Walking a Tightrope

When we feel like we are walking a Tightrope through life, we miss the point. When trying to wrestle with making the masses happy, balancing time with our kids and spouse, figure out how much time our work should take and then a complexity added of how spiritual to be and when and how to do right and not wrong and when to say what and when to not talk, the tightrope under our feet gets skinnier and the distance beneath us is greater to fall.

And people fall from it all the time. People, sadly, believe that is all there is and lose hope and fall. And that is the saddest thing ever because they have clearly missed the point. And maybe that is why we weird big picture people exist, to remind you of the big picture.

Sure, we are weird. I own that and have never cared what people thought of me because of the big picture thing. Yes, I miss a lot of the details so I miss a lot, but here is the thing. I am good at at least one thing, seeing and showing the big picture. And here it is. This is huge and if you grasp it, your tightrope will suddenly turn into a wide bridge over a trench.

Accepting Jesus Christ as Savior is all about grace and putting God first.

If you really embrace that, your life will instantly be brighter and load lighter. Guilt loads will dump off to God’s forgiveness. Loneliness will disappear because God comforts and fills you up with thr Holy Spirit, a constant companion with warm arms and power when needs be. And balancing everything becomes easy as He gives abundant wisdom when we put Him first. And reading thr Bible and praying keeps our connection to God strong and bonds the relationship so peace and joy is forever right there no matter what.

No need to walk a tightrope, just need to see the big picture and embrace it. Then wow, that grace takes over and perfection is no longer required, just devotion. Wow! Freedom! Hope!😄❤

Balancing on the Tightrope of Life

We teeter, we totter, we scrupulously tow the line that connect sanity to insanity, the narrow path of right that seems more narrow every day until it more closely resembles a tight rope wire. But if you look closely at this thin line, you will notice that there are invisible bumpers on either side accessed by prayer. And there is an invisible angel walking each step with you in case you should stumble. You are not balancing alone. There is help. And there are other balancers you can meet with and encourage at churches across the country. The road may be difficult to manage, but it is impossible alone if your goal is forever minded and not just now minded. Thank God we are not ever alone. We always have help and company. And we have a Savior who sticks up for us in court and life. Amazing stuff. Any of it tangible? Some is, but most has to be seen with the heart, soul and spirit. That is what faith is. Faith is knowing the stuff you can’t see is the real stuff and this real stuff we see and feel is the less important stuff. And faith allows the mind to know what the spirit and soul know to be truth. So, as you precariously juggle on the high wire today of the way of love we choose to travel, remember that we have protection and are never ever ever alone. 🙂