Truth Wins

Truth wins. In this world of evil, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it or it is hard to tell which is truth and which is lie and the evil one would like us to believe there are no fine lines of right versus wrong. Well, the fact remains that there is a definite right and definite wrong and a Truth that always wins the argument, wins life, wins eternity in heaven and that is the Bible. Skeptics and atheists have tried to prove it wrong more than any other book, writing, document, anything. They want it to be wrong so desperately but they end up converted or make up a lie and stomp off in a huff. Read the Bible to know the Truth. Read it to know right from wrong. Then choose the right, choose Truth. You will never regret it. You certainly will regret rejecting it.😃❤️

Watching Out for Power Hungry People

People used to power and really wanting power are not good people. Those greedy for money are horrifying but just behind them are those who just want to be over others and wormed their way to the top just to do that more. Just beware of them. Keep praying. Do the right thing. Keep reading Love Words from the Bible. Hold on tightly to Jesus.😃❤️

Grounded in Truth

Truth is only found in the Bible. There are extensions of truth in followers of Jesus who try to live and share the truth, but what we know is the Bible, the source of truth. With everything else so convoluded or lie-infested and therefore such a confusing place, we need all the more to be reading our Bible and putting that truth into memory and action. And Christians will only make it to the finish line, happily facing eternal reward, if we do. It is imperitive. It is not optional, it is vital.😃❤️