Blessings from Obedience

So, I shared how I went through a frustration patch. Then, I chose to focus on Jesus and preparations for celebrating His birthday. Then, I shared I was able to see His blessings in my life.

Now, as a result of n obedience and sharing all that to help encourage someone else who may be struggling, God rewarded me with a gig for our band and a dinner our with my family, tangible blessings/rewards from obedience. God always rewards obedience. And He has unlimited resources, so obey whenever you can and He will always heap love and loving blessings on us. God is such a good Father!!!❤❤❤


Unexpected Results of Quitting

I will not say what particularly it was, but recently I had quit. I had given up the idea of something in particular that I humbly gave up to the Lord as an offering to Him. I said in essence, “This isn’t happening again so I accept that you are enough and I give it up to You. I quit and am fine with that. I trust You.” And that was that, so I thought. But evidently God had different plans or honored my humility or something because today He saw fit to provide that very thing to me. And it goes to show you that sometimes in the giving something up to God, He honors that and gives back more. I believe He wants to know we are fully prepared and fully willing to give up everything for Him and He honors that, rewards it even. God is so real and alive and working in me and so many I know that walk with Him faithfully and meaningfully. It is so very beautiful. Praise God! May the whole earth praise His holy name!❤


So sick of hearing “There is no ‘I’ in team”. Let me tell you the “I” is implied. It is there. I come from the opposite perspective. When I am a part of any group, does not matter what it is, I am generally the designated leader (believe me I do not request this) and generally end up doing like 90% of the work. Thankfully that does not apply to my marriage because my husband is very helpful, but in every other group this is generally the case. And I assure you that when you are a part of the team, you had better get your behind in gear and help the team. In the hospital where I worked for four years, teamwork was expected but only a few of us seemed to have gotten the memo. And in college, I pulled the long hours after my full time job to be sure the “team” project was done and worthy of an “A” while they all parties. Am I whining? Well, maybe a little bit, but the point is that if 10% of the people do 90% of the work, as the statistic goes, be sure if you are able to do something to help that you are indeed doing something to help. Teamwork requires a team effort, whether that be at church or work or family or service projects or school or whatever. Our requirement is to work as if you are working for God because you really are and you have to answer to Him for what you did, your attitude while you did it and what you did not do. And the beautiful thing is that because God commanded that, doing your best with a grateful heart is obedience and is REWARDED IN HEAVEN!! Woo hoo! Plus you sleep really well. Seriously, now that I am working past the crying all the time phase of my mourning process, I hit the bed and am asleep in like 5 minutes max and sleep peacefully all night. Peace of mind. These are the now blessings God gives us for obeying Him. This is very cool. So say a quick prayer for the right attitude and get to it. You got this! And God will help every time you humbly ask Him! 🙂

Rewards for Faithfulness

God rewards faithfulness. He is faithful and expects us to be. When we do not live up to His standards, He reprimands us (or usually allows it to catch up to us) as any very good Father would. But when we are faithful, whether faithful at work, to our spouse, in business, with money, with worship, with stewardship, with using the gifts for good, etc., God rewards us! How? Heaven is the obvious answer but that is far off for some of us. No, I mean now. He rewards us with peace of mind, deep healing sleep, more energy, joy, contentment, success, understanding. It is beautiful!

Many Shades of Ugly

I am not the prettiest gal in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am very attractive but not because I am pretty, it is because I am weird and real and fun. But the ugly I speak of is not the shallow appearance. I have seen ugly spew forth from the ugly heart of people, a lot lately. People who whine about the result of an election and think because they didn’t get what they want, they deserve to hurt other people. Like they matter more than another human God made. How deceived are these people. I have seen ugly people bullying people because they are there different or better than they are. There is a deception that putting someone down lifts you up. The inverse is true. Those who humble themselves will be lifted up and those who elevate themselves will be brought low. That is the truth of the matter. God rewards those who do the right thing, more so when they are persecuted for it. God is good and that ugly will be slammed down eventually. Better to change on your own and become a servant of God rather than risk becoming an eternal slave to separation from Him later when it lasts longer. Something to think about.

Truffle Curiosity

I have never tasted or smelled or looked at a truffle. Great chefs seek them out, pay a fortune for them and wow their patrons. My mind cannot comprehend a mushroom worth $250 an ounce or whatever ridiculous amount it is. I thought $4 for a package of portabellas is a lot. But I got to thinking that maybe the worth of the truffle comes from how hard it is to obtain it. Its rarity and struggle to find and dig them up, the research and investigation and pain and agony and most of all time it takes to get these shrooms tells a great story. Maybe the priceless value of health lies in the cost of the prior accumulation of sicknesses, building up your immune system one antibody at a time. Maybe the value of extreme happiness of a loving relationship comes at the cost of many failed attemps and struggles. Maybe the good can only be valued and esteemed highly after the struggle through the bad. The good news is the good news. The struggle is worth it later. At the time will frustrate the heck out of you and cost a lot up front but in the end you get the best or your perception of the best. Good things really do come to those who wait and are consistent a d work through challenges. It is worth it. Do not under any circumstance give up.

Good Deeds Unrewarded

Many many times in this world, utilizing the eyeballs in our heads, we do not see rewards for good deeds done. Sometimes, more often now than before in our upside down world where wrong is celebrated and right is belittled we are ridiculed or accosted for good deeds. Often, there is a wonder at why we should bother doing good deeds when they are ignored, unappreciated, punished. I wondered that today once. Why bother? No one cares either way. No one even notices. My employer of old used to say that appreciation only exists until the customer steps outside so don’t do any favors. I completely ignored his cynicism and continued to help when I could. Why? Why bother? The easy answer is because I follow the teachings of Christ Jesus. The Bible tells me to do good deeds. Why? To be applauded and appreciated by man? Nope. We do good deeds because we are told to for the sake of God’s kingdom which is greater than any one of us. We work for God. He is the One we are serving and obeying. And guess what. He has promised an eternity of rewards for those unappreciated and persecuted good deeds done here on this earth. I would much rather have an eternity (which is a very very long time) with peace and reward from the Creator than years of praise from other created beings. If you look at it that way, with an eternal perspective, it becomes much much easier to do the right thing in life.