A Half Hour of Playing Legos Has Exponential Value

If you wanna make your kid’s day, bring home some Legos and put them together with them. Turn off the phone, ignore it’s existence and just play with b your child. Talk. Pretend. Imagine. Be. Bask n in appreciation for this memorable moment with your child. You’re welcome.😄❤

My Son’s Journey

My son is now a few months from 14 years of age. He is voice is changing. His mood is changing. His confidence is growing, sometimes too quickly. But God be praised, his spiritual maturity is growing. I just dropped him off at 4:15 am this morning to go on a week long Honduras missions trip. They are building a church by day and holding Bible study at night. He is growing closer to God every day. We read the Bible and pray together several times a day and I lead by faith and works. He is a good boy and is unmoved by the several girls who have already noticed and are pursuing him. He wants to be true to who God made him.

I say all these things not to brag, but I want you to know that every step we take closer to God or sadly farther from Him is our own choice. He went through my painful divorce and many turbulence with new step parents on both sides and he has chosen to be God’s son and focus on God. And God rewards and blesses him, as He does so often with all of us who chose to obey. And despite some sins/ mistakes made on the journey, God is only ever a humble prayer away again. There is hope for our kids. Sure, he is homeschooled, but that us a possibility for everyone and we always have that personal choice to make regarding our spiritual maturity/walk and relationship with God.

I am fasting this week while he is gone that God’s will for all involved will be done and I know he is in God’s capable hands, right where he belongs and chooses to be. We all make that choice all the time, some knowingly and some unknowingly. Pleased be encouraged and God bless your choice and journey. Praise God!❤

Child Support Exasperation & Other Comedies

I tell you, my ex was $3,500 in the hole on child support before I finally took him to court. The judge did not like him one bit. His smooth talk did not flatter her. His excuses were not appreciated by her. She ordered him to give a form to his employee to garnish his wages. He quit that job a week later. And had a good job and just quit again recently. See, he doesn’t really like to work. And here is the comedy part… he thinks work is beneath him. He thinks he is charming enough for people to pay him for his presence. Bahaha. But the thing is, my son has to see this and has to wait sometimes for things he needs. Thank God for my husband who loves him and helps with things he needs. I appreciate so much a an who will help with my son. It shows love to me that he is willing to step up and be the responsible father my ex does not seem capable of being. Nowadays, most kids are in marriages with step parents. Ideally, the parents stay together, but we are imperfect and sometimes cannot. It is so important before you remarry if you do choose to remarry that you take into consideration the love the stepdad has for your child/children you already have. And look how he treats his own kids if he has them. It is so n important your kids feel loved as much as you do. They can’t help it and already received soaking up and learning how to treat their future kids by the example shown them. That is never something to be taken lightly. Just a thought. 

Death from a Child’s Perspective

I told my son today that one of my friends from back home died when he asked me what was wrong. He (10 years old) immediately asked me if she was a Christian who believed in Jesus and was saved. I said she was because her character spoke of it as did she. He said, “Well, we should be clebrating because she is in Heaven. I am happy for her.” And that got me thinking. A 10 year old’s perspective is full of faith and simplicity. Why on earth would we be sad anyone went to Heaven? If we really believe that to be true, I guess that leaves our sadness to our feelings of missing that person, which is a loss to work out based on us. Selfish really to be sad and mopey about our friend we love changing out of a diseased body into a heavenly one and dancing praises in the most beautiful place we can imagine. We will miss them but knowing where they are going makes it much easier to bear.

The Eyes of Wonder

Eyes of wonder capture the beauty in everything. They see the expression on each face. They notice eyes that cry and smile. They balance colors and appreciate the variety. Eyes of wonder evaluate their environment, see every detail, notice every part and yet long to keep studying it. Eye of wonder appreciate the artistry involved in all of creation and so appreciate their Creator more. Eyes of wonder are naturally in children. A child’s eyes captures wonder in ways we cannot as adults. However, there is a way we adults can still have this soulful curiosity about nature, about God, about people. One way is to think like a child. A child dwells in the present. It takes a long time to teach future consequences to a child because the present moment is the most important moment ever in a child. The past doesn’t matter much to them either for quite a few years. Children are also not so full of agendas. Play and observation time are valued higher than eating or staring at entertainment boxes until they are taught and conditioned differently. We adults can slow down, simplify our schedules and lives and appreciate the moments we live. We too can have eyes of wonder which can help us see things and people as God sees them and respond accordingly where we may be able to help. We must embrace this quest. It is vital to growth and beauty.

A Child’s Importance

Children begin as amazing acts of creation. They are formed by the Creator with the genetic building blocks of mother and father right there in the womb of the mother. The growth and incubation occurs and finally the baby is ejected from warm and cozy water and into breathing air and feeling temperature changes. And the parents’ lives are never the same. Here is this precious bundle they are now responsible for and all of a sudden life is not about you anymore. Good parents cease their narcissistic ways when baby is here to declare his rights to attention and care. And it continues in various forms until they are adults going off on their own. But when they are still children, they give as much as they take, if not more. By having a child of your own, you suddenly become more humble, which helps every aspect of life and actually makes you stronger than the prideful you once was. Also, children allow you to understand obedience and the importance of it. You see the importance of learning right from wrong because you see a bird’s eye view of what happens when the lessons don’t stick. You see their boo boos and understand why it is so important to obey. Having a child gives enormous insight into the Heavenly Father that you can not see any other way. I may be wrong but I don’t think you can fully realize His depth of love for us despite our inefficiencies without you having love as big as we are able for this tiny kid that keeps making mistakes but you still love incredibly. Having children brings to mind quite often the magnificent patience God has with us all the time. You just get it now. Children also show us how important we are because this being needs us to grow and become a useful Godly adult and we have to provide for them. They can mutate us, model after us, even speak like us so what we do and say takes on a whole new level of importance and instruction. Our very lives are intruded upon at the exact same times we realize a depth of character and understanding and richness of life that a child brings. Every smell is considered. Every color is appreciated. Every loud toy man has made is making noise being explored. Every butterfly is a wonder to behold and feeding the ducks is a luxury. With children, we see again with new eyes. We understand and remember because we have to explain. We see how to trust God. We have to trust Him more. We see what faith looks like in a child. It is beautiful. They are important and very beautiful.