Acts 16:31

Acts 16:31. ‘They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”‘❤


The Lost In the Crowd

Sadder still than those alone,

More depressing than this verse,

Sadder than the remnant prince

Of lands lost to the sea.

Such is the sadness betwixt the crowd

Of one lost soul therein,

Especially when the poor soul lacks

The knowledge that he is lost within.

And surely does God’s loving heart

Sorrow at the loss of he

Who unbeknownst is lost in the crowd

When easily God would help thee.

But call upon God, dear fellow man,

Hear His sweet call so near.

Decide salvation yet today

For God wishes to live eternal with thee

And never would He abandon thee

If you but let Him save you.❤

When Jesus Comes In

Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior invites Jesus into your heart and soul. He figuratively knocks patiently and lovingly on our heart’s door until we let Him into it. We have to allow Him in as Master, however, and where most people want Him in as roommate or friend with all the living benefits, it is harder for people to want Him in as Master and Lord because this is in direct opposition to our pride and ego, rather narcissistic in tendency at times (or some live there). But Jesus is Almighty God, One of the Godhead, and must be Master. It is simply the natural order of things and He lovingly knows that He is best suited at the position. He can do much much more for us when He takes the reins for He is all- powerful. But He loves our free will and allows it, dictates we keep it, so that when we allow Him in, it is true and free love to Him back.

This whole concept is beautiful and really conveys Jesus’ deep love and frankly respect for each of us.

So, when Jesus is finally invited in as Master, He rules with love and gentility and the fruits of the Spirit. He is not a harsh dictator as His enemy is (who tries to break down your door and demands to be master and wants you dead- stark contrast). Where the enemy’s idea of being master is controlling and domineering you, Jesus superior idea is to guide and strengthen and empower you to do n what you were designed to do in a healthy and peaceful, joyous way. The contrast is incredible.

So, accept Jesus into your heart and soul as Master and see for yourself how beautiful He keeps making you and your life and mind as time goes on in prayer and His Word. It is beautiful!!!❤

Beautiful Recovery

We are all in one of three conditions:

1. In need of recovery,

2. In recovery, or

3. Through recovery.

This recovery may be something such as lying, porn involvement/adultery, alcoholism, anorexia, bulemia, drug addiction, gossip, murder, judgmentalism, hypocricy, gluttony, gambling, selfishness, fear, worry, timidity, couch potatoism, tech addiction, idolatry, laziness, workaholism, abusiveness, omission, whatever you fill in.

We all, because we are living on a sinful Earth right now, have this sin problem to recover from. Those who have been through the horrors of recovery are amazing and obedient and God is pleased. I am amazed by the strength God provides these valiant and pure souls who humbly admit they screwed up and take action to correct it and repent.

Recovery is repentence.

You can call it whatever you want, but when you recover, and while going through that process, you are working on and succeeding in repenting from your whatever. And that is gorgeous.

How rich and luxurious is the heart and soul of the person who has repented/recovered! How wise is the person who was headed toward eternal separation from God and is now close to Him!

To those who have recovered/repented (and I am right in there too), praise God and I am so very proud of and pleased with you.

Those who are still lying that it is no big deal, it is not too late and feels really great to be on the other side. It is worth every discomfort and the pain will teach more than a thousand lies.

Praise God for recovery and never forget how much Jesus loves you to help you through it.❤

The Burden of Scientific Proof

When someone makes a claim, such as that the Bible is truth (as I stand by), they have to be prepared to defend that with scientific evidence. Likewise, if an “atheist” states that there is no God, that person must be prepared to back that claim up with scientific evidence (good luck with that). And that is true of any difinive statements.

As such, I stand on my definitive statement that the Bible is 100% truth. And there is and cannot be any evidence to the contrary. It has been proven scientifically again and again when people were trying so hard to disprove it. Every story happened. Every prophecy has come true. Every historical evidence and nature itself proves in a tangible way that it is scientifically true and proven. Atheists can offer no such proof and evolutionists, if you peel away their lies and propaganda and flawed dating models, do not stand up to true scientific investigation. But they teach it as if it were true and run with those lies.

God defends Himself. He does not care what people think about Him beyond the scope of lovingly wanting to save us. But His feeling cannot be hurt. He knows who He is and the proof is everywhere we look for anyone willing to study and see Him with the Holy Spirit’s help. He does not hide, He does not sleep and He does not stop loving. His holiness dictates perfection of obedience and humbleness of heart and Jesus satisfies that need by His sacrifice and resurrection for us. We have proof. We have love. We have hope.❤

Somewhere Along the Way

Somewhere along the way

After I had prayed

A burden lifted off me

And I walked a lighter step.

Somewhere along the way,

I prayed for God’s wisdom

And suddenly the once thought overwhelming

Melted like butter in step.

Somewhere along the way

When I prayed for my children

They accepted God as their own

And each step grew more joyful.

Somewhere along the way

We got closer to the day

God will take us home

In the glorious, joyful rapture.❤