My Response to Being Bullied

When I am pushed, I used to proudfully push back harder but now I respod quite differently. I now question the source. “Why push me?” “What do you gain from pushing ME?” “Who is pulling your strings?” “What motivated you to choose a push?” “Are you in charge here or are you a pathetic lacky?” And here is the question I ask when I feel the best about it… “What is the lesson I need to learn here?” I have known since childhood that ALL BULLIES ARE COWARDS. Also, I truly fear no one or nothing because I know and believe the truth that “Greater is God in me than he who is in the world.” That has not ever changed and will never change. The thing is that you will make a bully back down by standing up to them but will only change their hearts with God’s love. Questions are a way to get the person to think, thus planting a seed of thought into an otherwise automatic destructive mode. And maybe I can learn from it as well as they can. There is always more to learn. So I stop any immediate harm first and foremost. Then I question. When Jesus was bullied, He fired back with questions. Is He not our ultimate example? Yes, He is. So there ya go. Works every time and maybe you become their first real friend and give them a tool they can use for good or conversion or repentence.❤


No Puppets Allowed

Think for yourself. For God’s sake and your own, read u our Bible (truth), pray and think for yourself. No Puppets here. God gives free will, free choice, free minds, freedom from oppression. Freedom is Christianity for we are made by God who rules everything and as such we are free to t h ink for ourselves. We are free to put the tech down. We are free to leave the couch. We are free to serve and help others. We are free to use the gifts and talents God gave us in life and to worship. We have freedom from all oppression and God expects, no requires us to think for ourselves. It is imperitive we do so.❤

Changing Minds

Stubborn selfishness causes hell. Everyone knows that in theory. Refusing God’s direction and leading takes you far from Him and thr only way to Heaven is close to Him. But I/You can only change one mind on the planet… your own. I cannot change your mind and you cannot change mine. I cannot get people to want to go to Heaven for eternity. I can show love and truth and a great example of someone assured of salvation. But each person must decide when to give up hell for Heaven. Every person must decide to humbly pray and draw close to God and accept Jesus as their Savior. I cannot do that for them, no matter how passionately I want them to be saved. I cannot change one mind to see the urgency of Jesus soon return or that eternity matters and is real. They have to decide themselves. But I can love and be the best example I can be and diligently pray for them, fast even. And God can soften their hearts and hopefully they will decide God’s fulfilling life is better than an eternal death. And so I pray and continue on the best I can and then pray more and stay reading my Bible. This is what we can do. And you may be surprised one day how powerful love and prayer are. Keep praying and loving. ❤

Sinking in the Deep Mire vs Sinking Deeper into Love

No doubt the world is full of evil, chaos, horrible decisions, selfishness, narcissism, cruelty, murder, nuclear threats and the list keeps going. No doubt it is incredibly easy to get bogged down in the darkness, the mire of ugliness and divisiveness and sink into depression and apathy. And pretty much that is the enemy’s (Satan’s) plan. His time is short, you see, so he wants as many dead with him as possible because he screwed up and got caught. But the beauty of our design is that we have a choice. Always we have a choice. Every moment of every day we have a choice. We can take the easy way and fall into the enemy’s trap like an idiot OR we can choose to sink deeper into the love of Jesus. God’s love is good. It is perfect. God’s love is powerful and His love for us is deep and wide and rich and precious. Sinking into love means focusing on God, focusing on good, leaning on love, loving to lean on Jesus. It means we are never alone, no matter what is going on around us. We can have protection, salvation any and every time we humbly pray for it and actively choose it and choose God’s way of love. As a side note, Satan sets himself us as equal in power to God and that is far from the case. He is a created being, created by God.butchose rebellion over worship. We have the same choice. God is way more powerful. Satan lies to deceive and draw people to bad decisions and death but God is truth. There is no lie in God. He can be trusted fully and eternally and that is what we choose. Choosing love is choosing eternal life with the Creator of us. How magnificent!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Retaliation is for Animals

When you are wronged or wounded, your gut instinct is to retaliate, exact vengeance, get even, demand evil upon them, wish an anvil would drop on their heads (yeah, so I loved cartoons in the 80’s), whatever the case may be. Retaliate is the animal instinct, the pride demanding it’s rights. However good that would feel for a little while, it is never God’s answer and never eternally satisfying. You see, if you take a big step back at the big picture, eternity is in that scope. In the moment, we are thinking myopically in that tiny space for that tiny time. The thing is God says vengeance is His. In a twisted way, you do more damage to them by letting God punish them. But if you take the way of love Jesus taught us, you, wait for it, love them back. Thank them for the lesson in humility, which is where we need to be anyway, and heap on them good things. Why? Because maybe they will see they were wrong and make amends or even be saved. And if they are not, they answer to God who can do a heck of a lot more damage than you. Expect higher function of yourself than a base animal. Choose not to retaliate, choose love. And that is power, truth, beauty, the glory of God. You will get better and retain your joy and peace. Ah, what a beautiful option!❤

While I Was Sleeping, I Mean Sick

So, while I was sick and sleeping a lot, I lost most all communication with the outside world, all blog reading, all updates, all face time with a screen. And it was necessary and essential to my rest and focus on healing. And now that I am nearly recovered, I would love to keep much of that time I had saved and serve more in my church and community and our garden. I hope to start small for our family at first and see what grows well here and abundantly so that we may help other families/widows around here needing veggies that are often quite pricey in the stores. I will freeze or can and minister to others as we can. That is a goal. I speak of revival and service and this is one more step for us toward that end and making this life count for the kingdom of God. So there it is. I will blog as God leads. God is so good!! Love you!❤

New Year Resolutions

So perhaps I am a little old, but I realize each year that there is nothing significant in a day unless you believe it is so and make it significant. Nothing happens unless you make it happen… one of Newton’s Laws. New Year’s day is just another day unless you want a change to happen in some way and need some excuse for that to happen. That is why resolutions generally don’t work for longer than your attention span. I believe that is not cynical so much as realistic. I believe you can’t make a wish things will change but refuse to commit to backing it up. I need to lose a few pounds, but vowing to stop eating or worse, taking a pill to make it magically evaporate, is pathetic and ineffective if in place of committing myself to improved health because I want to be a better, healthier, more energetic child of God. So, the resolution should be a deeper change, something which promotes lasting change and betterment. Something like praying every day, reading one chapter of the Bible every day, forgiving someone, wanting to please God, helping people every day, using gifts or talents to do good, etc. And we can make that change any single day of our lives and we must every day of our lives. I like how the singer Carolyn Arends sang it, “This will be my resolution, every day is New Year’s Day”. Every day, every hour, every minute is an opportunity to start again and be intentional. In fact, to be effective, it must be so.❤