Finished Reading a Book!

Thanks be to God! I actually was able to squeeze in reading an entire book!! That was alongside teaching and working and the band and family needs and wants and reading my Bible and birthdays and so on! An entire book! I am so thankful to God who has taught me to use every moment for the best and provided more usable time for me than I thought possible. Praise God!😄❤📚

I Survived 3 Teenagers Today!

I took my son and his two best friends to Astro Skate today. All day. Did I mention it was all day with 3 teens? Good news: I was taking it easy for our gig tomorrow so didn’t skate and got 6 chapters of a good book read despite the loud booming music I was accosted with all day. Bad news: Once I finally got out of there and had cell service again, I found out our gig tomorrow was cancelled due to rain.

So there is always disappointment when a gig is cancelled due to rain (why you always have a rain contingency in Florida, hello- tropical climate means rain). But there is always a silver lining. We can rest and get over our colds tomorrow instead of pushing ourselves. Also, and I cannot give this enough emphasis and gratitude, I survived a day with 3 teenagers. Wow. God is good!😄❤

Born Confident

Many of my friends seem to have been born insecure, born worried, born unsure. I never understood that because God gave me the spiritual gift of faith from birth so I was always confident in Him and myself. I was born confident. I was incredulously sure of things I knew very little about yet. My less confident friends always envied my confidence and we’re amazed by it. Truth be told, I was made that way and had little to do with it other than exercise it.

But being born confident has its own issues and easy-coming sins. I tended toward pride and independence (which sounds good except that now I realize I need to depend on God). In fact, I had a judgmental bent back then and a certain annoying know-it-all obnoxious quality about it. Even if I was right, that is hideously annoying, I see now.

And here is why I say all this. There is no person on this earth perfect or together or flawless. No need to look out the corners of your eyes at someone and wish you had their confidence or sureness or strengths. You have your own. Maybe it is different or not as in-your-face as some of us loud folks, but I can guarantee that when exercised, your gift rocks. And cautious has its advantages (your guardian angel doesn’t have to work so hard maybe). Embrace who you are and thr beautiful way God made you. Rise to it. Develop it and see how invaluable you are in the kingdom of God. That is a beauty He loves and rewards, and I personally find it inspiring and alluring. Be God’s.😄❤

My Friend Pure Glory

Many of you follow my friend Pure Glory on WordPress. I have to tell you a confession. When I first started reading those blessed words, I wondered at the sincerity because who is so positive all the time? And as the Spirit in me told me, it is a divine gift and the positive words are their contribution to the work of the kingdom of God.

I am thankful and want to thank Pure Glory for the truth encouragement. Love your work and it is appreciated. Please keep writing! Thank you for working for the Lord and encouraging me as well as many others!😄❤