Charlie Woke Me

I have started exercising/walking again. And Charlie woke me up just now. Charlie the horse, that is. He is most unwelcome and has disturbed my sleep and a rather disturbed dream. Not sure which put me at odds more, but Charlie is quite painful. After a bit of liquid to counteract old Charlie, I am headed back to bed. I believe it is all owing to my very busy day tomorrow will be. I have patients to see 45 minutes away, evaluation for my kids’ homeschooling year, more patients to see an hour and a half away then a baseball game. Just thinking about all that exhausts me. And here comes bad old Charlie to kick me in my calves while sleeping poorly. Not good. And then Friday is also busy all day and then so is Saturday.

But you know who is in control of my day and my safety and my ragged car keeping running and my family’s adaptability? Yes, God is. You see, I walk with Him and stay close to Him all the time. So when I am out of strength, I just ask Him to help me more and He does. He has unlimited strength whereas I cannot do all this alone. The Holy Spirit is my super power and not so secret weapon. God is always quite literally with me. I praise Him for this! I praise God for His many blessings!

And now I will go back to sleep and sleep soundly, remembering that God is my strength and song. I need fear no overly-busy schedule. I never fear anyone or anything, for that matter. God is in control! Woo-hoo!!😄❤

Asleep When My Head Hits the Pillow

Most of my life, I was asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have been asked my secret. I will tell the whole world now because many people are apparently having difficulty getting to sleep. Here is my lifestyle that promotes restful sleep as soon as you lay down for bed…

1. Faith and trust in God. I understand that sounds like a simplistic, pat answer but I assure you it is legit. I do not worry for I put my life and everything going on into God’s hands before going to sleep.

2. Pray right before bed and read the Bible. This is where you put all those things into God’s hands.

3. Guilt-free, clean living. Now those few years of my life I did not get right to sleep were the years I was steeped in sin. Hard to sleep when #1 and #2 above are unattainable because of sinful, guilty living.

4. Hard work during the day. I work hard at living and serving in the day and worship God and cook and clean and so on. If there is yard work, I do that too. I also walk the dog with the kids 4 times a day for more exercise.

That is it. I believe I put them in the order of importance also, so please be encouraged that your sleep is important to the Lord. If you do these four things every day and pray for sound, quick sleep, God will provide that to you and bless you for it. God bless you!😴❤

The Quest for Rest

Restlessness accompanies busyness “in my world”, as my daughter so aptly puts it. I have had trouble focusing on God, concentrating on tasks, depression trying to resurface, etc with such a terribly busy schedule. There must be a balance I have not found yet between serving the Lord and fellow man with gladness and sleeping. Tending toward the workhorse (thanks for that, daddy), I want to help make up for so many who are not doing their share of serving. Maybe it is the strong humanitarian in me but “see a need, full a need” for me is quite literal. But in doing so, I can overlook little things like, say, sleep. I am tired. I have lazy people asking me to do more but no living person asking me to sit down and have a spot of tea and rest a bit. So, as my dad always said “I’ll rest in heaven” and he is, but I will try to sleep a bit now after prayers before I am worthless in my service. I am supposed to love and care for myself as well as other people too, I guess. ‘Night.❤

Healing Sleep

When you sleep, you heal. And if the Lord is good to you, you also soften or change your perspective while you sleep. You also grow and cells rejuvenate at that time more than during the day. So, sleep is pretty important. And a good night’s sleep can help you put things into proper scope. When we are tired or anxious about something, objectivity to so degree begins to leave us where pity and self absorption stay in greater force. If you are at your wit’s end, do not despair. Pray for a good night’s sleep and then sleep. Too much sleep is worse than not enough, so don’t overdo it, but get a good 8 hours and I can assure you that after that rest for your body and mind and a good morning prayer and Bible reading, you will see things differently. What seems hopeless at night seems doable in the morning. What stresses plagued you at night dissipate in the morning. Release them. Pray for this to happen and for God to change your perspective and fill you with His peace and He always does. He is very faithful to us though we are more faithful to us sometimes than we are to Him. He understands we are human and so loves healing and saving us. He is our friend. Focus on Him is another good problem solver. A contrite heart, a confession and some sound worship can solve many many woes also. Imagine if you do all that and then sleep! What a sucker punch to the enemy, the one trying to mess you up. Happy sleeping! 🙂