Seasons/Ebbs & Flows

There are a myriad of seasons in life: growth, decline, learning, forgetting, deep love, cold remembrances, exploration, settling, building, moving, strengthening, weakening , exercising, and neglect. These seasons ebb and flow like the tide, sometimes mingling together in the waves for a time but ever changing. And this is our lot in life, our epic journey we must make to our eternal destination of our choice, heaven or hell. We walk this road, this tidal path. It is an adventure, sometimes happy, sometimes heart-breaking and everywhere between. Keep journeying for the right, dear friend. Keep your focus on our Savior Jesus Christ and He will maintain your peace amidst all the changes. He is faithful and just and hope and truth. Woo hoo! ❤


Noticing Little Things

Naturally a big picture person, I see the whole automatically and only very selectively see the details. But when I get out in nature, it is a purposeful act of worship to intentionally see the details, try to notice everything. It is in purpose and requires all my concentration. As such it is like a meditational therapy and also worship. Each detail makes me appreciate God more. Every detail is perfect, pure, beautiful, glorious. And the big picture, that God made it all perfectly in harmony on purpose with love. ❤

Judging Revisited

I cannot judge another soul for I am as guilty at everything as they are. Sad but true. Just because I confess all to God and have repented and forgiven as instructed frees me of the guilt and purifies me. But I am just as corrupt as the next guy or gal apart from Jesus’ salvation. So I cannot judge anyone. That is God’s job. If I am wronges, I cannot judge them but can object and bring it to their attention so they know they have wronged me. Then the ball is in their court and they have a chance to change. If they refuse, I have a choice to keep putting up with it and keep forgiving g indefinitely and pray for them (which I currently am) or disassociate myself from them. Am I any better than them? No, I am just as capable of sinning and have to repent daily and keep praying for forgiveness. But because I humble do this, I am better off, for I have peace. I may never be happy with the situation of continuous wrong done to me daily but I have joy under it, legs of hope to stand on, and this beautiful opportunity to grow my humbleness. And I am all the better off for it. ❤


I used to think I accomplished things due to sheer power and might. Now, I realize more is accomplished by persistence. The benefits are lasting. Temporary power wins are temporary at best, fleeting at most, memories in no time. However, even less power for longer duration. Faithfulness. Persistence. Tough truth in this everything right now society. More emphasis needs to be on chilling out and keeping at it. This is a proof of moral character and fortitude. Stick-to-it-iveness. This is a powerful thing. Yes, takes time, but the benefits are enormous and lasting and much, much more valuable.❤

Relaxing Day of Celebration and New Life

Church this morning was fun. I teach a Sunday School class of 4th and 5th graders and we talked about a lot today. And my kids are catching onto and doing the assignment I had given them to find and write down 10 new good things/blessinga every day. And I reward them and we talk about it. Great way to open them up. Of course then it is hard to shut them up again. Lol. But we are having fun now. After church, there was an egg hunt in the back yard for the kids then to Bob Evans for lunch with mom. All good. Then egg hunt here because my kids just didn’t have enough sugar yet (lol) and a brief siesta. The afternoon into the evening was spent making crafts (daffodils and “Easter flowers”) out of lots of stuff with the girl. The boy came home from his dad’s in there somewhere and we had dinner and a lovely rain. Then to baths and bed. This was a pretty normal Sunday for us but with the exception of our underlying celebration and excitement about it being resurrection day!! That superceded everything and was felt all day. And God was celebrating also because He sent us the healing rain we sorely needed and then an absolutely beautiful and glorious and quite colorful sunset afterwards. And every spare thought was in thankful prayer praising God for the gift of the resurrection. We were just so grateful today. And that attitude made all the difference in the world. What a beautiful family day! Hope yours was as well. ❤

The Different Day

The day I have had is the same as every other day. A lot to do, some things missed, some overshot, some tasks completed, extra things done, blue sky, kids healthy, spouse being nice, God is good. What changes is me. My eyes change. My eyesight changes with my perspective, and that changes with my decisions and some emotions, and those are influenced by what I put into my body. Lies and garbage in, separation from truth and peace and joy happens. Truth in and truth and peace and joy and love can flow readily. I have created a road for good to travel with me. I have paved my own road with good input. And that changes the everyday things enormously and changes my power dramatically because God can walk with me and He is pretty strong. 😄❤


Common to all people are disappointments, feelings of sadness when our hopes in someone/something/some circumstance are crushed or damaged. People lie or break a promise or betray your trust. Plans fall through. People get sick. Cars break down. Unexpected expenses pop up. All these things are cause for disappointment. Happens so often. But there is comfort in the fact that the God of this enormous universe is our Friend and loves us and when His Son Jesus came to earth, people disappointed Him a lot- Judah who betrayed Him, the 9 healed lepers who didn’t even say thank you, the men who demanded Him to leave after doing the community a favor and casting out demons out of two problem men, the people He came to save crusading Him, and so on. Of course there is much much good in life mixed in bit how we handle disappointments tells a lot about our moral integrity and strength of character. Do we mope? Get depressed? Turn to addictions to very temporarily fix it? Or do we pray and read the truth to counter it? That is the right choice. I want to forgive and grow from disappointments to be wiser and better. I want to do the right thing anyway, despite all odds or bad advise. I want to answer it with love and grace as God always answers me.❤