The Quest for Rest

Restlessness accompanies busyness “in my world”, as my daughter so aptly puts it. I have had trouble focusing on God, concentrating on tasks, depression trying to resurface, etc with such a terribly busy schedule. There must be a balance I have not found yet between serving the Lord and fellow man with gladness and sleeping. Tending toward the workhorse (thanks for that, daddy), I want to help make up for so many who are not doing their share of serving. Maybe it is the strong humanitarian in me but “see a need, full a need” for me is quite literal. But in doing so, I can overlook little things like, say, sleep. I am tired. I have lazy people asking me to do more but no living person asking me to sit down and have a spot of tea and rest a bit. So, as my dad always said “I’ll rest in heaven” and he is, but I will try to sleep a bit now after prayers before I am worthless in my service. I am supposed to love and care for myself as well as other people too, I guess. ‘Night.❤

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