Service over Self

I was asked to sign 36 Resurrection Day celebration cards for the residents of a small local nursing home. Next Sunday we will put them together in a small gift bag with some chocolates and take it to them for Resurrection Day. I wanted to help and had this last day of spring break, so said yes. At first I did 10 and wanted to take a break and do some variety word puzzles. And bear with me at the silliness here, but I checked myself and kept going with my service project. To make it more meaningful, I drew a picture on each card and wrote “May God bless your Resurrection Day!” and I got my daughter to help with the drawings. So, basically I doubled down on the service project rather than selfishly relaxing with my puzzles.

Result: I feel great for getting the service project finished and my daughter felt great for helping. I also had time afterward for some puzzles anyway.

It is better to serve others first and serve self afterward. God always provides for our needs when we do the right thing.😃❤️

Be the Genuine You

God made us specifically, designed us uniquely and wanted us purposefully. This is truth no matter who you are. When you are genuine, real as designed, you honor Him and celebrate His great work. When you live a lie– want to be or look differently, are dissatisfied with features, focus on negatives, find fault with yourself, compare yourselves to others, have to keep changing things on you– it dishonors God and shows disdain for His great work.

The genuine you is precious, beautiful and a masterpiece just as God made you. He is really good at creating and is purposeful and good and loving. Trust His reasons. Honor Him with appreciation for His work as it is. Appreciate His workmanship in others too just as they are when they are genuine. 😃❤️

Self-Love Crap

Loving God is the work to do. Loving God, our Creator, is the best way to love ourselves. We do not need all the self- love crap. It feeds the emptiness inside whereas loving God reveals His true love if us to us for us. The best way to heal is truth, and truth is only in God and studying His Word. Loving God leads us to love ourselves the true, deep way and to love others the same. And that is truth. Love God and study the Bible/truth. Then you see His true love and beautiful identity of you. Then there is healing and true love. God is always the answer to any problem.❤

Being Yourself

Being yourself involves your Maker. He made you with certain gifts and traits. Never try to be more than you are, different than you are or less than you were designed to be or you will not have peace. Aceept your Maker’s perfection of design in you and bask in contentment of His wisdom in making you just as you are. And because He loves you so much, love yourself too, love Him back and love others. And that simple truth and working philosophy of life is the key to contentment and peace and beauty/glory in your life now and into eternity. God is most important. Then be yourself for Him.❤