Today is Another Opportunity

Today is another opportunity to…

Do the right thing.

Worship the Lord.



Learn something new.

Be consistent and faithful.

Live out my salvation.

Encourage someone.

Be the Light and salt.

Trust in the Lord with everything.


Bask in stillness with God.


Read my Bible.

Play with my kids.

Teach my kids.

Release anxiety to God.

Enjoy the beauty God made.

Live life.

Sieze the opportunity today.😄❤


A neighbor down the street has snubbed my children. She has actually been training her kids to snub them. She will deign to allow them to play when it is convenient (she drops them off and leaves so she can do something) and then does not allow most other times. It would be hard not to take this personally, as it feels like she believes herself to be of greater value (I mentioned we live in the same subdivision) or something. My daughter also talked to her girls about Jesus and they bragged that they do not go to church. I wonder if that has something to do with it. But then they tell us they are looking to sell their house and move to a posh, overpriced development down the street, looking for the “forever home”, whatever the heck that means. And I get it. Some people are just unintelligent and chasing things they want to afford and it blinds them to things like consideration, kindness, decency, etc. And I feel sorry for her. She must be very sad and unfulfilled to have to have more than those around her and let them know that. She needs Jesus. So I have determined to pray for her. And perhaps the next convenient play date I can have her over for tea and share the joy and peace of Jesus with her.

Every snub is an opportunity to love on someone who absolutely needs it. It is not personal but spiritual with them every time. Praise God!❤

Deciding to Follow and Fast

So today I had my doctor’s appointment. The nurse was having a bad day. I encouraged her. She unloaded a world of things she was going through, looking for how to solve it all. I said I survive it all by choosing not to solve n it myself but seek God and count on Him to help and He always does. She said she had been seeking Him lately and was frustrated. I replied that God is about a relationship with us and that He loves us so much that He answers in thr best way at the best time but just keep reading the Bible and praying and fast. She thanked me at the end of my appoinment.

When we decide to follow Jesus, He provides us with opportunities to help people and show them love. Then He takes it from there. It is a partnership, with Him as Father and me as obedient child. It is much more apparent when I fast. Everything is more clear. And God feels more near. Oh how He loves you! Oh how He loves me!❤❤❤

A Reprieve of Change

With a new pantry comes something welcome, a reprieve from the doldrums. I was itching for a change. I am wildly ambitious internally and have trouble sitting still without doing something productive and I have been a tad stir crazy. I guess as I am more myself again, I am more energetic like I used to be and need to do something. So the new pantry allows me change, doing something, rearranging the kitchen, working on making it more productive and work for us best. It is a little challenge. It is a blessing. God always, in His wisdom, provides for us what we need, especially when we need movement. When we want to work, God loves providing opportunities to work. So thank you, God, for this new pantry! I am so glad for the change I needed so badly!! God is so good!!!


You know, as often as I have run into some sort of trouble in life, some of my own doing and some done to me, it never ceases to amaze me just exactly how I can bank on God getting me back out of it. God is a God of opportunity. He will always give us a chance to grow and learn and serve and start over and start again. Always these are there. It is easy to overlook these because when we feel like we are drowning under the weight of it our enemy wants us to believe there is no way and distracts us heavily. But if we take a chance on prayer and pray, God will allow us to see another option, an opportunity, sometimes blatantly and sometimes out of the corner of your eye. But I promise you that His opportunity is always better than the weight of the troubles you might be under. And the more we keep ourselves in a habit of prayer and reading His Word, the faster we can see His option.