Truth Over Fear

I was born with a rather fearless nature and my faith has grown with God’s help to a fearless one. It is my favorite gift God endowed me with (faith). He endows everyone with a spiritual gift, sometimes more than one that you can seek out through various spiritual gift quizzes online- make sure it is Bible-based or you will get some weird stuff. Lol.

Seems to me fear has been winning a lot lately over truth. They are opposites, you know. Truth produces freedom but fear binds. Truth drives progress but fear regresses. Truth yields joy and peace but fear suffocates. Truth is hope but fear is hopeless. Truth saves lives but fear destroys. Truth loves but fear hates. Truth is good but fear is lies and evil.

So here is the thing. We have a choice whether to live and be truth or die and be fear. It is our choice. If we follow God, we cannot choose fear for it is against everything He is. If we want to live, we have to choose truth.❤

Thr Opposite of Fear is Faith

When our fear is ramped, our eyes are on us, guaranteed. When our faith in God is ramped, our humble focus is on God, guaranteed. You cannot operate deep in faith in God and still be unable to function due to fear. It is impossible. Faith and focus on God is love and that drives fear away. There is no room for fear when you are operating in faith in God. It is impossible and you are not being truthful if you say otherwise. And we cannot overcome a lie with another lie, we must call it as it is and then we can fix it with humble faith and focus on God and be set free from fear. Knowing and admitting is half the battle. The second half is deciding to trust (act out your faith in) God and focus on Him.❤

Reject Fear and You Embrace Love

“Perfect love casts away all fear.” ❤

People, religions, churches, nations, homes rule with fear worldwide. This is not God’s plan or makeup. God’s way is love. We are to worship and serve Him because we love Him for loving us. We respect Him because whoever rejects Him, He will reject for eternity, but we are not driven by that. We are driven by love. Love of Jesus Christ drove Him to die and rise from death for us. Love of God sent us the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen us. Love wrote down the Bible for us to learn from and follow. Love created such beauty the best poet has difficulty voicing. Love protects and supports, values and encourages. Reject those who mean to rule you with fear and embrace the passionate love of God. It is as it should be then, you will be righting a number of wrongs.😄❤

Fearless Leader

I noticed something in my life and many other lives in my view and in the Bible:

The person with the least fear/most courage is the leader.

One caveat: the wisest person will fear the Lord, who can save or destroy thr body and soul, but He never does so flippantly or contrary to His written or living Word.

That courage may come from within innately or be a gift of the Holy Spirit, but strength of courage (bravery and action despite fear) and lack of fear is a predominant character trait in leaders. Just worth mentioning.😄❤