Never Embarrassed

I never have embarrassed easily. In fact, that is an understatement. I am weird and never have cared what anyone else thought of me. So when I heard of people embarrassed to say they were Christian or defend their faith, it was a little unbelievable to me and quite horrible. To me, with all God has done for us and all He is doing now and will do, He is the absolute last person on earth to be embarrassed about. It is laughable. In college, I was mocked for standing up for God. Often. Laughed at openly. I was embarrassed for them all, never for believing what I believe. May it never be so! I was sad for them because they are missing it entirely. God cannot be mocked. He is so far above that. And those who mock Him better look out. Never be embarrassed. Ever. God made you to be with Him. Do that and you never have to worry about the rest. It will take care of itself or God will handle it. God’s hands is a very good place to be.❤


One Way Signs

I saw a funny satire on progressives by Babylon Bee that stated “Progressives push to remove oppressive one way signs”. It is funny because people are on the verge of losing their mind like this. By making everything relative or subjective rather than objective, we end up with a moral agenda or do whatever the heck you feel like today. There has to be absolutes. “Only go this way” is certainly a big one that many people are accosted or offended by when Jesus says it in thr Bible. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me.” You would think He was telling people to hold their breath for an hour. People want the “God is love” message but not the “only way to be saved” message. It is funny how people are. The easy stuff they are okay with but don’t make them actually have to do something or change or be convicted of going the wrong way or whatever. Then it is suddenly offensive and ridiculous and too inclusive or what not. The thing is that it is what it is. Truly it is that simple. So do it. ❤

On Down the Road

I decide to go walk with my daughter.

I decide not to helicopter my spouse.

I decided his choices are his.

I decided to stay close to God.

I decided to walk with my daughter rather than police my spousal rights.

I decided to pray and let God work.

I decided policing him has been policing me.

I decided to be free.

I decided God avenge all wrongs against me.

I decided not to myself.

I decided to go walk with my daughter.

I decided right for her is my greater right.

I decided.

It is beautiful.

It is peace and joy from God.

I am free.

Free is beautiful.❤

Irrational Arguments

My new policy is to not engage in irrational arguments. I walk away. I do not even acknowledge them anymore and they no longer anger me. I have realized that some people (particularly the ignorant or reprehensible) desire war because of the evil in their own heart and mind. They want to fight. It is a self-destruction mode they seem to be set on. It is pathetic. Now, I will ignore their insistent barking and still love on them if I am able because God’s desire is that they change and humble their souls and be truly saved, so that is my desire again. But I will submit what love I can and then gracefully and peacefully walk away. Those who argue with fools become fools. I will love and move on. This is my new strategy to avoid idiotic battles the enemy attempts to throw my way to distract me. I have found I and my family are way too precious to give away my energy to a person who chooses death over life. I wish them life and will still love them to help them have life available if they want it, but that is the extent of it. No drama will be tolerated. And I will obey God and do my work humbly for Him.❤

“Wait & See” is Valid

My Grandma Batterson was a quiet and thoughtful woman, very clean, classy and practical. I would have some perceived emergency and tell her and she would much too calmly tell me to “wait and see”. Frustrating at the roller coaster moment, I see her beautiful wisdom now. Because, you see, most of the time the matter would resolve itself and alway with prayer it would be resolved at least on my end. Sometimes we have to do something, our moral obligation, the right thing, do something. But that is our requirement. When you get busy serving elsewhere or doing chores or work or even take a nice walk or bubble bath and pray, all will be well. And those very few instances we screw up and God forgives us but the person doesn’t because of their own sin of unforgiveness, we are not responsible for that anymore and still have peace and joy. So there is an art to 1. humble prayer, 2. Do your moral part and 3. Get busy doing something else. And my wise Grandma’s advice can then help you too. And on her heavenly behalf, you’re welcome. 😄❤

Following Greatness & Child Heroes

When a child has a moral hero, that child will try to emulate that hero and have morals. If that child is given no moral hero, he will fasten onto an immoral hero and emulate that one. So it is important to put your kid’s tech down with its immoral heroes (like the killers in video games) and give your kids moral heroes in yourself or Bible (why Sunday School is so valuable) to emulate. Doing this produces better, moral children who can then grow into better, moral adults. Also, you are obeying God’s command to parents and thus storing up eternal rewards for yourselves (every act of obedience does this). So provide and talk about good moral heroes for your kids to emulate. David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, Joseph, Esther, etc. of the Old Testament and Jesus (Superhero), Paul, John, etc. of the New Testament are examples. Superman of old was very moral and good to emulate (the new version is kind of a pansy so search out the old one where superheroes stood up for truth and morals). Another oldie but goodie moral-strong is the Lone Ranger and Tonto against robbers and murderers. I noticed a trend of new argumentative, pansy “heroes” nowadays who are about worthless, and I blame the enemy who is trying to destroy our kids so removes hope from them. We as parents need to see through these schemes and provide the moral heroes our kids need to model and develop morally into adults. They need this from us and we are told to provide this. We need to fight for and take back our kids. We are their parents, their strongest and sometimes only advocates. ❤

Dangers of Wrong Focus

It is easy to think too much about bad stuff, be it idols (anything we spend too much time on other than God), social media (thank God I broke free of those chains), evil around us, corruption, lies, bad stuff, rumors of wars, people who are negative, end times predictions, etc. The truth is all those are not ever to be our focus and consume our energy or resources. Their place is only in prayer and humbly praying about their demise in our focus. Our focus is right when it is on God and His Word/will. God and positive things are our right focus. It is dangerous to focus on anything else for longer than bringing them to God in prayer. God should be our focus and good things. I cannot say that loud enough or too many times. That other crap out there is all distractions and tools of an enemy that wants to keep you from God and His peace and joy. Think eternal and focus on God and good things!❤