My Friend Pure Glory

Many of you follow my friend Pure Glory on WordPress. I have to tell you a confession. When I first started reading those blessed words, I wondered at the sincerity because who is so positive all the time? And as the Spirit in me told me, it is a divine gift and the positive words are their contribution to the work of the kingdom of God.

I am thankful and want to thank Pure Glory for the truth encouragement. Love your work and it is appreciated. Please keep writing! Thank you for working for the Lord and encouraging me as well as many others!😄❤

Guarding our Words

Too many flippant or sarcastic words have come out of my mouth, infortunately. I realize it has been my greatest sin. I read again recently where we will have to give an account for every careless word we have said into eternity. That is sobering. So, I decided to repent and confess all those times to Christ for forgiveness and commit that verse to memory so I have that strong motivation to make me pause and guard my words before they come out. Words matter. And people need encouragement not sarcasm. They need truth instead of someone being right. God wants to hear praises too and not a constant wants list. Let’s guide our words and be a refreshing light to the dark world around us.❤

Matthew 10 Lessons

Matthew 10 echoes Joshua 1 largely in that it calls us to do our jobs without fear or worry. We have jobs to do based on our giftedness. And we are to do our job without concern about every detail ahead of time. We are to share and love people and teach and serve, knowing that God will provide what we need when we need it to do His work. We are not working for n our salvation, we have that, but because we are saved, we are loving and worshipping God and therefore loving and helping others as we are designed. And this Bible study today on Matthew 10 encouraged me. The Bible is so full of hope and life. I hope this reminder encourages you also.😄❤

When Prepping for Battle, Pray First

I have been preparing for another school year, anticipating again being in the roll of encourager and motivator while no one is encouraging or motivating me. And an underlying dread was creeping in because of the weight of that.

Then, the Holy Spirit reminded me to pray as I am preparing and imparted the ok to say no to coaching this year so my burden is lighter. It is someone else’s turn this year. I will get back to it. And in addition, I received encouragement and motivation from an unlikely source and that affirmed it and gave me a boost in courage. And further, the Lord encouraged me and motivated me in the book of Numbers. Seriously, do not underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit when reading the written Word.

So pray first. Pray as you are preparing. And this gives God a chance to help and He always does. Praise God!😄❤❤❤

Love for the Day

We are given everything we need by a living Father God, salvation through Jesus Christ and thr indwelling power of the Holy Spirit, alongside the written Word of God, the Bible as our guide. So here is your love encouragement truth for the day… humbly ask God and talk to Him for life and whatever you need and He will provide what you really need. God has this for you. How loving and beautiful is that?!😄❤

A Good Word Heard

I heard a good word today from Ravi Zacharias. He said that we have to prioritize our intention of being a personal temple of the Holy Spirit and intention Him to be the body management and live by His rules of behavior and that this intention must supercede our emotions and feelings about it because those are easily manipulated and changed.

Powerful truth! And that truth really spoke to me and I am passing it to you, friend. Maybe living this truth would make your current situation and feelings much better and more consistent and in line with truth and clarity. I wish you blessings and peace today. And as I fast, if you want me to pray for you, comment and I will commit to pray for you today. God bless and love you!😄❤

Discernment in Encouragement

To know when someone needs an inspirational truth versus a kick in the pants or just plain silence is an art, when it comes to encouraging others. Strangers can be encouraged with a smile or simple gesture of picking up something they dropped and giving it back to them. Some people now are encouraged by just eye contact, being seen, in a world of brainless phone zombies everywhere.

But knowing when to encourage with what around acquaintances or friends or family is an art. I am really good at this, a secondary spiritual gift as it were. How do I know. It is not magic, not willy nilly. The secret is a four-banger.

1. Pay attention. Step away from the phone, leave it at home, look around and observe. Can you see Jesus busy on the phone on social media rather than seeing the sick that needed healing? Be available and notice people.

2. Make a deliberate choice to encourage whoever is in your path or sphere of influence right now. Decide to serve and help. Put the selfishness aside and choose to serve in this way. And decide truth is all your lips will ever utter.

3. Ask God for wisdom and discernment. God is very generous with wisdom, especially when we ask humbly with a willingness to serve. He will impart insight at the right time.

4. Stay in an attitude of prayer and running conversation with God, who longs to keep a relationship with us. When you stay focused on Him, He shows you what needs to be done. This is subtle so attention is required, bringing us back to #1.

Hope this helps. Hope I have encouraged you to encourage others. Encouragement is so beautiful and gives an extra depth and meaning to life.😄❤