Ladies Missionary Meeting

Twice a year, I am a part of a ladies Missionary meeting. We meet and pray and discuss missions and projects geared toward winning souls for the kingdom of God and we pray again and encourage. It is a blessed time. And there is no prayer unanswered nd no goal unmet. We pray throughout the year, as specifically as we can, and pray together and God honors our faithfulness, faith in Him and prayers. He listens. He is there with us. He answers. It is a time of great encouragement and in a room where most heads are gray from the continuance of time and maturity and rich experiences, there is immense power there. God blesses and is present in a tangible way in power and gentleness. He inhabits the praise of His people. He is there. I want you to know this. And we are humbly and powerfully praying for all who are lost and the church to snap to and act right and be who God designed us to be. So, God will answer these prayers and change will be upon us and answers will be carried out. Best to be on God’s side. Nothing else will matter in the end, or very soon at the rate it is going. Time to clean house. Know that we are humbly praying and that is so very tangibly powerful.❤

My Son’s Journey

My son is now a few months from 14 years of age. He is voice is changing. His mood is changing. His confidence is growing, sometimes too quickly. But God be praised, his spiritual maturity is growing. I just dropped him off at 4:15 am this morning to go on a week long Honduras missions trip. They are building a church by day and holding Bible study at night. He is growing closer to God every day. We read the Bible and pray together several times a day and I lead by faith and works. He is a good boy and is unmoved by the several girls who have already noticed and are pursuing him. He wants to be true to who God made him.

I say all these things not to brag, but I want you to know that every step we take closer to God or sadly farther from Him is our own choice. He went through my painful divorce and many turbulence with new step parents on both sides and he has chosen to be God’s son and focus on God. And God rewards and blesses him, as He does so often with all of us who chose to obey. And despite some sins/ mistakes made on the journey, God is only ever a humble prayer away again. There is hope for our kids. Sure, he is homeschooled, but that us a possibility for everyone and we always have that personal choice to make regarding our spiritual maturity/walk and relationship with God.

I am fasting this week while he is gone that God’s will for all involved will be done and I know he is in God’s capable hands, right where he belongs and chooses to be. We all make that choice all the time, some knowingly and some unknowingly. Pleased be encouraged and God bless your choice and journey. Praise God!❤

A Bold Statement About Missions

Every single true Christian cares about winning lost souls to Christ. Every true Christian knows that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved, has accepted Him as their Savior and wants their loved ones saved also. Every true Christian is filled with the love of God so much they want to please God by obeying Him and leading people to Christ. So here is my bold statement about missions. You cannot be a true Christian without being involved in missions. Missions can be the overseas kind or right in your family or in between in your church or community. We as true Christians know we don’t have to work to earn our salvation- we only need to humbly acknowledge His free gift to us and accept Him as our Savior- but every true Christian is so appreciative of the gift of salvation and loves God so much we want to help other people have this love and peace and joy and we know Jesus is the only way. That is what makes a true Christian a true Christian. Food for thought.❤

All Christians Must Be Missions-Focused

People tune out to missions. We need desperately to change that. Starts with us. We should spend as much on missions as we do on our kids’ Christmas presents because spending on missions is giving a gift directly to Jesus and obeying His call to missions. And if it is not wise to go to the mission field just now, we can support national missionaries through or other reputable missions organizations with like focus on supporting national missionaries. The Great Commission has never been changed or diminished in its command. You cannot be a Christian and not do something for missions to spread God’s love and salvation through Jesus. We need to also work to reach people for Jesus where we are. Saving of souls should be our priority, needs to be even more so now as the day of the rapture is closer than ever. We need to obey. People need Jesus so much.❤

Missionary’s Meeting

So today was our bi-annual ladies missionary’s meeting. We have a standing invitation to attend by my Great Aunt Evelyne, who is a retired missionary to Haiti. She served 42 years an orphanage she and her sister had started. Neither married but both served God in this way and took care of children and babies for 42 years. My grandfather and grandmother were missionaries to Africa, my Great Aunt and Uncle were missionaries to France, my second cousin is still a missionary in South Carolina, and my great grandparents were missionaries to Africa, as was my other great aunt. So, my hero’s of the faith are family. I have the strength of service to God and love of Him and leading others to Him in my blood. My fullness of heritage is based upon humble service, which is why I see its value and importance and push that message put every chance I get and why I have a heart to see people saved as Jesus is coming soon. And today, I was honored to spend the day with my daughter and mom and great aunt and about 50 other retired missionaries and two still serving. It was awe-inspiring and encouraging. When we prayed, I could feel it. I cannot tell you how many times tears came to my eyes. Oh how I love Jesus. And oh how much I want everyone to love Him back.❤