The Advantage of Surrender

Those of us who learn and run the hard way into addiction have an advantage over everyone else once in recovery. The advantage is surrender. Humility. Our addiction was winning, killing us, the hold a demon had on us was vivid and real. There was no doubt of our sins, they were obvious to all around us. We can’t pretend to be perfect, to not need Jesus. We can’t. But at some point, God showed mercy on us and pulled us up from death to life, like new birth, being born again. All from us laying our addiction down and surrendering to God for help. And because we surrendered ourselves and had this new birth, we are humble enough to receive salvation. Surrender is the key, the advantage. And after surrender, God’s love floods in and strength keeps us close to Him. Closer relationship with Christ is the reward for surrender. And that trust we can have in Him is sacred, the most important thing. Surrender is the best thing we can do.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ


I wanted you to know that the daily addict blog has inspired me (not directly, but through her writing) in recovery to mentor a relatively young new friend who is struggling in recovery to keep on track or get back on as the case may be. The road is rough and we need to help each other when we can.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Truth Wins

Truth wins. In this world of evil, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it or it is hard to tell which is truth and which is lie and the evil one would like us to believe there are no fine lines of right versus wrong. Well, the fact remains that there is a definite right and definite wrong and a Truth that always wins the argument, wins life, wins eternity in heaven and that is the Bible. Skeptics and atheists have tried to prove it wrong more than any other book, writing, document, anything. They want it to be wrong so desperately but they end up converted or make up a lie and stomp off in a huff. Read the Bible to know the Truth. Read it to know right from wrong. Then choose the right, choose Truth. You will never regret it. You certainly will regret rejecting it.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Working on It

We are always working on something. Most of the time, we are working on what we are passionate about. For some people, that is sleeping. For some, it is social networking or technology. For some, it is talking. For some, it is their work. For others it is trying to get away with as much as possible.

I want to give food for thought. Whatever you work on the most is your god, your idol. Because what we work on actively, passionately is what we are worshiping. So we need to be passionately working on our relationship and walk and obedience to and study of and prayer to God. Is that a little too radical? Going overboard? I don’t believe it is. If you look around, you see we have never been closer to the return of Christ. All this world and these bad people who think they are ruling things and setting things up for the antiChrist are temporary. When they are gone, only God and our relationship with Him will remain into eternity. So I think of time and worship and study of and obedience and prayer to Him is the most real thing we do, certainly the most important now and later. Something to think about.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ