There is something special and hopeful about completing a task. Yes, it may take a lifetime or 10 minutes, or anywhere between these, but the feeling of exhilaration is always there when we stick to our guns, be faithful, use our God-given resources, reason it out and fulfill the task. I am sure Jesus enjoys the satisfaction of fulfillment of prophecy also. I believe that when we are close to the Lord, we start to think like He does to some extent and appreciate what He appreciates. So this fulfillment of doing what we say brings great joy. Those who are unfaithful to a commitment deprive themselves as much as sin against God and others. Fulfillment has vast rewards now and later, eternal rewards. So worth doing the right thing on a consistent basis. 😄❤

When Travel Becomes Vacation Not Destination

Being an adventurous traveller most of my life since high school (and dabbling before that), travelling was the destination. Looking, searching for what different areas hold, what I was missing. I travelled through relationships that way too for a while but I digress. And I realized yesterday that I have arrived at my destination and all travel from now onward is done for vacations. I have found what I have searched for. It was not a physical location. It was not a person. It was a closeness to and healing from God. And I am complete and have arrived. I am content and incredibly happy. I am secure. In God first and then myself and my husband. There is now a fulfillment in the present, a new dawning of peace and calm and a bliss. I know this little girl is complete, no matter what happens to me. And I know my destination is heaven, far better than any place here, which must be incredible. God loves me with a sweet enduring unchanging love and fills and healed my brokenness. All the travel was searching for what He gave me as fast as He could without further damage. What an incredible God we have, so worthy of our everything. Now, I am absolutely brimming with Love and love is my home now.❤❤❤

Constant Recurring Thoughts

When a thought recurs incessantly in your mind, you are being prompted to do something. Here is where discernment comes in and you have to pray. If that thought is evil/contrary to the Bible, it is a test or temptation from the evil one. Those you pray about diligently, rebuke and resist as consistently as they recur, and they will leave. They have to. Now if the recurring thought is good/complying with the Bible, like doing something, creating something, working, serving, teaching, whatever it may be, it is what you are supposed to be doing. And you need to obey and do it. It may be God has that purpose for you in the kingdom. God gives us direction that way sometimes. So the key is to pray. For example, I was playing piano at church for years and was feeling blah about it, had trouble getting motivated all of a sudden and really wanted to work with the kids and just really wanted to start a kids choir. All of a sudden. But I kept thinking about it. So someone out of nowhere asked I’d they could play piano. That was confirmation and I let her and started helping with the kids and we have started a choir that is going very well and I can minister to kids. So that was God moving me to what He needed done. That is sometimes how He works. Don’t be afraid of it, just obey, and God provides the resources and help at the right time and it is beautiful and fulfilling. ❤

Flags and Temptation

There are always flags put up around us if we are Christ followers put there by the Holy Spirit to warn us of Spiritual danger. We can choose to attend to these flags or we can, like Pinnochio and Lampy, choose to willfully ignore these flags. As a follower, we have this amazing resource in the Holy Spirit that warns us of encroaching evil to keep us from going down a wrong but alluring path. If we ignore these taps on the shoulder or feelings that this isn’t right and move forward with the flesh leading and not the mind or Spirit, the temptation becomes a sin and a source of pollution to the soul that makes it harder to talk to the Lord until it is dealt with. And willful repetition of that sin will create a “stronghold”, which is just a recognizable weakness where evil can get you every time. It is a stronghold of Satan into you. And he doesn’t have to do much at that point because you have chosen to walk in that repeatable sin and make it a habit or continual weakness of character, which will cyclically make you feel bad about yourself or be depressed or ashamed or unable to pray or callused in time. That is what a lot of folks are calling an ” addiction”. I now hate that word because it implies an illness that is driving you and you can’t control it or change it and you are a victim of it. That is false, untrue and debilitating. The way out of that Spiritual bondage you put yourself in for whatever reason is the same way you got there. You decide. You pray to God humbly and ask Him to forgive you. You confess to someone you trust so you have someone praying for you. You decide that right now, I won’t do that thing (whatever it is- there are endless options). The next time you are tempted, you decide again to not do that right now. And you keep praying for strength. Before too long, just as it was easier to say yes after a while, it will become easier to say no after a while. Then you will notice flags again and realize you can choose to be warned and move away. And voila, your Spirit and soul are friends once again and you move on wiser and more appreciative of the forgiveness you have been granted, the mercy you have been dealt. The walk with God is a naturally humbling one and to be truly pure in your walk with Him is to let your decisions be guided by Him and follow His leading. When we do this, we are rewarded by joy and peace and fulfillment and purity and pure enjoyment of nature and the journey to Heaven.