United We Stand OR Evil Leviathan Spirit and Counter Measures

The closer I get to Jesus Christ, the more spiritually I am thinking of things. Today I saw a preacher speak on it and it clicked. What is released in the world right now is this strong demonic leviathan spirit at work because it is the end times. This spirit uses pride of men and women and even children to control their minds and cause division. It uses tactics of division and false convictions and misunderstanding through a lie filter to divide and conquer and control. The purpose: our annihilation and taking as many to hell as possible when he is forced there by Jesus’ eminent return. The counter measure is constant prayer and Bible reading. And when anger rises up in you and misunderstandings are looming, immediately take away the evil spirit’s power by humble prayer and Bible reading, pray for a discerning Holy Spirit and go about your business for the kingdom of God. We are given a reprieve via President Trump’s fighting for our rights and freedoms and punishing evil ones who have given in to the leviathan spirit to spread the Good News of Jesus and do what we can do to spread truth. This is our opportunity to enlighten masses and remind them of the simple truth that “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.” The beautiful news is that God is way stronger and He wins. We stay close to Him and we win.❤


Not Running

Much recent contemplations and reading and closeness with Jesus and His lead and persuasion in my life has gotten me to a point of change and acceptance. Some very profound and inspiring and educationally wise truth has now been accepted by my brain. Took 44 years to get here (I used to believe I was fast and smart Lol.) Some people get this lesson intrinsically or easily or much faster, but we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and I firmly believe this one is harder to overcome when well-modelled and very wounded. Well, here is this truth… I am responsible for every word, decision, action and lack thereof I have ever made. I am responsible for me. Not only that, but as a wife, I am responsible to be a good wife (whether it is reciprocated or not); as a parent, I am responsible for being a good parent and teaching my children to be godly, useful and moral adults and parents; as a doctor, I am responsible for my patient’s care; as a Christian, I am responsible to represent Jesus to the world; and so on. And we all are responsible for ourselves and our roles we serve. That is how it is. As soon as we assign blame for inadequacies, even if legitimate, we devalue our growth and development and miss out on our full capacity. How freeing is this truth! How powerful it is for I own it. And sobering. Because of course, I/we need God’s help in all of it, so bonus that we draw closer to Him in the process! I just wanted to share that. ❤

The Truth About Jesus

The truth is:

Jesus shows us what God is like.

Thr Son of God existed before God created anything.

He created everything.

Everything exists for Him.

Jesus holds everything together.

God was happy to send His Son to earth to rescue people from sin through His blood on the cross.

That is how much God in every form loves us.

(Colossians 1:15-2:3).

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6)

The truth of Jesus is that He is the truth. And that also makes Him our hope and biggest supporter and by far the greatest friend who loves us.❤❤❤

Rant About Gun Control

Herein lies a rant pro-America and pro-God and pro- the constitution. Be warned and I am sure my readership will go down but it must be said. Don’t read if you have no chin.

Every shooting there is, fascists and their brainwashed morons croon “Gun control” as if guns get out of their case and walk up to someone and pull the trigger all by themselves. How about croon “Get God back in schools” or “Repent and get this country back to God”, who gives morals and guidelines of right and wrong. That is a solution that would help. People take God out of everything and wonder why people don’t know how to act with a moral conscious. God provides a moral conscious. Fascists want citizens unarmed. Tyrants want citizens unarmed. When people are not allowed their constitutional right to bear arms, do you think guns go away? Do bad guys give up their guns? Heck no. Makes bad people’s job a whole lot easier. No, thank you. How about prosecute and actually punish people who break the laws and bring back God as our moral compass and conscious and let’s see things happen. A whole lot of prayer and fasting for our country wouldn’t hurt either. And it would also help if bad people knew that if they shoot anyone, they will be shot, don’t you think fewer bad guys would be shooting people? Hmmm? Maybe a little I think. Need to voice it as a voice of reason in a world where fascists seem to own and fund so much of the “news”/propoganda media and much of Hollywood and NYC and these fascists want us unarmed despite our constitution. And this seems right to people? No, it isn’t. It is a evil heart and morality issue and not a gun control issue, which would be a dangerous bandaid and only make things worse. Bring back God and His Word to our country. Wake up, church. You are all too comfy and sluggish spiritually. We should be all over this in prayer and revival. Care about something. Help. Do something. Get off your damn phone! Wake up!

This concludes my rant from an all-American Marine’s daughter who loves Jesus and America and knows we can be restored by God and renewed at heart. ❤


The minority extremists may be in charge of the entertainment media and tv/movie world and internet, but I wanted to assure real people out there who love tradition and what is right that the majority of people that I know are heterosexual, believe in and love God, love their country, respects and appreciates our Preaident, are faithful to their spouse, have children they are teaching about God, and wish our majority was represented instead of this constant pushing the minority few who are deviants of nature and all that is right and good that God made. Did I do that all in one sentence? Wow. But I needed to voice it. I am soooo tired of being spoken to like that is normal and watching that be called normal for America what God did not create that way. I really do not care who is offended and prefers lies to truth. Quit speaking for us and quit causing God to be angered because you want to defy Him. I am a woman married to a man with beautiful children and happiness together loving God. My husband is the head of our home and I am very thankful for that and reapect and love him. My kids are last in command but versed in teachability. We are praying, fasting and we care about America, about truth, about right being right. We love our families. We want to please God our Maker. We love life.❤

Life: God is Our Meaning

People want a mission, a meaning for life. They want to hear and know how important they are, they want validation of their worth. They want people to give a damn. People want to have a reason, feel something, know they have worth and importance. Why? Because society and school just spent a decade telling them they are descendents of single celled organisms via mistake mutations and this is all there is and that just doesn’t feel right, doesn’t jive with what you know down deep to be true and you are trying to marry those two opposing things. And when the world doesn’t give them a viable answer, they turn inward and become selfish and self-focused to try to prove they matter more than they’ve been told.

And here is the crux of the matter. You and I mean an unsustainable amount because we were made with love on purpose by God. We were designed spectacularly. We matter. I matter. You matter. That weird neighbor matters. The babies in the womb to the really old people in the nursing homes matter. We all matter and have meaning in God, our mutual Designer and Creator. God made us with love and beauty to reflect Him for Him by Him. And He says we matter and He gives us meaning in His kingdom that starts briefly in this life and extends to eternity in heaven. God is our meaning. Accept that and all of life that follows makes much more sense. Once you realize the truth of this, you see the lies they’ve been pushing with indoctrination and you are free of those meaningless constraints placed upon you. Be free. God is our/your/my meaning. And Jesus is the only way to God. Truth.❤

Lies in Your Sites and Fire

The closer I get to the Lord, the more I see lies clearly and detest them. My daughter has been testing me in this and I have been calling her out and she is learning that lies will get her punished more than anything else she does wrong. My son learned this arpund her age also, so he gets it. “Mom hates lying so you better tell her the truth or you’ll get in so much trouble” I heard him whisper to warn her when he thought I was out of the room. This is great. There is a reason. Satan and his demons are the “father’s of lies”. They promise what they cannot provide (like power and security and wealth and pleasure, etc.) and lie like they breathe. They lie incessantly and only want to kill and destroy and torture everyone. So lies are not ok. God is truth so we must seek it, love it, live it to please Him. And I want to please God and not honor His enemy who wants us dead. Can I get a witness? Sometimes it seems like noone tells the truth but I know some do, at least selectively, and I do and my kids will it I have anything to say about it. My husband is an adult and has to make that decision for himself but truth is my goal for our family and I pray accordingly. It also makes you much easier see through lies around you. Truth is good. Keep shooting down the lies and focus on truth and build that up. Truth is oxygen and light for truth is God. ❤