Opportunity Missed

So, we did not get the car we were planning to pickup on Wednesday. It was sold out from under us and I am bummed out. But one thing I have learned. God is in control. And He knows infinitely more than we do. Maybe that car would have been bad for us somehow. Maybe it would have required maintenance soon. Maybe we would need the money for something else. Maybe something else but I am certain that God knows best and I trust Him to n provide what we need when we need it. No worries. God is very good and I am thankful!❤


So Very Thankful

I am so very thankful for so many blessings in my life.

Some blessings at the time were disguised as curses. But God knew what He was doing.

Some of the biggest wounds of my life became the greatest blessings.

So many blessings were taken for granted and left unacknowledged and unnoticed.

Yet blessings they were and I look back on them and appreciate God’s consistent love.

He has remained the most faithful Person of my life and only true lover of my soul.

Better late than never at thanking God for everything…the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

All those things were there on purpose and made you the precious gift you are.

Such is the love of God. Thank you, God!!!♥


Determination is rooted in faithfulness and is fed with persistent courage. The will of a person is the initiator and the moral character its determiner of consistency. But the Author of all these within us is Almighty God, our loving Creator. He is the DNA which allowed all else to develop. When people compliment us, they are complimenting Him and I praise Him for that. It is so impressive how He works. In a very “me” and narciasistic/selfish world we live in with pride and ego encouraged, I am deeply honored and privileged to understand that it is not about me but it is most definitely about God. (That will be manifest now or later.) And I am positively floored when He hears and answers my prayers and works through me in any small way. That the powerful Creator of everything we know of loves, made and wants to be my Heavenly Father is just incredible and I am filled with gratefulness of Him. What a perfect God we serve. He is so good!❤❤❤

When God Sneaks in an Answer to Prayer

I have to praise God tonight and thank Him for this weekend. I realize that He snuck in an answer to prayer. And I am here to say that as true as I am writing this, God answers prayers prayed, even those prayed over many years that you aren’t even sure of anymore but still you pray. And God loves sneaking in some love with an unexpected answer that is so so sweet! I really appreciate the love from God He showed with this answer to many prayers. So awesome is God!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Beautiful but Strange AKA Nobody but Jesus is Perfect

Today, I had the beautiful opportunity to attend the bi-annual ladies’ missionary meeting my Great Aunt Evelyne (a retired missionary from Africa and then Haiti) and Ellen (a retired missionary from Haiti). She invites us every meeting and I love going. My mom and daughter went with me this time.

I cannot properly voice to you how honored I am to be related to such a beautifully and consistently obedient soul to God. She never married, giving God her whole life in service, teaching children and whoever she met about the love of God. Stories of faith and God’a provision just flow from her. I am honored to be her neice and be from a lineage of missionaries. Every Christian is precious to God but it is an honor to be with those faithful at it all their lives. It urges me on towards God and faithfulness and obedience myself. And today was beautiful for that reason… many life long followers of Jesus were together today. The prayer power of these faithful ladies is palpable. I almost feel sorry for the enemy they pray against for there is no hope for them, so great is their faith. Why? Because they lived God’s provision on a day to day basis. They do not doubt because their lives are proof.

I was also honored to meet a missionary wife to Brasil currently. She invited me to visit and I will do my best to go some day. But how precious is she! A new fast friend and sister in Jesus!

The imperfection comes from the organization. As powerful as their faith, politics are still a nuisance. They needed a president and vice president to take over due to age-related illnesses. I volunteered but was rejected because I do not go to a church of a particular affiliation. And this angered me. No worse, it saddened me because I realized all humans are imperfect, even obedient and faithful ones, even ones who lived their entire lives for God. Jesus did not come to earth touting a denomination. He hated disunity. He hated mountains out of mole hills. He wanted love. He craved us knowing how much He loves each and every one of us. Jesus preached compassion and acceptance and prayer and obedience. No denominations ever. This was a device of the enemy of God. Disunity is Satan’s favorite tool for destruction. To deny a willing and loving soul’s voluntary obedience because of an “incorrect” affiliation pedigree is not only foolish but not Christlike. And I was reminded all humans are imperfect. I am too. I am very imperfect, so am not saying I am better than anyone. I know better and so does Jesus, but I am saying that everyone gets things wrong sometimes and I am voicing my concern in our church that we never think more highly of our affiliation than we ought. It is not Biblical. Every church that lifts up the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and reads the Bible and worships and prays and fasts together is God’s true church. A title will never save a single soul. Only Jesus Christ does that. Only. Correct any lies with this truth.

Saying this, I digress and return to my love of spending time with my Great Aunt Evelyne. And I look forward to visiting her next month to help with some home maintenance she can’t do anymore (she is 87 now). It is a blessing to serve her in any way I can. Thank you, dear God, for her in my life!😄❤

Today I Reset

God blessed us with a rain day, a day off of PE. I am happy because my sinuses around my eyes are going nuts right now and I needed some time alone with God to just breathe. I had to reset. My mind has played some reruns and wrong channels lately and it was really getting me weighed down and feeling far from my Savior. So He gave me this morning off to get my heart into contrite mode and give everything to Him, confess and just repent. I told a friend about it. And God forgave me (as evidenced by the feeling of a smile and burden lifted) and we are back. And God is so precious and so good and loves us so much. I feel Him close and am so thankful and want to give Him glory for His love and grace and just compassion on us. He may be the only one in the world that loves me and that would be enough, all I ever need. He loves that well. 😄❤❤❤

I am Grateful

I am grateful for every happiness and every pain. There must be both. Without the pain, we cannot treasure deeply the pleasure. We cannot know happiness fully without some endurance of unhappiness. It is the way of it. I am grateful. Each step was designed by God’s choosing but also our choosing. We are a contributing part of the decisions of our journey’s payhway. And I am grateful to God for that also. I respect His power and wisdom after I see how I screwed up what He had planned beautiful. I am grateful and love God all the more for everthing. ❤