Schedule Change

I am going to bed earlier now, as a new, necessary habit. It is not preferred, as I am a night person, but as I now have to get up early like so many people do, it is prudent to get enough sleep. And I picked up a nail in my tire and they won’t have it in until Tuesday after work, so yikes, I have to stop before work and get air again. Ugly.

Sometimes, we have to change our habits. It is usually not wanted or enjoyed buy it is for our good. Mine is for work. Someone else’s may be for their health, for their spiritual growth, to help someone they love, whatever the case may be. The best reason is in obedience to Christ to strengthen the relationship with Him. I hope to always do that, whether working or at home or church. Jesus comes first and always is on my mind. 😃❤️

The Work Before the Work

I am working a lot this week because my previous employer procrastinated having me see patients until I resigned to work for a more secure salary position. So, this last week of consulting work is very, very busy. This stems from procrastination.

Therefore, all that to say: do not procrastinate. You do not know what will happen. Keep your stuff up to date. It is good stewardship to do so. And doing what needs to be done as it comes also protects you from stress and scrambling to do it when a sudden deadline emerges from your periphery. 😃❤️

We Need A Rusty Christianity

Rust spreads, it is systemic, it is obvious. No, we need not destroy so maybe not the best analogy but I like those first three characteristics. We should become inundated (in the best sense) with Christ, overwhrlmed by Him. We should show His characteristics and light everywhete we go and be obvious. My big saying to keep me shining that light is, “Do we believe this or not?” If we believe, we would share. If we believe, faith if greater than any fear. If we believe, we would live it out loud and love deeply and consistently and help others be saved. We would not sit idly by quietly and reservedly while others do all the work and serve (love in action) and share the Goood News when this is what saves their souls.❤️❤️❤️


Our rose bush and periwinkles were at death’s door. I heard a gardener speak of Epsom salt, so I added about a cup to each dying, spindly plant, along with coffee grounds, ground up egg shells and 10-10-6 fertilizer. And here is about 2 weeks later. From one rose and one flower at the end of long legs we get this. And this is proof that grass grows greener where it is cared for. Never give up. And I of course mean this for every aspect of life and not just plants. They are nice and beautiful but so can be your relationships, your walk with God, your music, your work, your hobbies, whatever. Do your best and allow time to do the rest. Do not give up ever!❤