The Nutcracker Suite

My Grandmother used to take my sister and I to the Nutcracker Suite every Christmas once we were teenagers. Before that, we went to musicals like Music Man, The King and I, Brigadoon, The Wizard of Oz, Little Women and various other classic musicals and plays. They were great. How I lived that! Most were performed by high schools. As a grown up, I have kept that love alive by attending The Nutcracker Suite every year. (And I keep an eye out for other local musicals.) It reminds me of her and oh how I loved her! So tonight, some good friends and we went to see The Nutcracker Suite. It was a hike to see it in an outdoor amphitheater the other side of Orlando, and we were late from traffic and could barely see and it was poorly done with bad sound, but it was fun and festive and still reminded me of her. I loved it! I recommend supporting the arts. What a beautiful way to support artistry that God places in some people. And it is so n important for us to pass on the classics to our kids, where the good guys win. It is most lifelike. 😄❤

Piano Passion

When I was younger, the Lord, art, and nature were my great passions. Not much has changed except that awkward 20-year phase where men snuck into that mix. I love my family now, adore my children, but more rare-for-this-season moments of passion still center around the Lord, art, nature and music.

I love playing the piano. To me, piano playing is my strongest outlet of all these passions. When I play, no matter what it is, it somehow takes me outside to nature in my mind and soul. It is an expression of art and a release of passion welling up. And of course the ability to play well and with this passion is without question a generous gift from God. He saw fit to put the piano into my dna.

I hear nonsense that anyone can learn to play the piano passionately. Anyone can learn to push the keys down, can learn timbre, methods, theory, timing, sustain pedal, etc. Yes, you can diligently study those things and apply them with professionalism. But the passion part, the art, the creativity, the mastery can only happen with God’s touch. There is no doubt in my mind.

Any craftsman and amazing artist is inspired by God, gifted by Him. This is true for any craft.

Because God is the ultimate Master of every craft.❤

Getting Crafty

Wanna kill about 6 hours? Lol Seriously, my daughter and I spent about 6 hours total (2 Saturday and 4 today) working on these two crafts. The penguin family still needs their wings and feet glued on, but their houses are adorable. (The craft is from Youtube and the houses are plastic bottles.) And we had some good learning and bonding time. God is very good and we have a lovely Christmas memory. Oh how we love celebrating Jesus’ birthday!!❤❤❤