Picking the Wrong Battles to Fight

My daddy was a boxing instructor in the Marines, so we watched a lot of boxing back in the day. So I love boxing analogies. Lol And in general, the key to never losing a fight is to pick the right fight. Yeah, sometimes people will surprise you and get in a good hit anyway, but you have done your best to minimize damage and be victorious. So in life, we need to conserve our energy and pick the right fight. There are many out there. Many. Any number of fights to be had. And what someone’s outer appearance is or whether they know proper etiquette or what translation of Bible they read (despiteth howest thou likest the perfecteth KJV, becauseth everyone talkest thusly) or what the name is on the church. These things do not matter at all. Not one bit. There are real issues no one is talking about. There is a sin problem, an avoiding church problem, a my kids can beat a video game in 2 days straight but don’t know a Bible verse problem, an abortion problem, and here’s the biggest one of all, a problem of people choosing sin and eternal hell to humble repentance (contrition) and eternal heaven. This is a huge problem. This is a good fight to take on. Because Jesus already won this one for them, they just need truth and prayer to open their hearts and accept it. As a big picture person, I rarely get hung up majoring on the minors, but I am not always fighting what I should be fighting. But way too much attention is being put on inconsequential matters and not enough people are fighting for people’s eternal soul destination. There attention only two options: heaven or hell and I don’t and God doesn’t want anyone to go there because of His great love for us. I love because He loves. Fight that fight. Help them if you can, win their hearts for God who longs for more children to adopt. I don’t want anyone going to hell. I will fight that fight. ❤

When Things Hit the Fan

Today was a day of sadness for me. My very own church representatives were very ugly to my friends and let them go and my ex was ugly to my son. This day was permeated with the stench of spiritual attacks on all sides in the most sadistic manner, through wolves in sheep’s clothing. So, what is my response to such evil and hatred? The same response I had to the good of yesterday… Joy of the Lord and peace. Why? When I am being attacked, it is proof that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do. When you come across injustices in your life or have them hit you full in the face, be thankful and praise God because you are closer to God than you otherwise had been. How on earth can you do that? One word… Perspective. We are not floating along on our own, bravely facing the torrents alone. We are more than conquerors, adopted children of the one true God, being in constant contact and support of the most powerful force on this planet, God’s Holy Spirit. There is nothing He cannot help us with and see us through. When to get very attentive is when the attacks stop coming because then either you are defeated already and are not walking in truth, attacks are about to hit in a new way, or you’re dead already. The enemy will not chase a person they know is theirs already unless just to toy with them or drag them closer to death. However, if you are walking in truth, you will be attacked. So, how do we handle attacks? With the full armor of God. In essence, with faith, the Bible, prayer, the Gospel of Peace or Good News and lots of time with God. Is it worth all the effort and pain? Absolutely. Why? Because no matter how long this life feels, it is such a short span of time compared with forever, and we need to make sure our forever is heaven and not hell. You really believe all that? Absolutely because it is God’s truth poured out to us in the Bible, which has never ever been proven wrong about anything. We are loved and we don’t walk alone. I would rather spend my days now and forever later with the almighty loving God who made us and all the beauty we see around us than have many minutes of false peace.