A Beautiful Day

Today was one of the best days I remember in quite a long time. My husband and I had coffee and talked and had a nice morning. Then I took the kids to Alafia pioneer camp in Fort Meede. It was so fun and educational and they had a cane that was perfect for my husband which I bought him. Before leaving, we danced to some good old early American live music. And we got back home and rested a bit and shared our experiences. Then Zach went to his girlfriend’s house for movie night and the rest of us went to dinner at a wonderful Cuban restaurant. It was great food and a wonderful family feel and good music. Then I got a little time with my friend and that was wonderful. We even drove around the nice lake here and enjoyed that. Overall, this was the kind of day that gets you through the other days where animosity reigns. But not today. Today was a gift straight from God, no question in my mind at all. So when you get something great handed to you, take time out to appreciate it and thank God for it. Speaking of, thank you again, dear Lord, for this day!!❤


Awake at 5:30am

Why my body woke me at 5:30am is a complete mystery to me. It is not welcome nor necessary, but awake I am nonetheless. So, I prayed. There must be a reason. As I accumulate time to my lifespan, I realize there is a reason for every little thing. Our greater than amazing God created all of us and designated stars/galaxies/weather/body systems/organisms to operate just so to perpetuate life and love and energy. If He does all that so utterly perfectly, there are no mere coincidences in His order. He answers prayer. Think how incredible and mystifying that is in the whole scheme of things! What a loving mighty God we serve. He actually hears the prayer of His children and answers. Wow! So, I guess even comprehending and sharing that is a good enough reason to be awake this precious but ungodly hour. That being accomplished, I will pray more and lay back down. God bless you and keep you and shine His glory on you today. Have a beautiful, intentional day!❤

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas and all through the home

It looks like an ambush with wrapping and foam.

The bows how they wandered from gift to the floor

The dishes are all dirty and I keep finding more…

Well, I digress. The day after. The morning after. Here is when the kids are enjoying their presents and I am cleaning. Extensively. At least they are still excited and I am truly happy for our birthday party yesterday. I will keep telling myself, as I wash dishes. Lol And we were told yesterday we have a second grandchild on the way! So, wow! Happy day after Christmas! I hope all is still merry and bright at your house!😄❤

Unusually Warm Out Today

So here in Central Florida, the sun found us again after a little cold spell passed, and it is warm again. Of course, now it feels really hot lol, so we.are headed to the pool. So excited. I will get some sun and teat the water. I’m sure the kids will go in no matter what but I am more of a wimp with temperature and swimming. So, anyway, have a beautiful, sunny day!! Enjoy!❤

Tired Now

I started an exercise regiment for my kids now in school. This is because I started to notice more of them and it reminded me that they have my genes and will be prone to carry more with them. So, we are becoming healthier on purpose. And I realized that healthy takes a lot more energy and time. Lol So, in addition to a schedule busy with band gigs and church kids choir and landscape work, we are also doing school and extra healthy exercise and diet and stuff. So wow. And all these things happened in one day along with having to sight read a song for a wedding I was asked to play for with a cellist (practice was today). So that was fun. Everything in one day and I am exhausted. Literally exhausted. Doing a lot one day or a few days is a lot, but we are at a little more than a month of this pace now. Oy. Ready for a vacation. Figi, maybe? Hawaii? For now, I will say a prayer and go to sleep. Sweet dreams. Remember to make God your priority for He made you. Love you. Zzzzzzzz…❤

Of All the Beautiful Days

This day was full of busy (the 5-k and making of a costume before a deadline) and beautiful catching up with wonderful friends we love dearly that live far away. It rang with the familiar bells of too much to do, blended with the joy and peace of reuniting with very great friends and then more busy-ness (the flat tire) and then more beautiful with watching my husband’s other band play a gig and then being a roadie. Busy and beautiful was the order of the day, and despite every potential frustration, I have been unable to stop smiling. Truly, God’s brilliant light shone on us all day long. He is the Maker and lifter of our heads. May God be praised!!❤