Service over Self

I was asked to sign 36 Resurrection Day celebration cards for the residents of a small local nursing home. Next Sunday we will put them together in a small gift bag with some chocolates and take it to them for Resurrection Day. I wanted to help and had this last day of spring break, so said yes. At first I did 10 and wanted to take a break and do some variety word puzzles. And bear with me at the silliness here, but I checked myself and kept going with my service project. To make it more meaningful, I drew a picture on each card and wrote “May God bless your Resurrection Day!” and I got my daughter to help with the drawings. So, basically I doubled down on the service project rather than selfishly relaxing with my puzzles.

Result: I feel great for getting the service project finished and my daughter felt great for helping. I also had time afterward for some puzzles anyway.

It is better to serve others first and serve self afterward. God always provides for our needs when we do the right thing.😃❤️

Half Done

Well, during my ongoing spring break spring cleaning saga, today I bleached one bathroom and scrubbed it thoroughly. So, one is done. However, we have one more that I could not do because I spent too much time recovering from bleach fumes. Ah well. Half done.

I think sometimes we all are ambitious with plans and goals but in the end what is done is done and the rest will be done when it is done. We need to relax a bit on expectations of ourselves. I think we so often show grace to others but not ourselves. And that is ok to have something to do later. We shouldn’t put God off until later but should be okay with some things that aren’t so important in the eternal scheme of things. It is ok to leave those half done now and again. 😃❤️

Hard Beginnings and Good Endings

I think this is so many people’s story. This is all Christian’s story because life on this planet is riddled with people against God and troubles like mine has been but when we humbly accept salvation from Jesus Christ and begin a relationship, eternal life with Him begins then. While on this earth, we will still have trouble but we have hope and eternal life will continue when God one day pretty soon remakes everything without the sin and evil.

So even if things have been pretty yucky in life, that never has to be anyone’s eternal fate. There is hope in Jesus Christ and it is all laid put in the Bible for us. Praise God!😃❤️

Dark Night of the Soul

Tonight was community group. It was very small this evening, which was perfect because I was in a mood, a sad mood, almost a woe is me mood, nearly depressed, which is unlike normal me, that muddy soul thing I mentioned before.

I was tempted to dump out my story and how hard the day was and how I had to cut back my loved and beautiful trumpet vine because it was out of control huge and needed to start small again and grow, my husband said. (I was crying as I cut it.) But something in me and the circumstances kept my mputh closed and ears listening, which I am getting better at.

As I was leaving, I mentioned to my coleader what was goinng on and asked for prayer. She didn’t bat an eye and told me “Oh, you’re going through your dark night of the soul. Look it up and I’ll pray for you.”

I looked it up and whatever that weird title is, it sounded exactly like it. So I prayed for God to help me through this thing and I will go through it with Jesus and may God’s will be done. I am happy to know I am not going insane and other people go through rough patches. “Nothing is new under the sun.” So praise God!! I just keep trusting Him, do what I need to, and rest between like my wise friend suggested.😃❤️