The Reluctant Walk to Jesus

So many people love talking about God but won’t talk about Jesus Christ (in Greek) aka Yehoshua- shortened to Yeshua- Hamashiach (in Hebrew). Jesus the Messiah is who saves us. The Bible says Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father God but through Him. Why? Because Jesus Christ came down to die and on the third day be resurrected for our sins. It is He who covers us and all our sins with Himself so Father God sees us as holy to be redeemed to Heaven with Him. We need to believe and have a relationship wiyh Jesus Christ to be saved. People are reluctant because you first have to humbly admit you need a Savior and the enemy we all have does not want you to drop our pride so puffs it up and distracts us and tempts us to temporary pleasing things. But the way to Jesus is the right way and comes with eternal rewards as well as peace and joy and grace and mercy now. 😃❤️

Your Bigger Purpose

Today we all went to a great new park in our city. Among many things there was a ravine with a stream on tht bottom, quite deep- cameras don’t capture that depth when said camera is in my hands- and elephant ears growing in them quite tall. These elephant ears grow in this ravine beautifully. They look great, they have everything they need and are rather the star of the show. However, they serve a greater purpose. They were planted just to be pretty and get the glory. They keep flooding down, they shade plants that grow below, and they keep erosion down. Very useful!

When Zac was little, we watched Thomas the Tank Engine quite a bit and the show talked about the glory of being a “very useful engine”.

I say all this to remind everyone that like the elephant plant and Thomas, we were made for a greater purpose. It is cringworthy when people live only for themselves and pleasure and glory but never give credence and honor and service to the God who made us all, in fact made everything we know of. How myopic and dastardly to ignore the higher purpose we were made for! May it never be! We have to seek out and fulfill our higher purpose for God’s glory because He wishes it. He is always more generous than we are, He rewards any sacrifice we make for Him or others He loves.😃❤️

We Need A Rusty Christianity

Rust spreads, it is systemic, it is obvious. No, we need not destroy so maybe not the best analogy but I like those first three characteristics. We should become inundated (in the best sense) with Christ, overwhrlmed by Him. We should show His characteristics and light everywhete we go and be obvious. My big saying to keep me shining that light is, “Do we believe this or not?” If we believe, we would share. If we believe, faith if greater than any fear. If we believe, we would live it out loud and love deeply and consistently and help others be saved. We would not sit idly by quietly and reservedly while others do all the work and serve (love in action) and share the Goood News when this is what saves their souls.❤️❤️❤️

Drawing a Map

I am working on writing my autobiography, which is my attempt to testify to the greatness of God’s mercy, love, grace and provision for me all my life and as a way to determine the damage and repair of myself after and while in active recovery. I wish to focus on God first and foremost for He is the Champion.

But as I write this thing, and being a big picture person, I see a map drawn before me of the great occurrances of my life. And I see how my decisions caused many of the deviations and detours and how God kept up ahead of me every step of that crazy chess match. It shows that my relationship with Him, my salvation, was more important than veering from what I thought was His “big plan” for me. He was molding me, holding me or wrestling with me every step of the way so I would fall in love with Him back.

Pause. Just let that soak in because I am certain He has done that for you too. No one loves us more than Him, they can’t.😃❤️