Prayer & Power 

To gain power over anything, negativity, attacks, bad habits, addictions, hasty actions, gossip, fear, unforgiveness, anger, whatever it is that is your particular weakness/sin/blunder, prayer is the answer. God is powerful (she said casually, as if it were not the greatest understatement in history). He is also our loving Father (equally amazing) and longs for us to go to Him asking for help with what we need. Prayer is proof of humble spirit and faith and this winning combination delights God to answer. He reads your heart, your motives for the prayer. When faith mixes with humility, oh how that moves Him to lovingly answer you!!! 

The Strength Inheritance

God blessed my Daddy with an exorbitant strength, of will, body and mind. He had an uncanny to eye up a situation immediately and know exactly what was called for and fill the need, whether it was spiritual or physical or mechanical, whatever. God provided him with this as his gift and developed it through years of experiences and opportunities to use and grow it. It was incredible. You could feel him enter the room and he was short but the largest thing in the room. And I learned later that this was not just his own strength but his faith and trust that God would work through Him and provide whatever was needed that he didn’t have. That, my friends, is the greatest power we can possess. And when my Daddy went to be with Jesus in Heaven, he passed that strength to me. I can feel it. It must have been his prayer, knowing I would need it to heal from my great loss of him and everything else that happens in life. And I see that gift as sacred and use it every chance I can. I know that if help is needed, I can provide that either myself or more importantly from God. What is ever the worst that can happen? We die trying and go to Heaven? Doesn’t sound so bad really, so I am game for whatever is in my path to do. I think that is not just true of me but of every single Christian that truly lives for and loves God with all their heart, soul and strength, which should be all of us. Remember that we are on this earth to worship and serve and every time we help someone we are doing both of those. God always is with us to help us do it. Pretty fantastic life, even if there are bumps along the way. God is good!!!

Charged with Peace

Those in a position have a greater responsibility to lead morally and consistently and for the purpose of promoting well being of those under their authority. That is common sense but also reinforced by God in His Word. He holds those in charge, whether it is charge of their household or charge of a state or country or company, to a higher standard of conduct. The position of power dictates they act in a way that reflects their understanding that people will suffer for their neglegence and prosper for their successes. As such, God holds stronger penalties against those who abuse that power. He says so in the Bible. It is quite clear. So having a position of power with which you take advantage and flaunt and gratify self instead of doing your job for the best of your people is a crime God takes seriously and will punish heavily, if not now then for eternity after. That is the truth. Look it up for yourself. It is serious and we Ned to remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

The Strength I Have

 greatest strength is my ability to be humble and let God move in me. Now this doesn’t always happen, so stoked my pride gets stuck on, I confess. Sometimes I am a child wanting what I want when I want it, as ting my way, like the Chairman of the Board (Sanatra). Sometimes, I am quite sure I know the correct way for everyone to make decisions concerning things in my life. Sometimes I want something I cannot have and justify it. But all those confessions aside, I am one of the strongest people in any way that I know because I can shut that ego down a d get alone with God and instantly and humbly realize how tiny I am in the scheme of things and realize how enormous Focus and that all this is about Him and not me. It takes strength to be small. It takes maturity to realize how very small we are. And the whole while, I realize my complexity of makeup, my phenomenal beauty reflective of my Creator that I see in myself, the  sanitizing eyes revealing the beautiful soul He made me to be and just humbly appreciating His work in. E and everyone and everything else He made. I have a very great friend that is His masterpiece and I adore praising God for showing what He’s made of in the world and incredible and diverse people He has lovingly made on purpose for Him. How incredibly humbling to reflect the most powerful and loving and caring God of all the we know! Floors me. The is awesome power in that. There is incredibly great power in humbleness. Any pompous creature can celebrate themselves as if they made themselves. A strong person acknowledges and celebrates God for His reflection in what He made. And when one is humble, God appreciates and rewards your appreciate nation and shows you even more of His beauty, His power, is ironic but truly powerful and deep and beautiful. Try and you will see. 

Helplessness to Hopefulness

I seem to be unable to remove myself from my firm belief that if people saw into my heart and my reasons for what I do or say that they would instantly realize it is out of love and a genuine and honest desire for the best for the recipient. But time and time again I am humbled because I don’t realize that people can’t see my motives. Only God can do that. No one else can see your heart, see into you. They can only see as much as you expose. Those who can see past that and choose to are rare exceptions and will either accept and love you for it or reject you for it. It is their choice. And no matter how extraordinarily beneficial what you are trying to help with is, you cannot EVER make anyone do anything they don’t decide to do. You cannot push a rope. And there is a great and deep feeling of frustration and helplessness watching someone hurting because they reject your help. There is a helplessness in wanting to fix something that either cannot be fixed by you or that they don’t want fixed. It is a hopeless feeling, shakes your will up, makes your gears go from drive to park in a hurry. You cannot make a disease go away. You cannot make someone love you. You cannot make an addict not be an addict. You cannot make anyone care about anything. So many things are completely without your power to help, no matter how amazingly beautiful and sacrificial and meaningfully well intended your words or actions are. Many things are helpless, hopeless. And if that were the end of the story, that would be a really sucky story. In fact, I would hate it and give up on ever trying to help anyone (well, maybe just a reduction lol). So, what do you do when you are really good at loving and someone won’t let you love them? You do the only thing you can do, the only thing within your power to do. You pray. Your words do not ever fall on deaf ears, no matter how far away you think you are. And prayer gives the problem over to God, Who can actually help. Now that same person may be daft and reject even God’s help, but He has ways and options for love that we cannot know that person needs. Because He sees into all of us. He knows how we are cut, knows everything about us, has walked with us all our days before during and after construction. God is our only source of help and hope. And you soon realize that prayer is a superpower and the most important and active gift you can ever give to God and the other person and even yourself, because prayer releases us from the responsibility of it. It limits our responsibility to the workable doing what we can thing and giving God the rest. It is still the person’s choice always, but at least you offered it up to the greatest One to give them the best shot. And helplessness then turns to hopefulness and rest.

What Changes Bring the Day

In days gone by, my voice was heard fighting against tyrrany, against opression, against hate, against judging, against against against. Today, I pray everyday for God to help me to show love. Because I listened to great ones who have lived their lives proving that love speaks louder than hate. Being for someone is a much greater sacrifice than being their critic. Loving is a stronger healer than criticism. I understand full well being judged, being criticised, being attacked even for wrongs I have done, being hurt for the sake of being shown wrong. When we seperate the person from humanity and see them as a function of their rights and wrongs, not only do we request the same for ourselves but we do not allow that person to grow into their best them. Fighting any evil dictates with a strong glove that love be your 1-2 punch. Love in essence, is putting the gloves down. Yes, behavior that harms people or society must be quickly suppressed to the extent that safety of all is more important than complete mercy for every wrong. There must be rules and boundaries and punishments to reinforce those. It has to happen to revoke chaos and damage to the societal whole. But each individual is an individual. We are all children of God. Some wander far from Him but will only be chased further away by attacks. People can only be brought back to communion with God through love, which may be tough but whose motives are always love. Hate never solves anything. Love always solves everything. Love is more powerful because God is Love. What is more powerful? Nothing. The stronger the force against it, the more love shines. It knows it has already won. Love is confident in its power.

Power of Droplets

Thousands of droplets fell from heaven for the last couple days here in Florida during our latest exciting rain train, a leftover gift from some tropical something somewhere in the world. So, we accumulated lots and lots of extra droplets. They tried to take over the world, but they did manage to take over the neighbor’s oak tree which decided to fall down an land against and on my minivan. Yes, I am now a cliche homeschooling mom who coaches and has a minivan. Yes, I like that better than I ever thought I would. A vette would still be more fun to ride. Anyway, so I awoke to the delight of incredibly hard work cutting out my car from Poison Ivy’s fury (get the Batman bad girl reference?) lol. This was not fun. My fingers got messed up, my arms still feel like jello. But all dug out, the car had two things wrong, a damaged passenger side mirror and the antennae was bent. No broken glass, no messed up paint job, no dents. Amazing. And to that I say Thank You, God for taking care of us! And I also realized that one droplet cannot fell a tree. Two or three might not be able to or even a hundred. But you get enough droplets together, relevent to the situation, and real damage can be done or real good can come about. It can go both ways. But that last droplet is the straw that broke the camel’s back and we need to pay attention to every droplet, whatever your current droplet is trying for. One makes a difference. Many are lots of ones.