Safe Zones

I have determined, with all the hullabaloo about “safe zones”, that instead of laughing at tender souls who can dish it out but not take it or for those genuinely tender ones who were born with a soft breakableness, or anyone anymore, that safety is invaluable. I never thought so because I had my fiercely strong and protective Daddy so never felt unsafe. For some kids, their father or mother nowadays is why they feel unsafe to begin with, being impossible to please, being abusive, being critical, neglecting, controlling, what not. And there is a world of people who just have been beat up by demons and other people choosing evil as their lifestyle that safety has become this need, like air. And I decided when all this was becoming apparent in such an increasingly dark and hostile world, that I will always be a safe zone. My body, you see, is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I have a simple temple but it is clean and well attended to. And the Holy Spirit in me is stronger than anything else in this universe. As long as I keep my pride out of the way and stay close to God, I am always safe. Does that make me bulletproof? It could because of my faith and God’s provision, but generally He does not choose to work that way. Those rare events are called miracles. But it means that if a bullet hits me, it may take my body but never my life, I reside in Heaven. I have a place there waiting for me and will Bute fully alive with God forever, for all eternity. This body is super temporary. I am my own safe zone. No amount of evil or hostility or ugliness by other people will ever diminish God’s perpetual and beautiful love for me. Nothing is stronger than His promises or love. Never will be. I rest safe and secure in the absolute truth that I am saved by Jesus and am living eternally with Him, whether I am here or in heaven makes no difference to me. Heaven sounds better because the evil will be destroyed, woo hoo, but I am at peace and in joy and safety wherever I am or whatever is going on. I am a safe zone. You can be too. Anyone can make that beautiful choice for themselves. Unfortunately we cannot make the choice for anyone but us, so please make it for yourself and you will never regret it. ❤

A Touch of the Wild vs. Crazy

I have often, throughout life, been called crazy. Lovingly, of course. Lol I used to wonder why people called me this and have come to a few conclusions: 1. I have a touch of the wild in me. I like adventure, creativity, seeing beauty in new places, whether traveling or a new perspective on the familiar. I have a very vivid imagination, so vivid and so extremely visual that I can see what my mind dreams up as real and some dreams are as vivid to me in memory as the real. Also, part of the wild in me is extreme love of nature and worship while there, so much so that I really could live outdoors. Ahhh, great thought. 2. I am fearless. When dared, I would do it unless it involved harming someone or myself, but I knew my limits and instinct told me when to do and when not to. Part of being fearless is not fearing rejection if I say no to someone. I never had fear because I grew up in church and reading the Bible and praying and God said “Have no fear” so I obeyed. That simple. My faith is very very high so fear is not within the realm of my existence. And if I die, I go to heaven so why on earth would I be afraid of that either? In the fearless department, I also never cared what anyone except my very few closest friends thought of me. It is simply not a concern. 3. I am an Aquarian, which evidently has the weird, crazy quotient built in. But I am not into all that so I let it go at that and never delve deeper at all. So there you have it, memoirs of a crazy person to some and touch of the wild person to me. So, nice to meet you. Now you know. Lol I know my stuff is not usually so narcissistic but it sometimes helps appreciate someone’s writing when you see that person better. Knowing the author also assists with their credibility. 🙂


When Jesus Christ is Lord of your life and you have accepted Him as your Savior, there is nothing to fear. There are things that hurt or kill, but even these things are temporary and what we have that is eternal is much much much much bigger and more important. We have a forever with God, the Loving One, all powerful, all knowing, perfect One. We have Heaven. We have a rebuilt eternal heaven and earth without sickness, tears, pain or death anymore. Fear comes when we are short sided or short faith ed and do not believe that or trust it to be true or when Jesus Christ is not your Savior. All of those are fixable with prayer, Bible reading and trusting God. Whatever happens in this world, it will end, probably sooner than later, and there is an eternity to look forward to. We cannot fathom how long that is. I am so glad I know how I will be spending it and I hope everyone can be saved and be there too someday. God help us all trust more and focus on the good eternal rather than bad temporary! Help us all, Lord. I love you!

Fear & Removing it’s Power

There are legitimate things to fear. These things are eternal things. Hell is one. But much more so those who have the power to send you away from God (to hell). Those people are God Himself and we who decide on earth to follow/worship/serve God or not. Those are the two people to fear. God is loving, yes, and wants everyone to be saved, but He leaves that decision to us. Every and anything else that can happen on this earth is temporary, momentary in comparison to eternity that never ends. So, there is the proper perspective in a nutshell from a big picture person. The details are where one can easily stumble. Pain is a big fear and no on wants to hurt for any reason, so here is my take on pain. Leprocy is a disease where the person’s skin does not feel pain. Wonderful, right? Wrong, and any leper would give tons of money to be able to feel pain. Pain tells you you really alive and feel something, warns you to withdraw from fire or draw back the hand from a door closing on it. Pain protects. Too much hurts for a while but promotes action and goes away when attended. Death is a big one. If you received God’s child and accepted Jesus as your Savior, you go straight to paradise, so that is much better than here. No worry there. Some people are afraid of what might happen to their kids or over ones if hey die or ooherwise. If they are God’s child, He protects them and you have to trust your training and love and God’s provision and love for them. It all really boils down to trust and faith in God. Do we have it or not? Everything else is really incidental or a distraction to pull you from what is important. Getting to the heart of your faith is the real issue. That is the meat, the crux of the matter. Faith in God dismisses fear.

Understanding Evil Terror

Aside from my normal silly self, the amount of evil and terrorism around us all over the world is very real and I wish to comment on this question I have heard from so many trying to understand how people could do such things, as if people who have done far worse never existed. I wish to share my little insights on this serious topic and will get back to my silly self next blog. This is such a horrible thing but so very true that the absolute only way to understand evil and terror and the mindset of evil people and terrorists is to understand love and God and beauty and completely turn it on its head. It is the wrong focus. It is the wrong question. It is impossible because it is so foreign to normal innate thinking. We are made by God and as such have a mindset internally of right and wrong and beauty and love and caretaking. Evil and terror are the opposite so we can not comprehend that line of thinking that only comes through many years of lies built upon lies and brainwashing and berating and abuse and so forth. For us to understand we would have to be evil. So we do things like try to find out what went wrong or what would happen to cause someone to be evil. What painful experience in their past, what words hurt them, what lies did they believe, how were they brainwashed. And that again is a futile exercise that provides no closure, no truth, no understanding. The plain, simple fact is that evil people choose to be evil. Terrorists choose to be terrorists. There is always a choice, no matter what lies were planted, no matter what brainwashing was done, even from infancy. Truth be told, there is always a barrier of choice we have to overcome to perform an evil act. It is always and forever the person’s choice. They may be pressured and deceived, but it is still their choice. Everyone has a choice. Of course, you sometimes pay for the choices you make, if not now, then in the future. And the biggest payment for such a choice is living with that choice. Living with our choices create within us a pattern of thoughts, a basis upon which we judge ourselves and are judged on that day ahead. So to condone a choice and live with a clear conscious, we must live within the moral code ingrained in us. To be ashamed of a choice and live with turmoil, we work in opposition to that moral code. Evil is the opposite of God/good/love/truth. Everything good and pure and honest and joyful and peaceful is the opposite of evil. To understand what evil truly is, you have to be closely acquainted with the best of the best, God. The closer you are to understanding this magnificent Supreme Being, the closer you are to understanding that evil is everything that He is not. There is the right focus. Focus on the One who saves not the one who destroys. Focus on the One who rules rather than the one who wanted to but was defeated for trying to. Then you will understand that there is a war for our souls and a decision for us to make. Each makes this decision for themselves. And more importantly, each is accountable for this decision. I choose the winning side, the God who made everything we know that is good. I choose love.

Love Conquers Conquerers

Love is the most powerful force in the world because God is love. And those who conquer for their own purposes do not realize they may have gained some small ground or even vast properties and successes for the moment but these evil people are walking dead. They are corpses walking around as if they will live forever in the riches they have set up for themselves. They are short sighted. They are fools. This world is a short stay stop on the way to forever, to eternity where we will live somewhere that has nothing to do with this current wealth and if life is lived God’s way, the place we will live holds riches that put this world to shame with a purity we have not seen since creation’s first day. So do not fear conquerers, evil people who bark death and smell of hatred. These people are already dead, do not fear them. Who to fear is God who controls your future eternal destination. That is where we need to focus. We need to focus on God, on Love, for God is Love. Cling to love, to this formidible force worth pursuing, stay far from the distractions meant to coerse us into foolishness- dead love to produce more dead. But life is much more powerful. Life is found in God and Love. This must be our focus. Evil will increase, we are seeing it everywhere, but we need not fear it. Love is much more powerful, and all who call on the name of God for help will receive help and those who accept salvation from God’s Son Jesus Christ, will be with Him in glory forever and all this is but a passing thought in the scope of eternity. Be encouraged and feel God’s Love deeply and richly and flourish in its glow. This is our hope.

As the Step Quickens

Many things to be afraid of. There are many things that can make your step quicken and heart beat faster, blood pressure raise, breath hasten. Stress is everywhere. Some are valid, some are invented/perceived, some are a combination of both. There is certainly much, very much to be afraid of. If. There is much to be afraid of IF you do not believe God is bigger than anything and that He is on your side. I honestly do not understand how people get through life at all without Him. He made everything, all of us, all we see, so to deny His power in  intervening on our behalf when we ask Him is quite precocious at best, foolishly harmful at worst. So, it is a matter of what extent do I believe that to be true? Do I really believe God intervenes on our behalf when we ask? Do I believe He is stronger than anything He created? My dad, the retired Marine and farmer, taught me not to be afraid of anyone but God. I asked why we should be afraid of God and He replied that He is a Spirit Force that can wipe us out anytime He wanted. Not reassuring as a kid, but as an adult I see what He is saying. He can do that, yes, He can do anything, but He loves us and protects us as my daddy did and as he later taught me to do for my future family at the time and whoever comes against us, we only need to raise our eyes to our Heavenly Daddy and help will come. He would move heaven and earth to help us, as we would for our loved ones, our kids, our family. So truly, because of His immense power and love for us, there is nothing on this planet to be afraid of. He has this all. God is the master. We are here to use our gifts to help people and worship Him and take care of business. That is it. Everything else is distraction and nonsense and traps and stupidity and enemy’s interference and tests and lies. One of those. Determining that is our goal and fear will be made short use of. If we determine the trick, test, lie, distraction or nonsense keeping us from our peace and joy and love and security in God here, we win and fear is eliminated. It really is that simple. And God can help us with that too! So we move forward in faith that God is God and we are we. And fear becomes a pimple in the road to be treated not allowed to develop into worry and stress. Giving the problems to God in faith and prayer frees us to live life and God to fight our battles for us. And He never loses. Not ever. He wins. So we win. Woo hoo!!! 🙂