Our Good Isn’t Enough but God’s Good Is

I was just wondering if people who do this sin, like abortion, or this sin, like murder, or this sin, like pornography, without confessing before they die would still go to heaven? And the Holy Spirit spoke softly to my over-thinking/stinky thinking mind. I was convicted gently and reminded that I very well may be speaking some sarcastic, judgmental words when I am hit by a car and any sin unconfessed would land me in hell if real life went like my horrible, incorrect thinking.

And isn’t that the whole point of Jesus Christ having to come down from heaven to die brutally for us and defeat death for us forever by rising from the dead?

It is not our goodness or perfection that gets us to heaven in the eternal afterlife. It is not confessing every tiny sin before we pass. We reach heaven when we have a relationship with God in which we are covered by the payment Jesus Christ paid for us. And Jesus forgives us and speaks for when we have that relationship with Him.

This frees us from obsession and bondage to the pursuit of perfection. And it causes us to gratefully and rightly pursue that very important relationship with God through Jesus and with the Holy Spirit’s power and help. Focus on that truth and be loved. 😄❤

Answered Prayer

God yet again answered my prayers and thank you to those who prayed with me. All went well and with joy and peace with babysitting our grandbaby. I had asked for prayer because we had seen him only twice in his life and never for long, so we knew it would be quite a shock to him and adjustment for us. He is a very busy little man but we had happy moments and even an ever so brief nap. All is well and God remains constantly and perfectly good!❤❤❤


I have been very convicted lately with the idea of good stewardship. Stewardship is what you do with what God has given you. Good stewardship is doing good with it. Bad stewardship is doing bad with it there is only those two options because doing nothing is the same as doing bad. There is no lukewarm in heaven’s eternity. It is apathetic to not care enough about your gifts and blessings to even develop or use them.

And I had been guilty of that. God has given me gifts of leadership, sports, music, art, faith, encouragement, prayer, etc. And here was I abusing those gifts or being apathetic (which is pathetic) and sitting depressed and overeating and addicted to Facebook and wrong thinking, etc.

God addressed this crime of bad stewardship in me and since I have been working on becoming a good steward, taking responsibility for my choices and developing good, healthy habits, which for me personally drove my 40 pound weight loss (last 10 to go-woo hoo!).

We are all called to good stewardship with all the gifts, abilities and resources God has given us. Everyone. And how well we are doing that when God calls His church home will determine who goes and who is left behind. So it is a pretty enormous deal. I want to be ready. So I am working on good stewardship. I invite you to consider areas you can do good with what you are able to do well. ❤

Good Health

My venture into this idea of good health has transformed within me over the years. It has been my frequent companion and is dwelling with me yet again. And here is the path it has taken with me personally.

Background, I should mention that genetics is rather against a tiny waistline in my family. We are wonderful people but endowed with a proclivity to hold weight. In addition, I am a mezomorph, meaning if I breath to hard, I gain muscle mass. This would be incredible if I wished to be a body builder, but alas… Also, I am 5 foot, one inch tall. Yeah, not helpful for hiding extra pounds. Lol

So, this is my starting ground. And my first dance with “good health” was to lose weight. I was into sports, ran, jumped, rode my bike all over town, was very active so the extra weight was all I had to lose to be healthy, so was my thinking.

The next phase was not health so much as attraction. Guys I dated (which were idiots, looking back on it- what on earth was I thinking?) Wanted skinny girls. So again my weight loss was my return dance with “good health”, because I lived in Michigan, meaning I was thinner and more active in summer and fall than the other half of the snowed in year where you gain weight.

The I unfortunately married my first husband who thought I should not eat until I was skinny. A muscular 5 foot 1 inch mezomorph woman cannot look skinny unless you loose the muscle. So, I went on a raw diet, with the only meat I ate being boneless, skinless chicken breast and everything else raw.

Then, when he was no longer having any say in my life and we divorced, I met my husband who did not pressure me to look any certain way but stressed me out by micromanaging me otherwise. At this point, “good health” finally meant something other than skinny. It meant mental well-being. And then a difficult pregnancy and then three deaths simultaneously (one being my daddy) plunged me into a depression. Good health took a back road then.

Fast forward to present day. Now, God healed my depression and physical issues related to it and worked on me and my husband and set out to heal me slowly. So now “good health”, my friend who I once loathed, does not mean depravity or limitations. To me, today, even as we speak, “good health” means worship through the obedience of good stewardship of the shell God made me in. I am responsible for this body He provided and moreso, I am responsible to use the energy of a healthy body to do His work, whatever He asks me to do and calls me to do. I have a family (husband and two kids) to care for. I have a mom who needs help. I have kids in my PE class to lead. I have kids in Sunday school to teach. I have a home to keep. God has things for me to do and need to be healthy for that to happen.

So, there you have it. For “good health” to be an easy, blessed, peaceful, joyful, welcome friend, you must have the help of God who made you and His Spiritual motivational component and not just be a shallow thing. In growing closer to God, we grow closer to the Great Physician and Creator who made us and knows what is healthy for us. For me now that involves losing weight, but that is so far from the whole of it and my motivation is obedience and service to God, first and foremost. So I will remain partners with my friend “good health” by God’s grace until He takes me to Heaven someday.❤

Movie Inspiration

Today, I watched Meet the Robinsons again with my daughter. It really inspires me to not judge anyone, take responsibility for my actions, and adopt an orphan, in no particular order. There is so much good that can be done in this world of woes if we each just do our part. We can do what we can do where we are. If enough people did this in humble prayer and keep our minds right for God, oh what a difference we could make, oh what restoration God can do in this land. That is true of every land. Do some good for someone today for God and not expecting anything back. And tomorrow do something else. And the next day. And the world will get better. Brighter. And God will smile on us and bless us because that is His plan. ❤