Peaceful, Easy Feeling

Today I got a lot of little things done and had such a peace all day. The biggest thing is that my daughter and I did a craft- we made our own fans. What fun! I did yard work, pruning, counseled my cat lady neighbor (who is mourning the loss of her really old cat), assisted with new lighting for the fish tank and cooked bacon – wrapped chicken breast. Amazing I can eat this now and then on my new nutrition lifestyle. So, what a good day. Tomorrow we are supporting our nephew who just became a priest. So a break from teaching Sunday School and on to family support. Family is good! I am just so thankful to God for all His many blessings in our life. God is so very good. ❤


Family Fun Day Results

Well, we had fun anyway. Steve was in a bad mood and obviously did not want to be at Busch Gardens at all, but we managed to find the train and finally get on and things were better from there. Glad to be home, but may go back to family fun days with the three of us (the kids and I). But I liked having him there because I live him and we ended up alright. All said and done, it is better to be with family than without them. I had not been to Busch Gardens since I was 16 and wow, has it changed. I still love it. It is beautiful!! I recommend it. And next time, we are taking a small cooler and renting a locker for sandwiches to save money and not starve. And I am thankful that we went and for riding my first roller coaster in 20 years. Lol. It was great! And to top it off, we finished the Life game we started yesterday and topped it with Thor: Ragnarok. Great day!😄❤

Family Fun Day Tomorrow!

Usually family fun days do not include my husband, who is notoriously anti-social except for music and thr security team on Sundays. He never wants to do anything, so usually family fun day is the three of us doing something free or cheap, like a park day, swimming and pool at mom’s club house, hiking Carter Lake, walking to Circle K for a soda pop, or something. But tomorrow we are all going to Busch Gardens! We got the fun pass for the rest of the year (thanks to my consulting job) and tomorrow is our first time using it. So excited! We rarely splurge on anything not music related but this will be great. Steve probably won’t go often but even one time is good the the kids’ memories. So excited for this family fun day outing. Thank you, God, for the patients you sent my way!😄❤

The Gift of a Day With my Daughter

I know it seems like I am always with my kids, and I pretty much am. But today was special. My son was at his dad’s and my husband was working at church so Kathleen and I had a special day together. So after cleaning together (yes, we had to do real life first), we went swimming, drew together, watched a movie together, colored and chatted. I dismissed the phone and all tech and we hung out. Nothing extraordinary but what a precious treasure! She is a remarkable girl and it was a treasure to have a girls’ day. And I loved it. And I will make a day happen with me and my son soon because what a great way to show love to my children than just hang out for a day. So precious. And how cool it is that God, our Heavenly Father, longs for that time with us too. Such an extraordinary thought. We are so very blessed!❤

Relaxing Day of Celebration and New Life

Church this morning was fun. I teach a Sunday School class of 4th and 5th graders and we talked about a lot today. And my kids are catching onto and doing the assignment I had given them to find and write down 10 new good things/blessinga every day. And I reward them and we talk about it. Great way to open them up. Of course then it is hard to shut them up again. Lol. But we are having fun now. After church, there was an egg hunt in the back yard for the kids then to Bob Evans for lunch with mom. All good. Then egg hunt here because my kids just didn’t have enough sugar yet (lol) and a brief siesta. The afternoon into the evening was spent making crafts (daffodils and “Easter flowers”) out of lots of stuff with the girl. The boy came home from his dad’s in there somewhere and we had dinner and a lovely rain. Then to baths and bed. This was a pretty normal Sunday for us but with the exception of our underlying celebration and excitement about it being resurrection day!! That superceded everything and was felt all day. And God was celebrating also because He sent us the healing rain we sorely needed and then an absolutely beautiful and glorious and quite colorful sunset afterwards. And every spare thought was in thankful prayer praising God for the gift of the resurrection. We were just so grateful today. And that attitude made all the difference in the world. What a beautiful family day! Hope yours was as well. ❤

A Beautiful Day

Today was one of the best days I remember in quite a long time. My husband and I had coffee and talked and had a nice morning. Then I took the kids to Alafia pioneer camp in Fort Meede. It was so fun and educational and they had a cane that was perfect for my husband which I bought him. Before leaving, we danced to some good old early American live music. And we got back home and rested a bit and shared our experiences. Then Zach went to his girlfriend’s house for movie night and the rest of us went to dinner at a wonderful Cuban restaurant. It was great food and a wonderful family feel and good music. Then I got a little time with my friend and that was wonderful. We even drove around the nice lake here and enjoyed that. Overall, this was the kind of day that gets you through the other days where animosity reigns. But not today. Today was a gift straight from God, no question in my mind at all. So when you get something great handed to you, take time out to appreciate it and thank God for it. Speaking of, thank you again, dear Lord, for this day!!❤

Awake at 5:30am

Why my body woke me at 5:30am is a complete mystery to me. It is not welcome nor necessary, but awake I am nonetheless. So, I prayed. There must be a reason. As I accumulate time to my lifespan, I realize there is a reason for every little thing. Our greater than amazing God created all of us and designated stars/galaxies/weather/body systems/organisms to operate just so to perpetuate life and love and energy. If He does all that so utterly perfectly, there are no mere coincidences in His order. He answers prayer. Think how incredible and mystifying that is in the whole scheme of things! What a loving mighty God we serve. He actually hears the prayer of His children and answers. Wow! So, I guess even comprehending and sharing that is a good enough reason to be awake this precious but ungodly hour. That being accomplished, I will pray more and lay back down. God bless you and keep you and shine His glory on you today. Have a beautiful, intentional day!❤