Summer Brings Hot Tempers

So, we have a bit of tension in our home right now (please pray for us). I am attributing it to the heat, boredom, close quarters and raging hormones. So, I will be praying hard this summer. I am hoping that as we find other things to do, we start getting along better. Just difficult right now but this too shall pass. God is good and He is in charge of our house. We just have to keep remembering that and keep praying and all will be good. ❤


The Selling of The Minivan

We recently bought a newer suv. Our old one was still running dependably but the things wrong with it were mounting, windows and doors that did not work properly being the main issues. It was time for us to get a maintenance friendly vehicle that would work.

So I put the word out and turns out my husband’s niece needed the minivan and her husband is a mechanic so no worries on fixing it up. Praise God! She felt blessed and I was glad tonhave a good home for her.

I have had that minivan for 7 years and had 177,000 miles racked up on it. We practically lived in that van, a great van for life for us. A lot of memories were in that van. A lot of good accomplished, a lot of meaningful tasks accomplished via that tool God had entrusted to us. Now she is still being used for good in our family and will have new life breathed into her. Praise God!

And we start a new experience and tool for good. A new suv God entrusted us with to use in His service and our own. Praise God!❤

Delight in Humble Serving

Today my family served the Lord through serving our Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen for the day. We stayed all day and it was beautiful. From cleaning out their fridge, hanging a new American flag, cleaning out a plumbing clog, lubricating the garage door, filling nail holes, etc., all was wonderful and gave great joy to all of us. There is little better than serving the Lord together as a family. And right now, I am tired, as we all are, but I, as we all are, am teaming with joy and breathing heartily and contentedly. Praise God!!! ❤

Blessed with Life

We were blessed with mockingbird chick’s in a nest in our trumpet plants on the front porch. And somewhere in that little nook on the last picture is the cute little guy. Really hard to get a picture but so adorable. God is so good to bless us with life and then another little bird’s life development too. So sweet is our Lord. So fun to watch the little bird family.😄❤

Gramma Braggin’

This little guy is a joy and a treasure. I get the whole grandma thing now. I watched our granddaughter at his age about 5 years ago for short while but at the same time I was nursing our own daughter and raising an active older son so could not enjoy just loving on a baby one on one. And yes, thr kids are still here and time is not entirely one on one, it is much more so, my kids are more independent, there is more ease of time to really enjoy each other. Now I wish I had our granddaughter back but she is going to kindergarten in the fall. Maybe we can keep them one day a week in the summer. I am really digging being a grandma now. It is a gift from God.❤

Window into Motherhood

A window into Motherhood is close to a glimpse into the unconditional love of God for us. If you peaked into the window of motherhood, you would see a woman praying her child is healthy and safe and humble throughout life so they stay in close relationship to God, who never leaves or forsakes. You would see a woman forgiving her child for every offense and longing to give that child the very best life has to offer, such as peace, joy, love, laughter, all the fruits of the Spirit. A Godly mother wants a Godly child to grow up into a Godly parent with eternal life in heaven. A good parent wants what is best for her child. And God blessed prayers and effort to those ends. So keep praying, beautiful mommas. Keep appreciating your beautiful momma. And if motherhood is a future hope, keep praying and preparing for such an amazing responsibility, which will happen in God’s perfect timing, as things always do. Blessed momma’s day to you all!❤

Happiest of Mother’s Days!

Here are my kids and grandkids, who bring happy to my days and keep me very busy. Tomorrow, we take mom out to dinner. May all of you who are mom’s be blessed on this Mother’s Day! May God give you a day to just back in the beauty and happy of our children and feel revived for one more day. God bless you!😄❤