How to Win Every Fight

I grew up fighting. I fought myself internally because I knew my power from a young age and needed to keep myself controlled. I fought physically because my sister had some anger issues and instability (as an adult diagnosed bipolar) so attacked me regularly and I had to defend myself very often. Also, we grew up my single digit years in a trailer park and there were a mess of people who liked to mess with you and pick fights. For myself, I just defended or avoided but if a bully was picking on someone else, I was instantly in attack mode. And to boot, my daddy was a marine and taught boxing so he taught me how to fight well. And like any boxer, I never have lost a fight. And I am going to share my secret. Prayer and faith. That is it. There were times I did not realize that is what it was and there were times I in my pride took credit for it as if my strength was so great. Ha! What it was is that I live my life in an attitude of prayer and humility. See, I have from birth been gifted by God with the tool of faith. I have unconditional faith in God, unwavering belief that every word He says is absolutely and unquestioning true and I memorized from a young age Philippians 4:13. I took that literally. I still do. And now I realize that God had granted my heart’s prayers to win the fights I saw as justice against bullies because I believed with God, there is winning. And as a bonus gift, God grated me wisdom to know which battles were worth fighting. For instance, my ex’s wife was in the cat when they dropped my son off upon returning him, and she was acting very hostile and picking a fight with me. I was watering the grass and plants at the time. And she wanted to fight me (probably because I had revealed to my ex that she was abusive to my son when he wasn’t there, and she is). And I would have accommodate her had I not been taking care of something far more important in my life, watering the grass. I had no impulse to meet a fight, despite the fact that I exposed the truth and I am never going to lose against a liar because God is on the aide of truth. But I was not drawn by God to the battle field. See, it would have made me look guilty and she was deflecting from her own guilt and trying to draw me in. It is what the liberals are doing to America and our President Trump now. They are not worth the fight or attention either. The thing is, when there is a moral reason for a fight, not a selfish one, but you have a spirit of humble prayer and a heart to stand up for God and what is right, God will accept your faith and fight for you. Let me be clear, this must be in line with God’s will and peace must be pursued first. And how you fight is also important, only stopping the wrong and not angry vengeance or punishment. And there you go: humble prayer and faith and God helps. That is the answer to winning every fight. Willingness to fight for God and His truth and His weaker souls is honored by God. It would be lovely and will be lovely in heaven someday where there is no sin or bullies but until then, we must stand for the right causes for God. Not that He needs us to but that He wants us to be willing to. A contrite heart is always endearing to God and mix faith with that and that is an amazing combination. Because of God and His love for us, it is so. I sure do love Him!! ❤

The Matter of Judgment

There is a difference between judgment and discernment. As I mature in my faith, I am more certain that we are never to judge anyone for anything but are definitely to discern about a person whether their actions are right or wrong and position ourselves accordingly. I believe, growing up in the church, his is not done well a majority of the time. Why? When we judge others as wrong, we are saying that we are right, thus we immediately set ourselves up for the correct accusation of hypocrisy and looking like an idiot that again failed to realize our own sins and flaws. However, we are equally idiotic if we do not discern right from wrong and lovingly act to bring truth to light and gently love with truth. To judge is to say we are above judgment. To discern with the help of the Holy Spirit is to respond correctly ourselves in the presence of sin or the temptation to sin. We are responsible for our own heart and actions and words. What other people do is their responsibility. The work of bringing a person in sin back to repentance is the Holy Spirit’s/God’s. When we try to do His work, we say we are Him. This is a very scary thing. No one on the planet is saved through someone’s condemnation but only through the humble acceptance of he conviction of the Holy Spirit. This is free will. We have the right to choose. However, we are commanded to speak the truth about Jesus and His salvation in love and love people love people love people. This love is our mandate, and a great many people have loved people into the kingdom of God. When Jesus, our example, walked this earth, He was the only One on the planet worthy of judging anyone about anything and He chose I stead to give us the example of love and compassion and acceptance. He certainly had serious words, though, for those who judged others and set themselves up as better or holier or more important. I believe we need to follow His teachings if we claim His name. Don’t you?

Romans 12:15

“Be happy with those who are happy, and be sad with those who are sad.” – Romans 12:15

Don’t force someone into good feelings if they need to mourn. Be what they need. The Holy Spirit will help you discern this on the asking. People have reasons sometimes. Just by being there as they are, you may very well bring them joy and peace.

Words Equal Power

Word is the most creative force in the universe and simultaneously the most crushing force in the universe. Words are much like nitroglycerin in that way. An overabundance mixed with a spark of evil or anger gives you dynamite, used to obliterate mountains for drilling mines. A small amount given as medicine at the right time will restart a broken heart. Jesus Christ is The Word, as in the Bible, the whole story, the big and detailed picture of the u diverse and its dealings and purpose, etc. He created everything we know of with His spoken Word. Words were used originally for this purpose- creation and relation between God and the people He created. The evil one quickly observed the power or words and decided to use them to destroy what God created with lies and trickery, mixed with enough truth to be believable. To this day, our words have incredible. We can uplift and destroy with very little effort just by the timing and choice and attitude of the words we choose to use. I used to use words flippantly and impatiently and without thought. It still happens occasionally but I now work very hard on the word choices and timing of my words. I have to ask, what is my goal here? Should I speak at all? Is this where I need to speak up? Will it uplift and encourage? Will it be misinterpreted and cause harm? And how do I determine which is which?? I pray and read my Bible. Really? That’s all? Absolutely, and God honors prayers for wisdom and discernment of speech and understanding of timing. When we pray and read our Bibles, we build up our knowledge and faith base as well as our wisdom and understanding and we grow in Spiritual maturity. And our words as Christ followers is the most powerful force on the earth because we have within our Spirits the Holy Spirit, the most powerful force on earth. Is it in us to use for selfish motives and ambitions? Nope because God will not honor sin ever. However, what we do for God and His kingdom and often His people when it is His will, He will honor those words every time. We need never fear using words He gives us to use. We must never be discouraged by or believe in people who would call your words insignificant. They are plants of the enemy to create strongholds within you and try to defeat you internally, where all of our battles lie originally. We must create a wall of truth within us based on prayer and Bible reading that every incoming word has to go through to get to our souls and Spirits to be believed. We have to be purposeful and ask: 1. Is what is coming in here meant for harm? 2. Are these words contrary to Scripture? 3. Is there an evil motive behind the words? 4. Will accepting these words bring harm or disrespect or insult myself, my family unit or God? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, we can eliminate the validity of those words and confidently reject those words. In fact, we can say with confidence “I reject those words and forbid you to use words like that around me ever again.” You can bet that will work because the Bible is clear about when you tell evil ones to leave, they have to go. We do not have to accept anyone’s slanderous or insulting words. On the other hand, uplifting and encouraging words or words of Scriptural truth with sound motives should be allowed in to do their work. In addition, we can ask ourselves questions before we release words to verify our motives and truth and alignment with Scripture to be sure we do no harm and don’t sin. And our words can bring healing and stand against evils when the Holy Spirit leads you to speak up. Again, Spiritual discernment and wisdom dictates that in your heart via prayer and reading your Bible.