The Journeys in a Day

Some days can take you through many journeys within their span. Today I walked 2 miles, swept the porch, cleaned a room, nursed a daughter fighting a cold back to health, vacuumed, we killed a dead old bed (from too much jumping oy) and assembled a new trundle bed without instructions or hardware, a different we played tennis and swam, had two meals and preset the third to begin while we were swimming, prepared the songs for tomorrow, and now finally can work on the quilt. Busy day, feels like we lived two days in this day. Busy day. Many journeys. Many moods waded through also, my emotional family. So tomorrow will be a quiet day, church and rest and quilt. Balance is so important and I feel out of balance now so will rest tomorrow. I believe when you don’t get it right, we can get it right as soon as we decide we want to and tomorrow will be more balanced. God is so hood and allows redemption even in small things like overpopulation a day. 😄❤

Thinking the Day

The day ahead, what will it be?

Extension of the bad that be?

Trial and test and toil and grind?

The remnants of difficulty left behind?

Or will I choose a brighter day?

A day of happiness and play?

Where I decide the temperature

And Tests are lessons yet to learn

And peace from God remains throughout

And what a day to think about!

So when I get out of this bed

The day is mine, God rules my mind! ❤❤❤

When Breaks the Dawn

When breaks the dawn, 

The gorgeous hues,

So breaks the bird into glad song

And so breaks in our attitude

Of glad or sorrow, right or wrong.

See, we of birth of morn profess

How day will go, with more or less

And fall where may our love will choose

Where to focus it’s gaze.

And God decided once for all 

His gaze would loving on us graceful would fall

And He awaits our fervor praise

When each day breaks the dawn.

Many Hours at the Pool

The biggest reward for cleaning mom’s house and taking care of her, other than the satisfaction that is present, is that her clubhouse has a huge pool and other grandparents have kids that swim there. So there we stayed for hours of fun at the pool. We are a golden tan now and are exhausted but these are the memories you hang your hat on. These are new good tech-free moments with family that make you feel amazing and you remember as the good times for when things get rough. God gave us good memories there with Grandma/my mom and with her pool. Thank you, God!❤❤❤

All American Woman’s Day

So today I supported and honored Veterans, supported my son, came home and painted our new sunroom, cooked lunch and dinner, listened to my husband, took a nap, quilted, did dishes and laundry, bathed the baby, got Zach to get a shower, watched kids show me their projects, and am ready for bed because church is tomorrow and I am leading worship for children’s church. That was my day and it was as American as you can get. Something about starting the day with taps and the Star Spangled Banner and marching 3 miles for veterans around a beautiful lake first thing in the morning, as the sun was rising sure motivated me today. Makes me proud of our heros. Makes me proud of their courage and thankful for our freedom. I am so very blessed. Thank you, God! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Feeling Good Today

Missing my walk ended up being a good thing. Got some sweet time drawing with my daughter and a good talk with my son. And had some great time talking to the Lord Jesus Christ, my very best friend and only Savior, and doing art through quilting, mowing (got rained out yesterday), going to IHOP with my family for brunch, measuring out the back porch with my hubby and planning for them to start working on making a concrete slap patio a sunroom complete with hot tub. I am not sure how this day could have been better. And the most beautiful part of the day was that it was an answer to prayer. I have had several really difficult days, horrible even at times, hard days, ugly even in moments. So I talked to Jesus, my Heavenly Father, about this. I asked Him to help. I was not sure how exactly, but He knows my heart and what I need even before I ask Him. And He gave me a very good day today, a happy husband, a good daughter, a happy son, a wonderful day. This is how good God is and how wonderful it is to have such a beautiful personal relationship with Jesus. He is so much more than my Savior who died and arose to give me a way to be saved and assured of heaven, but He walks and talks with me as I humbly pray, He is my best friend, my confidant, my comforter, the peace and joy and love in my soul. I  so honored that He loves me. I am so honored to be His!! ❤❤❤

A Beautiful Morning

All mornings are beautiful when you wake up with a clear conscious, count your blessings and focus on God. (In fact, you sleep better when those things are true of uour night too. Come to think of it, days are better if that is also true of tour day. Lol) But this morning was particularly beautiful. The sun was just as bright but hidden a tad behind a thin veil of clouds. There was a refreshing breeze that tickled my hair to fly around a bit. The birds were singing their morning praise and breakfast songs. Walking was sweet in conversation with the Lord, like walking with my best friend and Savior. I realized something exquisite, a new truth I had never fully embraced and indeed embraced it (sorry, that is between my Lord and I). And the walk was refreshing in every way. Getting back to the house, everyone was still asleep so I sat and rested on the porch swing, enjoying the mockingbird in our bistro vines searching out their breakfast. God is peace and joy. And if you walk with Him, you are too. I am ready for the day. I love you. Have a beautiful day! ❤