Gig Today

So today we played a gig at my church’s fall festival. It was our one freebie gig for the year, our tithe, if you will. And we had a great time. It was cool for Florida so it was amazing how many people came to the outdoor fall festival. But it was good and we had a blast.

And because God always provides when we serve Him, we got a paid gig from it. Someone who came liked us enough to hire us. That is so cool. It never ceases to amaze me how God provides for us when we give to Him. You simply cannot ever out give God!

So, praise God for today and for being amazing! Hope your day went equally amazing!😄❤

The Trouble with Outdoor Gigs in Florida


So, Saturday, our gig day, is expecting rain. 90% chance. Even these weatherpeople have trouble getting that high of a chance wrong. So, we will know tomorrow afternoon if they decide to call it off and reschedule.

As for me, I am content. Outdoor Gigs used to be exhilerating for me but as I have matured, they have become rather obnoxious. More effort and hard on you and your voice for the same price. And we live in a rain forest until November. Instead of fun it is a pain in the neck.

But enough whining, sorry for all that pessimistic reality. I am quite content. Outside, inside, matters not. The entertainment is the thing… helping people remember good and happy things. This is what it is about. And I am thankful for every gig God provides and the strength to do them and our wonderful band family to do them with. It is fantastic to make beautiful and fun music together. God has blessed us and we all feel and acknowledge it.😄❤

Successful Gig and a Familiar Face in the Crowd

Well, this last minute gig with a lot of juggling, was very successful and fun. It was a great celebration of God’s provision in answering prayer and moving the hurricane out to sea. Man, God is so good! He did that for us because of His great love and His sake. Amazing.

The gig reflected that celebration and spirit of gratefulness. And I managed to pull off background vocals and some pretty excellent tambourine work on many songs I had barely even heard. So thank You, God, for that also!

And as I sang, there was a familiar face in the crowd, a welcome face, a reminding of better times face. Then it was gone as quickly as it arrived. And I was left to wonder if the face was just familiar or the real thing. Ah well, water under the bridge. God is good and I am in love with life and especially God’s goodness in answering our prayers about that hurricane. God is amazing!😄❤

A Surprise Gig Tomorrow

So, all of a sudden, we were called today to cover for a guitarist and singer that had to bail on the gig for work. That is unheard of… 2 people to bail out of a gig last minute. I mean, we even gig sick as a dog, but for work, ya gotta do it. So, they called us, our old buddies from an earlier band. And of course we are going to help them out. So here we go tomorrow at Old Town in Celebration/Kissimmee on the main stage. So n excited and wanted to give a shout of praise to God for turning the hurricane for us (whoo hoo, praise God!) and let you know that if you keep good contacts and musical relationships, we help each other and I am thankful for that. So, I am grateful and excited right now and wanted to share that goodness from God! No, back to work and getting my book ready and learning some songs. Come by tomorrow if you are around. Love you!😄❤