Walking a Tightrope

When we feel like we are walking a Tightrope through life, we miss the point. When trying to wrestle with making the masses happy, balancing time with our kids and spouse, figure out how much time our work should take and then a complexity added of how spiritual to be and when and how to do right and not wrong and when to say what and when to not talk, the tightrope under our feet gets skinnier and the distance beneath us is greater to fall.

And people fall from it all the time. People, sadly, believe that is all there is and lose hope and fall. And that is the saddest thing ever because they have clearly missed the point. And maybe that is why we weird big picture people exist, to remind you of the big picture.

Sure, we are weird. I own that and have never cared what people thought of me because of the big picture thing. Yes, I miss a lot of the details so I miss a lot, but here is the thing. I am good at at least one thing, seeing and showing the big picture. And here it is. This is huge and if you grasp it, your tightrope will suddenly turn into a wide bridge over a trench.

Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior is all about grace and putting God first.

If you really embrace that, your life will instantly be brighter and load lighter. Guilt loads will dump off to God’s forgiveness. Loneliness will disappear because God comforts and fills you up with thr Holy Spirit, a constant companion with warm arms and power when needs be. And balancing everything becomes easy as He gives abundant wisdom when we put Him first. And reading thr Bible and praying keeps our connection to God strong and bonds the relationship so peace and joy is forever right there no matter what.

No need to walk a tightrope, just need to see the big picture and embrace it. Then wow, that grace takes over and perfection is no longer required, just devotion. Wow! Freedom! Hope!😄❤

Complete is Mature & Balanced

People try to balance right and wrong. As if doing more good than bad saves your eternal soul. This is a ridiculous, ludicrous notion and here is why. Who determines what is right and wrong and which is better and keeps tabs on which you do in what column? See the ridiculousness of it? It is laughable. Even if you get right and wrong from the truth of the Bible, there are sometimes extrenuous circumstances and that God searches the heart, intent and motivation as much as what we do. So who can be more right than wrong by those high standards? You see how flawed that thinking is?

What God calls us to is perfection. But what He means by that is complete and mature and balanced. He wants us saved by the blood and resurrection power of Christ Jesus, which is a free gift in response to a humble prayer for it. Then we are saved. No right and wrong balanced, we are saved and secure for eternity with Him as long as we keep our humble prayer for salvation our heart’s desire. And no strings are attached, it is our gift. The complete maturity and balance (of eternity thinking and now thinking) comes after that as we live our lives focused on Him, maturing, growing, learning and studying truth, serving, appreciating, worshipping, praying, etc. As we strive every minute, every day, every thought or goal to be a follower of Christ Jesus, we become more like Him and eventually take on His likeness and focus and perspective. That is the perfection God calls us to. He takes us as we are, loves us, blesses us with the free gift of salvation, then trains us to be so much more for n our benefit and His kingdom’s benefit. And this is His will for us all. He loves us that much! How amazing is that! How perfect is He!❤❤❤

Balancing Sewn Up Parts of Us

Now many people in my life, myself included, have perfect parts and broken or messy parts of them, great habits and sinful habits, good focus on some things and horrible focus on others, amazing gifts in some areas and no giftedness in other areas. And most people look around and want other people’s hood parts and gifts and long for it, ignoring the bad parts entirely. And we are told by God to focus on Him and do our jobs on one hand and rest in Him on the other. So basically, do and focus on the good and forgive or deny credence to the bad stuff. And the whole time, our focus is to be on Jesus. I think surfers have more the right idea than people give them credit for. Catch the wave, bask in the surf, chill out, love everyone. Now they may take it too far and neglect responsibility sometimes maybe but they got the chill out portion of how we should be. We are to be balanced in life but always focusing on Jesus and resting in Him. Contentment is a mandate, a commmission. Yes, so is teaching, witnessing, worship, doing our gifts, baptizing, caring for those in our lives, etc. Yes, that is true. But that is it. The rest is extra. And we are called to peace and contentment in the midst of life and that can only be accomplished by focusing on Jesus.❤

A Mixed Bag of a Day

Each day always contains moments of beauty as well as moments of badness. Every day has a little of both. What you focus on most determines whether you are considered an optimist or pesimist. However, extremes are not the focus here. I am about both. Sometimes you have to take one with the other. Today, being Father’s Day, I spent some time with my loved Daddy with Kathleen, my little daughter. She and I went to visit Daddy in the nursing home with our little gift and found he was in the activities room having a Father’s Day celebration with other residents. So we went down there with our little dresses on from church and found him in there with about 10 other guys and one warm hearted nurse’s aid trying to entertain them and serve them snacks and cheer them up. So, we arrived and jumped right in of course and Kathleen and I started serving the men their snacks and talking and singing and helped the best we could. But with dementia, you always wonder how much gets through because your efforts are met primarily with stares and vacant expressions. And there is my dad who still loves eating. She served chips and salsa and mini cakes. On the same plate, of course, because who wouldn’t really? lol. And I help open everyone’s salsa packets and come back to check on dad and he is dipping his chips in his salsa and eating and then dipping his cake into his salsa and eating it. And it hit me out of the blue like a whack with a plank to the forehead out of nowhere. Daddy is fading fast. So the pleasure we had in serving and entertaining him was momentarily derailed. Kathleen and I finished our visit and I dropped her off at home before I left to pick up my son from his dad’s about an hour away (without traffic, which there always is so is usually double that). And I am off alone and on the highway and the vision of dad dipping his cake into his salsa and eating it proved too much for my little brain and I exploded in heaving sobs. The commute did end up being double time from the traffic not crying because apparently a car was on fire and no one could go around. But then I was able to pick up my son and it was good to have him back. I do love my children. So Father’s Day was really good and really bad, depending on the hour you ask about. And I think all of life is like that. You cannot appreciate the good without experiencing the bad too. You cannot enjoy peace without work. You cannot appreciate love without some hate as contrast. So, long story short, good and bad happen to everyone every day and you have to appreciate both for the fullest life and peace and then joy. Do not wish for one without the other. It will not happen and you will add disappointment to your list of things in a day. No, there must be both. Make peace with it. Embrace it. Then the bad things will become shorter lived or seem less important and the good will seem more good. And happy Father’s Day to those who have lost their Daddy. So hard sometimes. Tomorrow will be better.

Looking Out the Window

Body language studies (taught to me in many classes in my field of study) teach that people instinctively gaze out of or glance at exits or windows or doors when they don’t want to be there. When I visit Daddy at the nursing home, I want to see him but there are no chairs and he is too weak to get up into a chair to be wheeled somewhere for a visit, so paying attention to my body language, I find myself forcing myself not to look longingly out his window. I want him to feel I am happy and comfortable to be there. I am. I love visiting him. But I feel guilty when my eye draws to the window. Lately, my eye is drawn to windows a lot. Maybe a restless part of life, maybe hormones (hey, I am a woman, it is always a possibility), maybe I am desperate for a vacation. Regardless, my soul is uneasy. And it occurred to me that it has been some time in all of life’s craziness since I had a few hours of dedicated time for God and I, some time alone with my Maker, a chunk of time. I think I have lost sight of the balance in life between bad things, ugly things, evil around us, buziness, fatigue on one side and what on the other? God is the only goodness great enough to balance out the badness. My batteries need recharging. Badly. And it has to come from my Maker because He loves me biggest and best despite knowing me deepest. As my earthly Daddy declines in health, my Heavenly Daddy is capable of holding me tight in his place. I need to seek hat out, claim it, make it my goal. Nothing else in life is certain at all, especially now. God is certain. He never changes, never has bad days, never weakens, never misunderstands, never refrains from forgiving, never ignores me when I go to Him, is never too busy to talk to me, never lis to me, never even gives me half truths, never keeps secrets from me unlss for my good not His. God is the perfect One, the ruler and inventor of the universe, all we know. He has the answers. He has everything. And He has me. He sometimes feels like the only One who wants me but He’s the only One who needs to. He is enough.

Balancing Beams and High Wires

When quite young, my parents took me to gymnastics at the YMCA in Niles, MI every Saturday for a couple years. I loved the balance beam. I excelled at it and could do a somersault on it and never fell off that I can remember. We quit before time to do cartwheels, so that was as far as I got on it. But the thing I took away from that was that poise, focus and balance go together. Correct posture has everything to do with proper balance. Our focus has everything to do with proper balance. Standing up strong and tall and confidently leads to success at balance. Slouch or stand sloppy or with an uneven proportion of weight per leg and you are easily pushed over. As followers of Christ, when we lose our focus, our poise, our guard, our attention to distribution of the weight of things in our life, we lose our balance in life. And of we lose our balance, we fall. We can fall hard. And if we have extended ourselves too much, we convert that balance beam to a high wire. The more we mount up our duties to meet other people’s expectations of us, the wire is thinner and thinner and higher and higher and we have a much easier time maintaining such exacting focus and poise because of its higher energy drag and distractions around us. (Might I say that those with the greatest demands and expectations are most usually the ones doing less than their fair share, to put it gently, and want you to pick up their slack.)the things, we are never asked to do one million things perfectly. Everyone is asked to do what they can to the best of their ability, doing one or two things very well is ideal. So, I realize the excessive demands upon me at the moment are much greater than I have any right to be ha doing, however they must be done at this moment. So, the focus of my eyes and heart must then be on Someone (God) greater than my strength to help me get maintain balance until I can be relieved of one or more of my excess duties. And if I focus on Him, He can give me extra strength for each new moment and get me through these rough times without me losing balance and falling. I am grateful for the help. I am thankful for people in my mlife that love me and help lighten the load by encouraging and hugging and spending time with me. It is beautiful to see the few who show God’s love so magnificently. It warms the heart and feels amazing. And this work to the breaking point will not last forever.

Balancing on the Tightrope of Life

We teeter, we totter, we scrupulously tow the line that connect sanity to insanity, the narrow path of right that seems more narrow every day until it more closely resembles a tight rope wire. But if you look closely at this thin line, you will notice that there are invisible bumpers on either side accessed by prayer. And there is an invisible angel walking each step with you in case you should stumble. You are not balancing alone. There is help. And there are other balancers you can meet with and encourage at churches across the country. The road may be difficult to manage, but it is impossible alone if your goal is forever minded and not just now minded. Thank God we are not ever alone. We always have help and company. And we have a Savior who sticks up for us in court and life. Amazing stuff. Any of it tangible? Some is, but most has to be seen with the heart, soul and spirit. That is what faith is. Faith is knowing the stuff you can’t see is the real stuff and this real stuff we see and feel is the less important stuff. And faith allows the mind to know what the spirit and soul know to be truth. So, as you precariously juggle on the high wire today of the way of love we choose to travel, remember that we have protection and are never ever ever alone. 🙂