Transplanting Crepe Myrtles

I have nursed four beautiful crepe myrtles for 4 years to great height and health. Now, my husband decided they need to go so we can plant bamboo there instead. So I am transplanting them to my mom’s house to give her carport and walkway some needed shade. And she will benefit from the beauty of them.

I have found the best way to plant trees and plants in central Florida where our soil is garbage/sand is to dig a way bigger hole than you need. Then you mix black cow, potting soil and sand from where you dug it up in thirds. Then you put the mixed soil around the newly planted tree/plant until the hole is filled and water it very well. Then put mulch on top.

And this is caring for God’s creation and is effective for His glory. And it is beautiful to get into the soil and promote the growth of plants and trees God made. It is precious. I highly encourage gardening and farming. 😃❤️

Be the Genuine You

God made us specifically, designed us uniquely and wanted us purposefully. This is truth no matter who you are. When you are genuine, real as designed, you honor Him and celebrate His great work. When you live a lie– want to be or look differently, are dissatisfied with features, focus on negatives, find fault with yourself, compare yourselves to others, have to keep changing things on you– it dishonors God and shows disdain for His great work.

The genuine you is precious, beautiful and a masterpiece just as God made you. He is really good at creating and is purposeful and good and loving. Trust His reasons. Honor Him with appreciation for His work as it is. Appreciate His workmanship in others too just as they are when they are genuine. 😃❤️

Glorious Creation

What God made cannot help but convey His glory. Whether it is us humans or majestic mountains and fragrant, imaginatively designed flowers and plant life, graceful birds in flight or ridiculous water creatures, God is glorified. It is obvious His creation bears His fingerprints and breath. It is obvious He is wholesomely good when we peruse these things He crafted. You are a masterpiece, His crowning jewel and achievement. The moment you humbly call on Him, He is present, listening with glad eyes of love. Never forget this truth.😄❤

God as Creator

I am amazed when I contemplate how God made everything. It is fascinating and thought-provoking, including awe-inspiring. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) He made the sky/atmosphere and earth and made light and darkness on day 1, before he made the sun (not until day 4). In fact, He created plants (day 3) before the sun (day 4). I imagine He wanted to emphasize that He breathes life and creates life as opposed to life being dependent on the sun. This reaffirms that God is all we need even when this earth is no more and He transports our soul and spirit to heaven. What a wonderful, comforting truth. I love that He loves us so much to even give us this affirmation. God is such a mighty Creator! I love pondering Him and His masterful work!❤❤❤