Prosperity & Success Promise Falicy

Yes, God wants to bless you.

Yes, God loves you so dearly.

The truth is that sometimes we have to go through some stuff.

Why? Has God abandoned you? Are you sinning? Are you being punished?

Maybe, maybe not. Consider Job. His suffering (far worse than a good portion of us have been through) was to test him. That is it. Turns out he needed it because God had to straighten out some flaws in his thinking.

And the truth is “Thr Lord disciplines those He loves” and when you turn humbly to Him for help through it, your faith will grow, you will mature, learns some stuff and be better for it.

Now, what if, instead of humbly asking God to help and be with you, you harden up, pride up and try to solve it yourself or pout or whine or blame everyone, etc. You would have blown a teaching moment for spiritual riches and remained lacking.

So God cuts you a break and gives you another opportunity to humble up and ask Him for help and company. You can either humble up or pride up each and every time. And you then choose to be spiritually rich or poor. No one is to blame but you.

And that is a whole lotta truth I felt led to share. God sometimes allow us to fail because we are lacking and He is trying to train us because He loves us so much. And people learn far more by failing than success. ❤

School with Shed and Fence

As a family project, we put up a shed and a fence and started a sidewalk (still working on that one). As many of my regular readers know, we homeschool our kids. And we took off a week of “regular” schooling to do these family projects of shed and fence. And we planned and measured and mixed and leveled and built and so on all together as a team/ a family. It was an amazing experience and I thought how wonderful it was for all of us to learn together and create and build. My kids learned so much more than a book can teach and they need to feel useful and nd learn these skills. So for your next family project, even if you keep it simple like changing a light bulb or fixing a leaky sink (we also had to do), involve your kids and show them how. You want them calling you to their home in the future at 3pm to bail them out? No way, you want them to be able to plan and think and do it themselves. This is how they learn. Plus it unites the family and brings a greater value to each member and the family team as a whole. 🙂

Contentment/Peace/Joy Training #2

Be thankful for every single thing. Say thank you to everyone for everything and mean it. Not sarcastically when so some is truly annoying and ignorant but with meaning and a smile. Why? Because everything is a gift from God. Goodthings and bad things are all gifts from God to reward or give you gifts because He loves us or to mold and shape and retrain us because He loves us. So as we say thank you with a smile, we acknowledge this about God for us and we increase our joy and peace and contentment. How very beautiful!

Being Nice and Its Repercussions

Being reared in rural Michigan about 30-40 years ago, there was great emphasis placed on being nice. In fact, there was such a push for it that there were actually negative consequences when you were not nice, some making it difficult to sit down for a while. And it was explained in one way or another by a seeming multitude of people (parents, teachers, neighbors, random town folk, church folk, etc.) what being nice consisted of. And since I have noticed a myriad of people around about me and my children lately seeming as if they have not had similar lessons, I wish to share my “nice” knowledge with the masses. Perhaps some of my recent register workers or stock folk at some stores I have been in of late (and even managers, yikes) may read this and start applying its suggestions. Now, warning ahead of time, you may not ever get a reward for being nice. In fact, you may have severe repercussions such as surprise or funny looks or suspicion placed upon you. However, there may perhaps be some vague rewards like, oh I don’t know, a promotion or maybe a smile or gratefulness. The possibilities are endless. Here are some good starting points. 1. It is nice to look a person in the eyes who is speaking with you. This shows the person you actually care what words are coming out of their mouth and maybe even that you give at least some inkling of a care about your job. It also conveys something rare and mysterious as well as quite fragile… respect for another human being. Since we are all made in the image of God on purpose, we are all due this respect but be one of the first to actually convey that and you will come across as “nice”. This is a good thing, believe it or not. 2. It is nice to help someone who needs help. I know this is a little shocking, especially if in a hurry to do something for yourself, but no one is asking you to give up your heart while you are still in need of it, just a helping hand now and again picking something up, holding a door, bringing to attention when someone drops their keys, etc. These things are nice. You would want to be helped if you needed it, right? This particular step on the ladder to niceness may actually be met with thankfulness. Maybe not, I mean not everyone is nice, remember? Which brings us to 3. If someone nice helps you in any way, do say ” thank you” with a smile. Why? Because it is nice to do so. It is so much nicer than sticking up your nose as if the entire world should bow before you and your greatness. So smile and say “thank you” to anyone nice enough to help you with anything. Respect the rarity of that. Respect the nice help. Be nice back. We will leave it at these three practices as a good start. Follow these simple guidelines and you will find, oh shopper at Walmart, that being nice is very… well, nice.

Teaching Children Service

The hardest thing about teaching your children to give and serve and not take and be waited upon is us parents. The lesson requires a humble spirit and giving and serving on our part as the parents and teachers in order for the kids to learn and act upon the lesson. They will take if we take, they will give if we give, they will serve if we serve. To understand why, they must either experience want or need personally or view it in someone else up close and personal. When they never have to wait for blessing and all their needs are continuously met as soon as they are requested or demanded, the child is spoiled and lifted up and thus can not understand why they should not have everything they want faster. To yield a child who grows up to care more about other people than their own self, they must be broken, have a humble spirit and see through the eyes of God. This must happen or the kid soon to be adult will grow up proud and demanding and pompous. To properly teach this lesson, we must serve the broken, give to the needy, work with those unable to do so, feed mouths needing food, love on the unlovable. Also, kids who do not have to contribute to their family will either fee they do not have to contribute to society or will see themselves as merely decorative. Giving kids chores at home when they are young produces better spouses and members of society when they are older.

Homeschooling Moms and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Several million kids are getting an education in America. Some dropped out, some are in private schools and some are homeschooled, but most are public school trained. And many of all of these come away with good educations, many don’t and that is the way of it. And each family has its own story and its own particular kind of beauty and uniqueness from the Lord. All of us are loved and treasured. But my firm belief is that homeschooling moms are strangely unique in that we have purposefully taken on the roll of both mom and teacher. While all moms are teachers of sorts, the homeschooling mom is full time everything. We have, on purpose mind you, freely given away any free or “me” time for the sake of teaching our children the way we think they should be taught. It is unheard of for a person to willingly opt for 2 full time jobs at once. And on top of it, we also do the janitorial duties and the cook’s duties to boot. So, it is really 3 full time jobs. Then there is the husband to make time for and care for. That is the fun one. Otherwise, who on earth would opt for such sacrificial giving of one’s self for the good of kids who may or may not appreciate any of it? The answer for me is because I answer to a God in Heaven when this brief life is over. Yes, I love my kids and want the best drama free, lie free, most well rounded individualized education for my kids. But for me, more than all of that is my personal conviction that my primary responsibility to God concerning my children is that I train them to be God’s kids who grow up to be healthy and productive adults who expand God’s work. I personally don’t feel that can happen easily with evolution and agendas with other philosophies crammed down their throats. Every person is responsible for their own convictions. We are instructed to do what is right in our own minds. So, some would call me crazy. And I’m positive that is true, though I think it is a good crazy for a good reason and I want to be called crazy about my family because I’m crazy about my God. We homeschooling moms really are a lot like bears in that we spend much time training our kids and play with them but will attack if our kids are threatened. We are like Tigers in that we are avid hunters of a large game of knowledge to share with our kids. And we are most like lions because when you work 3 full time jobs in the same space, you are the queen of that space. Moms are large and in charge. So, beware the homeschooling moms. We fight for our principles by sacrificing our freedom for the good of the family. We are true patriots. And when our children are grown and productive and independent thinkers later, we just want you to know you are welcome. It is worth every minute.

Children’s Life Lessons

When I prepare studies and lesson plans for my homeschooled children, I always first make a mental note of what I want my kids to know character-wise or morally before we begin the day. For instance, if I caught my son in a lie attempt, I would have honesty and integrity as a priority for a life lesson. So, all through the day, I would look for any way I can fit in honesty and its importance throughout the other subjects of study. In history, I might talk about our national hero George Washington and how honest he was considered. I may mention in Bible class that Ananias and Sapphira were struck dead because of lying to the Lord. I would mention that as we do math problems, these numbers had to be relied upon to be consistently true or we would have chaos and could not depend upon them. I would do a science experiment that would show a reaction between a mislabeled ingredient and our reagent would react badly because I was counting on it to be one thing and it was another because the label lied and something bad/unexpected happened. You get my point? Yes, the studies are important but how much more important it is to ensure to the best of our ability our children’s character and moral standards! It is vital that we encourage and reinforce the learning of essential life skills for our kids. This will help them in the short and long run and keep them informed and knowledgeable about what we expect from them and more importantly what God requires of them. Kids left to their own devices will end up looking like little narcissists running around with an overinflated ego with a deflated reason for it. Spiritual maturity should and must be a higher priority than school studies. If not, we are doing a disservice to them, us, society at large and God. However, when we put extra effort into training our children spiritually and teach them wonderful morals and values, we prepare them for anything that comes their way and they have the empowerment to make the right decisions every time in every situation. We are training Christ followers as well as future spouses, politicians, lawyers, doctors, garbage men, police men, etc. We want a world that is good so we have to teach goodness to our kids.