Learning a New Instrument

So, having been a pianist for as long as I can remember, I have decided I don’t quite have enough to do and have decided to learn the bass guitar. I love the bass and have always wanted to play it. And I understand theory but do not want to learn that way because practically with working musicians, it helps very much to free float, be able to change keys in a heartbeat, walk around, just learn the instrument well. I took acoustic/classical guitar for 3 years as a kid so I have a start. So, for the glory of God and worship to Him, here we go… yippee!πŸ˜„β€πŸŽΈπŸŽΆ

Successes of a Failure

When you pour yourself into someone or something like a business or a relationship or project or love, you naturally expect success, you expect to make a difference, impact lives, help, be profitable, be loved, be appreciated, and you are always so at some point. But sometimes failure happens. It happened in my marriage, in my business, in relationships, in many ways. Failure has happened to me often in my life. And yet I am not a failure. Why? Because each and every failure is a success IF it teaches you something and grows you. Faith is shaken when you let one failure be the end of your trying. However, faith grows when you realize you can put the effort out but God dire ts the results for our good. Does He want us to fail? Here is the tricky part… Sometimes He does. Does that mean He loves us less? No, He love us more. How can that be? God thinks in eternal big picture for everyone’s a d especially His good. He uses details to accomplish the big picture. Had you not learned to be humble from this failure, you would never later be successful in this other more important area. If you had not been betrayed and thus learned that God is the only One we should trust, we may have trusted this other business person later who was trying to destroy the company. If you had’t failed because you were impatient in this scenario you would’t understand the value of patience and might jump headfirst into unsavory arrangements. We fail to be taught things for our good. If you live in the failure you do not learn the lesson and will be crippled by it. If you search out the lesson then you are much smarter for it and more capable. People learn surprisingly little from success but failure is an excellent teacher.

Excessive Changes

There are periods of time during one’s life time when nothing happens. Not really, but it seems so. You are at least in a somewhat comfortable routine of life, got a grove, everything in workable but, more importantly, expected order. We may not love these seemingly dull periods of life because we often want more than what we have and as such get restless. But you see, we are not on this earth to maintain a steady flow of nothing. We are here for something. There is a purpose for our lives. Each and every person on the planet was created on purpose to do something. Each was given a unique gift to serve and worship God. We were made for a purpose in God’s kingdom, that supernatural family unit that functions as its own great entity now and into eternity. The whole is greater than its parts. And we have a certain talent or gift to use within that kingdom. So, as followers of Christ in his kingdom, we have a great responsibility to use the gifts given us in fruitful ways. We are blessed in order for us to be able to bless God and others. So, when we get really comfortable, generally we are low on the service vibe and have ceased to be useful to the kingdom of God, our mission in life. So, God allows us excessive changes now and again to wake us up to our place in life. We resist this because we are too distracted and preoccupied with mediocre and worse in the physical realm to realize what is going on in the spiritual realm, the realm that never ends and thus is more important. Excessive changes happen on purpose to humble us and get us in the right frame of mind to realize mundane is not obedience. We must serve and God allows so many changes in our lives for that purpose, sometimes just to get our minds right, often to give us contrast to realize there is more, sometimes to stretch us so we realize we CAN do so much more and prepare us for future work. Change is good. It means God cares and wants fullness and depth and strength of character and place in His kingdom for us. So it is a blessing when we run into changes. We need never fear these changes. Our heavenly Father walks with us through them and teaches us what we need to know when we need to know it. He always knows best and we will be stronger for His glory when the lesson is learned or test passed.

A Child’s Importance

Children begin as amazing acts of creation. They are formed by the Creator with the genetic building blocks of mother and father right there in the womb of the mother. The growth and incubation occurs and finally the baby is ejected from warm and cozy water and into breathing air and feeling temperature changes. And the parents’ lives are never the same. Here is this precious bundle they are now responsible for and all of a sudden life is not about you anymore. Good parents cease their narcissistic ways when baby is here to declare his rights to attention and care. And it continues in various forms until they are adults going off on their own. But when they are still children, they give as much as they take, if not more. By having a child of your own, you suddenly become more humble, which helps every aspect of life and actually makes you stronger than the prideful you once was. Also, children allow you to understand obedience and the importance of it. You see the importance of learning right from wrong because you see a bird’s eye view of what happens when the lessons don’t stick. You see their boo boos and understand why it is so important to obey. Having a child gives enormous insight into the Heavenly Father that you can not see any other way. I may be wrong but I don’t think you can fully realize His depth of love for us despite our inefficiencies without you having love as big as we are able for this tiny kid that keeps making mistakes but you still love incredibly. Having children brings to mind quite often the magnificent patience God has with us all the time. You just get it now. Children also show us how important we are because this being needs us to grow and become a useful Godly adult and we have to provide for them. They can mutate us, model after us, even speak like us so what we do and say takes on a whole new level of importance and instruction. Our very lives are intruded upon at the exact same times we realize a depth of character and understanding and richness of life that a child brings. Every smell is considered. Every color is appreciated. Every loud toy man has made is making noise being explored. Every butterfly is a wonder to behold and feeding the ducks is a luxury. With children, we see again with new eyes. We understand and remember because we have to explain. We see how to trust God. We have to trust Him more. We see what faith looks like in a child. It is beautiful. They are important and very beautiful.