The Gig Today

Our band had a gig today. I met some very nice people! For our part, it was somewhere between mediocre and awful. A few reasons for this: our drummer had the wrong time and was late and thus we started 20 min. late; my voice was ok, not great due to no energy/food and a horrible night’s sleep the night before; bass player was off a lot, didn’t know when to go where often and was hit or miss with harmonies; the guitarist was there only half the time and I had to play a lot of his riffs on keys; and it was an outdoor poolside gig with the sun completely ignoring our tent and blazing on my back the whole gig (my back is sunburned).

That all sounds like whining. Truly, it was the truth of it, warts and all, but I am actually very grateful. Despite our rather horrid performance, we had amazing compliments and the lady who hired us- who hires us regularly- was happy, we made it through- dehydrated, hot and weak as we were. We met several really cool people, one a former musician. We received compliments from some of our regulars. So you see, God answered prayers. I pray the gig would go well and we would make it through. We did. And I did not think any of it was well (except my singing Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys was epic because I really felt like I was on fire as I sang), however people accepted it as well. They heard it well. We are always our worst critics.

So praise God for this gig and it being over. I am so thankful for His being strong when we were weak!!!😃❤️

The Trouble with Outdoor Gigs in Florida


So, Saturday, our gig day, is expecting rain. 90% chance. Even these weatherpeople have trouble getting that high of a chance wrong. So, we will know tomorrow afternoon if they decide to call it off and reschedule.

As for me, I am content. Outdoor Gigs used to be exhilerating for me but as I have matured, they have become rather obnoxious. More effort and hard on you and your voice for the same price. And we live in a rain forest until November. Instead of fun it is a pain in the neck.

But enough whining, sorry for all that pessimistic reality. I am quite content. Outside, inside, matters not. The entertainment is the thing… helping people remember good and happy things. This is what it is about. And I am thankful for every gig God provides and the strength to do them and our wonderful band family to do them with. It is fantastic to make beautiful and fun music together. God has blessed us and we all feel and acknowledge it.😄❤

Gig Season Begins Again

So, here we come into October and snowbirds are starting to arrive in Florida. So we gig again. We have spent all summer on new oldies songs and we are loving it. So we kick off our gig season with two outdoor gig, one October 19th morning at Faith Baptist Church’s fall festival and then October 27 afternoon at Cornfusion. Very cool.

And with every other weekend full of family birthdays, we are going to be flying. October is by far our busiest time of year- 3 birthdays in our house. Crazy. So, here we go, let’s get it started. May God bless us all on this journey!😄❤

Band Family Practice

I am in two bands, the band at church to worship God with my talent and our band that makes money playing oldies variety music to help seniors relive their good days and bring them joy all over central Florida. Tonight, we had band practice for our 5 piece band. And it is so fun. We have good clean fun and only play the best songs, always uplifting and good classic or iconic songs. And our entire band has played together for over a year and a half (and four of us for two years and three of us for five years). We have so much fun and are very much a band family. And we all need a break in our week and love getting together to jam. Even with no gigs in the summer (there just aren’t any in Florida in the summer, thank God because when there are gigs they are outside- too hot), we all still want to keep playing. Just makes us a tighter band family. And we are hoping to work on a couple more originals. So fun and exciting. It is wonderful. I love being part of two band families, and all of us are Christians in both bands. Best bandsnin the world- all get along and play great music together. So precious!😄❤