A Dumb Idea

My youth sponsor used to say, “Even if a million people believe in a dumb idea, it is still a dumb idea.” I believe dumb ideas can be quite dangerous. For instance, abortion is not only dumb but evil in every way. And no, the circumstances of the life’s creation do not change the importance of the innocent life. That is beyond a dumb idea, it is sheer evil, yet millions of people believe murder of babies to be just fine. This does not make it right. This does not remove the guilt and the blood on their hands that cries out to their Maker. It is a death trap for families.

Another dumb idea is pornography. Yes, it is old as the hills but those hills are pretty darn accessible now and there is a problem. A million people think it is natural and ok but that does not make it right. It is dumb. It is evil also. It demoralize and cheapens a sexual union between a husband and his wife (the only kind God designed there to be). People wonder why flippancy and lack of commitment occurs and why it is not as exciting to sleep with their very real, un-airbrushed wife and cheat or can’t get it up. It is a death trap for families, God’s design for a stable nation.

Many people (though not as many as is being portrayed) are disrespecting our President and police. This is a dumb idea, dangerous even, because the people elected them and they are thus God’s designed representatives for order. This is a trap for the nation to seize power away from the citizens.

Not every popular opinion is intelligent and good. Many very popular opinions are destructive and designed by the devil. We must examine our beliefs and hold tightly to them for we are responsible for what we agree with and what we choose. We need not be dumb. It is our responsibility to be wise. God can help.❤

2 thoughts on “A Dumb Idea

    1. True. It is just so damaging to relationships- present and future- and so many people can’t get past their own fleeting urges to try to grasp what they are doing. They are either too sick or too narcissistic to see it. I pray truth becomes too obvious to avoid and they get help. Thank you for your pioneer work on this topic. Keep fighting the fight.❤

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