Supportive Love

Our greatest and sometimes only supportive love has always and will always come from God, our loving Heavenly Father. People are supportive often when it suits them or things are going well or if they are first supported in general. Of course there are exceptions, but enough has happened in my 43 years that I do not expect to be lovingly supported by anyone consistently except God. He made me, knows me inside and out, has been with me since before I was even a consideration, and is my future. Same for you, my friend. Lean on God who loves and supports you. Trust Him and go to Him for all your needs. God will not let you down and even in tests or at the dimented butt of an evil one’s jokes and whims, He gives peace and joy and nd nd justice will follow. Make no mistake. God has your back. ❤

People Get Ready

This is a great song. Many have sung it but I like Margaret Becker’s rendition personally. Look it up. Lyrics are: “People get ready, there’s a train coming. Don’t need no ticket, just get on board. All you need is faith to hear the diesel humming. Don’t take no ticket no, just praise the Lord. People get ready for the train is coming picking up passengers from coast to coast. Faith is the key to open the doors of heaven. There is only one train to get you there.”

Speaking to Husbands

Your wives love you deeply. They rely on you for security and faithfulness, provision and love, tenderness and encouragement. They are the weaker sex in that they need these things from you, their husband. From God, they need everything else. A woman can do many things at once and can handle the kids, the house, running around, the cleaning, etc. However, she needs her husband’s strength and leadership to feel secure. Women also have hormonal and emotional complications that come and go. These are physical issues that effect mood and temper. Patience and calm discharge crazy about every time. Sometimes we just can’t help it physically. Other times we are being dramatic and silly and please be patient and calm for that too. Most of the time, we would do anything at all for our husbands, as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Bible and we love our husbands with a passion and care for our children with an extension of that love. We are strong but fragile for we have given our husbands our hearts and can easily be hurt and wounded by insecurity, broken trust, pain of criticism, withholding of love. Please just love your wife and be happy with her. Looking around at other women that seem to be naked about everywhere really effects your wife who loves you, who is tangible, your greatest asset and investment. She will be there when the electronics fail, she will encourage and respect you when you need a companion, she will take care of you when you are ill. A wife is strengthened directly proportional to the trust and security she has for you and your marriage. She is the bottom line and is there when your line hits the bottom. She is your second self, your helpmeet, the other half of you. She needs you. The closer you get to God, the closer you get to your spouse. Loving her with God’s love will create greatness in her and yourself.