Watching Out for Power Hungry People

People used to power and really wanting power are not good people. Those greedy for money are horrifying but just behind them are those who just want to be over others and wormed their way to the top just to do that more. Just beware of them. Keep praying. Do the right thing. Keep reading Love Words from the Bible. Hold on tightly to Jesus.😃❤️

Power of Words

There are several youtube videos on the power of words concerning plants and children. Kids and plants who were encouraged and told loving messages thrived and those who were told negative, discouraging messages withered and did poorly. I can tell from teaching also. There is a lot of power in our words.

We must take care to always speak love and encouragement to anyone. We will be held accountable for our words. I have confessed a lot of word misuse to the Lord and am actively working to be careful with my word use. We must catch and control them on the way out and keep our hearts pure by Bible reading and study and prayer and relationship with Christ. He strengthens us when asked.😃❤️

Humble Faith is Our Greatest Asset

There is no stronger, more powerful person in the world than a humble, faith-filled person with a relationship with God, saved by Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit. This is truth and the reason is that when this happens, God in His amazing power and abilities can flow through that person to accomplis anything real or imagined that God desires. ❤

Power in Christian Unity

There is tremendous power in praying and fasting with other true followers of Christ. And I tell you, I know it is the Holy Spirit’s power, just a taste of it really, but God doles out a deeper strength to united fasting, prayerful Christians. Revival starts this way, miracles happen this way, governments are moved and guided this way, churches are purified this way. I am so honored by God and give Him glory for help and unity in prayer and fasting today. Praise God Almighty!!😄❤❤❤