The Joy of Uniqueness

There is no one in the world like me. And there is no one in the world like you either. But that is only true if you are not trying to be like someone else or changing who you are according to someone’s dictate. If that is the case, you lose your uniqueness and specialness and become else. So be you. If people don’t like it, so what! Be who God made you and just be that. His idea of you is perfect. Don’ screw it up. You be your amazing you! 🙂

Sometimes You’re the Doughnut, Sometimes the Hole

The star of the workplace breakfast is the Doughnut. The Doughnut has the attention, the mouths drool, the doughnutless are envious, the one with the doughnuts is the hot one. No one cares that a Doughnut has very little healthy substance inside. No one cares that they will be hungry again in about 10 minutes, the Doughnut still rules and dictates status. And then there are the Doughnut holes, the forgotten, the table scraps, the only get attention if the doughnuts are gone ones. These little guys do not wow, only make you drool with anticipation if you’re starving. They are easily discarded. And life is so very funny in that one minute you can be the Doughnut, envied, have attention, make them drool, wow the masses or just that special someone and the next few minute thrown the heck out like dirty bathwater on a cold day as you turned into the Doughnut hole status. You are suddenly loved, unlovable, ugly, thrown out, easily dismissed for the next or past Doughnut that comes into the room. This is the way of the world. Never content, flippant, selfish, unkind. I have a friend who was a model and it was amazing after aging 10 years how she could no longer get hired. My own kids play with a toy with great atte tion u til something else flashes before them and they have to have the new thing (of course momma don’t play that lol) and some people never outgrow that compulsion for the next new thing, despite what they paid for the last version, mind you only a few months old. And people discard people like that sometimes too, reminding  e of the annoying popular crowd cliques from high school. It is prevalent in the world now. But the thing is that to God, the One who made you, you never cease to be a Doughnut but better, a Doughnut that is extremely appealing but also has substance so is healthy to others. We are all so very precious to God, if to no one else in the world. He sees us as He made us to be. He draws us to Himself. He is the Baker, you see. The doughnuts are His and He takes great pride in hand crafting each one.

Mother’s Day Delights

I hope every mom, mommy, momma or mother has a wonderful Mother’s Day. I had told myself for years that it was just another day because we are moms all the time, rain or shine, sick or well, nursing or mending, teaching or playing. It would be like having an “Existence Day”. It seems silly because it is just who you are. Elder moms I have spoken with have that same feeling. “It is just who you are and what you do,” I have heard many of them often say. But every person who is persistent and consistent in their work should get their reward. And I feel a great sense of appreciation for being appreciated for being the mom that I am on this day. And for our celebration of my faithfulness to God and our family in this role He has placed me in, we walked through a wonderful art fair around a lake, went out to dinner, took a nap, played games, sat together on the porch swing and talked and watched a movie with my wonderful husband, and a great gift from my son (that he paid for with his own money). What more could anyone ever want out of life? I feel so blessed! Thank you to my family for such a wonderful day! May all moms everywhere have such a blessed and meaningful day! And for those of you who don’t or won’t or aren’t even mothers yet or have kids so small that you are in full time care mode and lacking sleep and energy to do anything, I tell you plainly, this is my first Mother’s Day that I have relaxed more than worked, and I am 41. So, there is hope, do not be discouraged. God is not finished yet. May blessings and peace and joy be yours this Mother’s Day! God bless your efforts! 🙂

The Caring One

No matter who cares or doesn’t care about every aspect of your life, you can rest peacefully and with great joy that the God who made you cares about the minutest detail and the greatest plans and dreams of your life. You are loved and adored and never left alone or unappreciated. You were carefully made by Him and He loves who He made. You were no accident, no matter the circumstances of your birth and you are deeply treasured by the most powerful Being in the entire universe. Thus, you are the richest of human beings, regardless of your earnings and you are the most powerful of human beings, regardless of the position you hold. Never forget who you are and who your Father God is. Do not be afraid of anything and never doubt. You are God’s.