Rising Above the Ugly in People

Part of rising above the ugly in people is knowing that yes, they made the decision to accept the ugly into their lives and that is what we need to forgive, but more than that, our real fight is with the ugly and not the person. “Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers and powers and forces of this world’s darkness.” And remembering that is the key. When you do remember that, you can forgive the person and pray appropriately over the ugly. Then we have the proper perspective, draw closer to God and reflect His light in our lives. And that is it. Not magic, just applying our knowledge and again humbly staying close to God.😄❤

2 thoughts on “Rising Above the Ugly in People

  1. I have found this so helpful in my life. Satan wants to destroy God’s kingdom and often we become pawns in his hands. The truth is he would love to destroy us all – either through the choices we make personally, or through the pain we experience as a consequence of others’ words and actions. In this latter situations, others are really just being used by him. Our job is to continue to serve the true God, and to do what we can to bring his kingdom to earth. So, yes, the battle isn’t really against flesh and blood. It’s a spiritual battle.

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