A Quilter’s Happy Spot

For only my third quilt ever (the first and second were for my kids), I was pretty ambitious (shock shock) at the design. Not only am I incorporating 5 panels in the center for the story of Jesus Christ my Savior (from birth to return), but I am incorporation representations of most aspects of my life and then putting little borders around each block and strip between and two/fabric squares on each intersection. Then I am framing all of it with three rows of a long border and all the borders are fabric stitched into a roll. And it is all hand sewn. So, here I am now to the point that all fabric is accounted for and measured and cut out!!!! Happy spot!! It is my least favorite thing to do and now I can sew and do my art thing knowing the grunt work is finished! Praise God!! 😄❤

My Quilt’s Journey

I hand sew. I have tried to use a machine but to me, it lacks flavor, meaning, passion. I want to place each stich carefully where I want it to go. I want it customized and full of love and meaning. Every inch of fabric and thread, I want to touch and be a part of positioning and stitching exactly where it should be. And that meaningful intention produces a quilt with a purpose, a journey to its home, a story, a love thing. I make quilts and any of my art with the exact same passion and drive I live my life. I want it to be purposeful, time consuming on purpose, tell a story, be a visual representation of what God made. I want to exude love, scream out that this was on purpose. I took my time and valued it. That, my friend, is exquisitely beautiful. 

Busy Art Therapy

Keeping my hands busy is the key for me, what keeps me sane while thinking too much between doing too much. My children help keep me occupied but when they are content and reading or playing and I have a half hour here or there, I have found that occupying my hands with art or some kind (quilting right now), keeps me from missing and focusing too much on myself and my emotions. When I do something artsy, I am doing what I was designed to do and so am obedient and have conversations with God. Then I am focused on Him and not what/who I have lost. Busy with an art project is the key. And it will be beautiful when I am finished and who knows what the next project will be. I am excited to find out. ❤

Quiltemplations 2

So, I found a fabulous Heirloom quilt template and incorporated the story of Jesus Christ and our life into it. I love the complete story to wrap up in and I am so pleased with it. Now the hard work is finished (planning) and the fun of putting it together in all my spare time begins. Yay!!! 🙂


Yes, I just made that word up, combining quilt and contemplation because I have been contemplating what design to pull from or create from scratch, and I couldn’t help but go back to the most important true story of every life. This is really hard to see but it is 5 panels telling the story of Jesus Christ my Savior, His birth, death, reaurrection, return to heaven, and soon coming return to earth to get us again. I am going to literally wrap myself up in Jesus’ story and hope to match my heart and soul. So there it is. Now for the work of making it. Woo hoo! Here we go!! 🙂 ❤ 


So, in my spare time, I will be working on a quilt for my bed. I have never made anything like that for myself because I thought it was selfish. I still think it is, but it is an avenue for creativity and an artistic work for my hands to keep busy with in spare time. I detest just sitting and doing nothing unless there is a good movie or something. So, I am designing it with materials left over from the quilts I made for my kids (the only quilts I have ever made) and odd fabric I had. I will design a keyboard in it and notes and guitars and drums because it is such a strong part of us. I will have a background of a barn like the one I grew up with. It is an art project. I am excited. So many renovations are being done on the house, it will be nice to not be cold at night with the air conditioner right on me. So I am excited for warmth. And there really is no moral contemplation here except to say that I am very thankful to God for both creativity, supplies, and an outlet to keep me sane in this dry period. And while I work, I am always praying, so that is a beautiful thing for me. I am so thankful. I know it is God who does all good things.

Hard Rock Hotel Gig

Tomorrow, our band plays an oldies rock and roll gig at the Hard Rock Hotel, a black tie thingy. And we look forward to this standing gig every year. And that got me thinking. Last year, I was a different person with different focus and different mindset. We had a different Drummer, no longer with us now. I had Daddy still with us and I was helping in his care so the gig was like a vacation. My husband and I had a strained relationship for all the time I spent caring for dad and his stress over working. The kids were a year younger. This year, I go into the gig differently. My voice is stronger. We have a new Drummer (whose wife is not psycho, thank God, so less stress). Daddy lives in Heaven now. My kids are older. My husband is now retired. His and my relationship is strong now and peaceful. The kids are older. I am stronger and wiser for having gone through all that. And I have to say that this gig is such a vastly better proposition and I am looking forward to it very much. It is always wonderful to play a great event at a beautiful place and now the stress level is way way below market value. And whatever happens in the world, this GS are better internally in me because of God and He is still in charge of everything. And I thank God for the gig and the setting and the peace in my life. I thank God for my family and our life, our country and the ability to still make music.