Christmas Spirit

I find that when I go through a store (which I hate doing, I might add), even the grocery store, if I have a smile because I have just been feeling grateful for grace, mercy and blessing, I radiate a warmth that people notice and more often than not reciprocate. And yes, that was a very long sentence. So true, though. I have gone into stores grumpy and find everyone is grumpy. And I have gone into store with a fake smile and get about 50/50. But when I have been basking in gratitude to God for every little blessing (which is a challenge for us big picture people) which results in a genuine smile and appreciation for everyone I see, I am met with pleasantness, appreciation, a smile, a burden lifted, etc. It works this way about 90% of the time. And those 10% can be at least momentarily lightened.

So, my challenge is to think about blessing and just bask in God’s greatness and grace to us before and while walking into a store, so deeply that you cannot help but smile, and see what happens, really pay attention. See if you are the light Jesus was talking about that can light up your little world. See what light there would be if we all did it. Brings a twinkle to my eye to think about.😄❤

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