In Letting Go

In clinging to God, I let go of so much. I let go of pain, even if I feel it a while. I let go of confusion and distraction, though the world wreaks of it. I let go of worry and expectations of badness for I am clinging to goodness. I let go if lies and dishonesty for I cling to truth. I let go od unforgiveness and hate for I cling to generous love. When I cling to God, I let go of so very much. But in letting go of these other things and cling g to God, I am truly free. Free. Free forever. God is freedom. How I love Him! ❤❤❤


Every Octopus has its Tentacles

Every octopus has tentacles to reach for and cling to something, to hold fast to it until it decides to let go for whatever reason. Some octopi will cling to something, even if their life is in danger. Some die. Others let go and swim away, saving their lives if danger is eminent. Some just are curious and mess with things out of boredom. Regardless, all have their tentacles to cling to things they want or need, for better or for worse. People have invisible tentacles. They have this inherent and built-in drive to reach for and cling to what they want or need. Sometimes it is good and beneficial, as in clinging to God and His Word and the hope of salvation and truth for permanent fulfillment. Other times it is dangerous and self-defeating, as in clinging to some sin or unhealthy person or bad habit for very temporary faux fulfillment. And if we can be made to desire the wrong, it would have to be masked by lies or we would be er be easily coerced into giving up lasting rewards for the chase of those which will harm you but feel good while doing so. No matter how fabulous the devil’s ploy and tricks are, the choice is still ultimately our responsibility to make. We cannot be forced, only led. So to arm ourselves and not be duped by an enemy out to kill us, we must fill up on the Word of Truth, the Bible, Bible study, prayer, fellowship with other followers of Yeshua Christ, and make purposeful decisions to cling to that which is good. In this way, we will be faithful to the end and be saved. What beautiful hope. How encouraging that we know this secret. How amazing to be so loved by our powerful Creator that He wants us with Him all the time. What an honor!