Kids Ministry

Realizing that every single God-made-in-love child is an invaluable part of God’s kingdom is the biggest knowledge to do any kids ministry best and most effectively. Yes, little people need guidance. Yes, little people need a lot sometimes. If you are keeping your relationship with God tight, He will draw you to love people and God has a soft spot for kids. He loves them. He cherishes them. So I do too. But keep nutrition flowing in from God because when you do kids ministry, you immediately see that many parents are not interacting with their children and they are needy for love, for God, for hope, for validation, for guidance. So many things, so just know that and be ready to pour out God’s love on them. It is a beautiful thing. ❤❤❤

Loving the Children

Jesus loves children. So do I. I am a really old one myself. It is beautiful the newness of everything, the awe ar discovery, the preciousness of every minute, the here and now of it all, the faith and trust and wanting to please. There is a sacredness, a preciousness, an innocence to it all. It is endearing. I love leading these precious ones in worship to our Maker. Oh how they are eager to sing! To praise! To be heard! We need to keep them protected and out of harm’s way the best we can. Anyone who harm’s or wounds or warps a child should be severely punished now and if unrepentant will definitely be punished for an eternity. Anyone who kills a child (even an unborn baby) should have the same fate given to them, but that is my opinion because I share Jesus’ heart in matters of loving children. He never sent them away, always had time for them, encouraged their faith. I imagine he smiled so big when a child wondered after a butterfly, realizing He made them for just such a child to enjoy. Children are treasures. Teaching mine at home has been such at rich blessing for me. Leading worship also blesses me. I am mom first and foremost, always have been, always will be. If I could, my house would be full of them. As it is, we always end up with several around. God bless the children!! ❤

So Now She’s a Philosopher

My daughter is getting close to 7 years old. And she has a new stalling technique for bedtime. She has suddenly become a philosopher, with a million new insights and contemplations and questions just after bedtime prayers and after lights out. Then bam! She is searching then for all of life’s trying questions, such as “Momma, have you always wanted to swing with Lamby?” Or “I can text Jesus on my phone” or “What is Heaven like?” Or “Momma, I feel strongly that we should go to the park tomorrow.” It is always interesting and at the same moment annoying for I need to recover from our busy, b us day. I tell her “We will talk about that tomorrow and now you can discuss it with God until you fall asleep.” Ah, the adventure of childbirth. At the time, you have an idea the worst is over. And in a way, that is really hard but the adventure just begins there and keeps going forever. It really is a beautiful adventure to be a mom. That is true whether you birth your own or adopt someone else’s who can’t care for them. Both are beautiful! Life is beautiful! God was good to think of it. What a richness my kids have brought to my life. 

Back to It

So tomorrow ends our luxurious school break and I am sorry to see it go but happy to get back to productivity for the kids’ education. I declutter and cleaned and rearranged a lot during the break so that helped a lot in preparing a neat environment to work, so I didn’t laze away the time, but tomorrow we get back to it. Health will be important as I and the kids will start exercising every school day, and school will be more important as we are preparing for sixth and first grades and need the solid base and I am determined to be more organized than I have been or am naturally, so this should be a challenge. And working more will benefit everyone and distract me from the missing and keep the banner of progress flying high. I am determined and so it will happen. For now. I am notorious for starting projects and getting them going well and then giving them away and moving on to a new project. But my children are not a project, they are an extension of myself, my history and present and future, amazing people God charged us to care for. It is so amazing how children change your life and how selfless you become the second that precious baby starts growing inside you. Before you thought of self or self and mate and now you have additional, important considerations in caring for this soul, this life dependent on you. It is beautiful. Here’s to tomorrow through May!! 🙂

Days Like This and Home

On days like this, I make a lot of mistakes. I focus on the wrong things, thinking too much about those I have lost in life versus happy moments now. And this lack of focus cycles down into a lot of little blunders, like leaving the interior light on in my car we were working on and running the battery down to nothing, like cutting myself on Jasmine cutting sheers, like tripping on broken flip-flops like a champ, being yelled at for all these things, showering just to get dirty again, getting stuck in traffic, etc. Days like these resulted in a sorrowful me driving down the highway with tears streaming down my eyes, trying to conceal that from my little daughter in the back singing merrily to the music. If that is how the story ended, I would be so sorry for the day. But it did not end that way. Let me tell you how one thing helps so much. My daughter and I arrived in Orlando to pick up my son and he came up to me and gave me a huge hug and huger smile and said, “I am so glad to be home.” And I immediately changed my tone. A smile replaced those tears and I was good momma again, my daughter’s “favorite momma” (out of one lol), my children’s home. Our house is not their home. I am. Wherever I am with my kids is our current home. So, why should we have a sad home, one gloomy with grief? I want my kids to have a happy home, one filled with great memories and happy thoughts and maybe some grief so they can empathize with those who grieve, but not live there. So we took a detour to the hopping Florida Mall and had a blast. We walked, people watched, sang crazy with the music, sang opera style in the Disney store to applause from watchers by, druelled at the Godiva chocolate and laughed at its price tag. (I have got to make a fortune in my handmade boutique chocolates. Lol) Then we got stuck in traffic on the way back for absolutely no reason at all, but then it didn’t matter because we were playing our favorite car movie game. And my husband calls with concern for us and an apology for yelling at my stupidity. Close enough. And all was well with the world. And all that reminded me, as only my Heavenly Father can remind me, that He is my home. He wants me happy too. He wants me to remember that I am always home with Him, warm and cozy and having opportunities to live life home cozy and assured and unafraid. Nothing is better than that. Home is best.


I have a dear friend who likes the song Runaway. The fun part of that is that said friend has no idea how often I really have done so and would like to run away. I love road trips. When stress pushes me in too hard from all sides, I used to and still want to move forward, to a new place with new faces that I don’t know are meanies or judges or alarmists or liars yet. Somewhere new and fresh and start over. Not that I am a coward or not brave but that I value life and freedom more than accepting less than what that should be. I have run many many times, sometimes in the guise of work, sometimes temporarily on road trips or vacations, other times much more blatant, but never once since having my children. Kids have a way of grounding you. You face things for your kids that you will not ever face for anyone or anything else in the world. You stay. You don’t run away. For them, you fight battles and adult up and handle business. For their benefit and stability and roots, you ground in, dig deep, take all the mud flown at you, accept the attacks, wrestle deep. For them, you postpone even other loves, even really really strong ones that hold you deep in. You put them on hold for an unspecified amount of time so these precious angels in your care can grow to believe the world is safe and ideals are important and they are important and well looked after. Before children, my view was significantly easier to traverse, much quicker and easier to maintain, my needs easier to meet. After children, my needs are the last thing on my list of goals. Someday, I may run again. I will remain close to my children as they need me. Maybe one day my priorities will change and my needs will resurface when they need me less. Maybe. The road beckons me, calls me to journey, pushes me on, whispers sweet temptations into my ear so softly with the breeze. My curiosity awakens within me a desire to know what is around the next corner, over the next hill, through those woods,  in that water, up that tree. It is the mind of me, the heart of who I am, a traveler going through this journey of life at breakneck speeds, suddenly slowed by the detour of children, a beautiful detour to enjoy along the way, taking you down unplanned but amazing new worlds you had not considered. The wonder of their minds and hearts comes alongside your own and the journey adds passengers. You meet people, face triumphs together, face pain together, work through things, an application of advice given now acting out yourself. Live becomes this reason to stay and not run. Mostly. But some amount of running is necessary to maintain serenity. Too much life in one space limits the will and traps the mind. Sometimes, being a little, albeit temporary runaway is the healthiest thing on earth. My friend has great taste in music. 🙂