Thank You

I believe saying polite words is respectful and loving. “Thank you”, “Please”, “After you”, “My pleasure”, “Pleased to meet you,” “Have a nice day,” “God bless you”, these words can mean the day to people. People feel honored when they hear these words. They can also be Jesus to the people who receive them. They can see the heart behind the words cares. Christians must speak using these words conaistently, be a good habit. Words and respect matters to people. They matter to me also. ❤


Saying VS Doing

Pretty words mean less than nothing without the doing behind it. You have to prove your words or they might as well be the squawk of a bird. Do what you say or at least give the courtesy of saying nothing.❤

Word Play

A “spot of tea” is much different than a “cup of tea”, although they are the same thing. And “the horse running through the field” is much different than “the golden stallion with flowing black mane galloping through the ripened wheat field” although they describe the same event. Words have such power amend those who learn to master them set themselves apart from “authors” as “literary artistic geniuses”. And the words can not convey robust meaning without information and wisdom coinciding. To know nothing about a topic and speak big words is to be a fake journalist or dimwitted thesaurus reader. It is the proper application of descriptive and correct oratory that yields eloquent verbose which has the power to move hardened hearts, impress intellectuals, stir nations to or from war or intrigue minds and eyes to partake of such literary works of art. Words have power. They are important. They matter. This is why the Bible is still relevant, powerful, pervasive, artistic… it’s Author is the most knowledgeable and expressive Being in the universe, God Himself. His Words matter most for He matters most.❤

The Words Heard Around the World

Friends from 74 countries have read my words this month. Which means my words have travelled much more than I have this year. Lol. It is beautiful, the power of the written word that connects and heals and moves beyond borders made by man. The word has power to go beyond boundaries we contrive and share thoughts and emotions to people we could not otherwise ever meet. What a wonder! That is why God wrote the Bible also. It has lasted all these centuries and still powerfully conveys truth in thought and emotion to everyone who can read or be read to. So fantastic are words. So utterly perfect. God bless you this New Year!!! May God’s Word recapture your heart and eye and may your words inspire you and those who read them.❤

Good Communication

The key is that good communication relies on a series of words conveyed, the hearing of this words, the reaction of the listener, and their return words. If there is damage to any of those parts or additional parts added (like body language, tone, eye contact or lack thereof, distractions, additions because of reading into it because of damage, intentional biases, any other thing or energy level or illness or frustration with the neighbor’s cat or weird things digesting or whatever, good, meaningful communication falls apart. It is one thing to say something, even flawlessly, and it can be quite another to be heard as intended and read properly, without insight into intentions or woundedness. So there is a problem we all have with communication these days, it seems. So, I pray more. I pray that I will say the right words at the right time for the right reasons and be heard that way. I think we all need to pray that more. You can mean something well and then be misinterpreted unwittingly or purposefully. So pray. ❤

The Power of Words

I spent two beautiful and eventful summers in 1990 and 1991 interning and going on short term mission projects with Adventures in Missions in Bloomfield, IN. A picture us below of my small team that went to Poland and Russia in 1991. And here I am, the blonde. I look at this picture and think, “wow, that young lady is beautiful!” But truth be told, I never once thought that I was. I was not told that by my family and in fact was criticized and even put down by my sister at every given opportunity. And here I was working for the Lord, a beautiful soul with a heart for God but always doubting what I had to offer. The hateful words echoed in my mind, in my ears, a lying hindrance to full potential. And I believe it is not important what a person looks like but where there heart is. That is how God sees it. And every person has their own beauty. And we need to encourage each other and not criticize, judge or put down another human being. When we talk down to someone, we are putting down God who made them with love on purpose. No one is better than anyone else ever, just different. Watch what you say. To this day, I am criticized regularly because I grew up thinking that was how it is supposed to be. Like that is normal and I don’t deserve better. It sucks. So remember my little story and always lift up people, encourage them, love on them and do not do the opposite. Life is hard enough without that recording of discouragement replaying over and over and over. Watch your words. Be aware that they matter.❤

Oh, Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

If you are going to say something, please be are you mean it. I have been mentally cataloging the sins I have committed against other people, and my greatest crime has always been flippant with words. Sometimes, I have lied (I do my best not to now at all), sometimes I have joked at someone’s expense, sometimes I have said the truth in a jerky way, often I have said the wrong thing and offended someone. And it kills me because I cannot undo that and it is people I cannot apologize to because I can’t find them or no one knows where they went, etc. And it is way too many people to find anyway. And I know I will be accountable on judgment day for every careless word I have uttered and every lie I have told. So I am broadcasting this apology to anyone I ever hurt or lied to with my words. (Shawn, please post this on Facebook.) “I am truly from the bottom of my heart sorry for any careless, hurtful or lying word I have ever uttered to you. I am sorry. Please forgive me.” And now it takes me a minute to speak. I am making it a point to think first instead of prattle on at breakneck speed. I have learned to be wiser from God and have felt this conviction. Truth has been my theme for quite a while, the theme of my blog, but I was forgetting to beg forgiveness for my past where truth and flippant comments were unfortunately a part of my everyday life. It is not so now, God has changed me, but I need to apologize for any harm my words brought to another. And please understand the power of our words. They have the power to harm so deeply and fortunately also the power to heal and restore and forgive and encourage. Use them wisely for God’s worship and nd advancement. I am doing my best too right alongside you. ❤