cherish and nurture that.❤

The Sending of Flowers

So this morning, we ordered flowers to be sent to the funeral home for Grandpa’s funeral tomorrow. Money constraints do not allow us to go up for it so we sent flowers in our stead. There is something final in the sending of flowers but it is not without life for we sent the flowers in the form of a plant, which can live and be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come.there is something about cutting flowers that saddens my heart because they die, like another death. But a flower on a plant that has life and beauty continuing on is hopeful, pleasant, cheerful. And as Grandpa is in heaven now with my Daddy and Grandma (his wife) and his parents and siblings, there is life now. So in lieu of our life which could not attend, we sent the life of a flower. And that makes me as happy as I can be without being able to be there myself. We will miss you, Grandpa. We love you!

Funerals Actually Has the Word “Fun” in It

I think we have the concept of funerals wrong. The first three letters of “funeral” is “fun” and there is generally not much fun in them at all, in my humble opinion. I am of the opinion that if a person has lived a Godly life and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, funerals should be fun, more like a party because that person is in heaven now. The sadness we feel at their loss is our business but a funeral should be a celebration that the deceased has finished life and is now in glory in heaven, a fabulous thing for them. But that is just my opinion.