The Reluctant Walk to Jesus

So many people love talking about God but won’t talk about Jesus Christ (in Greek) aka Yehoshua- shortened to Yeshua- Hamashiach (in Hebrew). Jesus the Messiah is who saves us. The Bible says Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father God but through Him. Why? Because Jesus Christ came down to die and on the third day be resurrected for our sins. It is He who covers us and all our sins with Himself so Father God sees us as holy to be redeemed to Heaven with Him. We need to believe and have a relationship wiyh Jesus Christ to be saved. People are reluctant because you first have to humbly admit you need a Savior and the enemy we all have does not want you to drop our pride so puffs it up and distracts us and tempts us to temporary pleasing things. But the way to Jesus is the right way and comes with eternal rewards as well as peace and joy and grace and mercy now. 😃❤️

Spirit Animals

I heard some people talking about their spirit animals. I am glad I was not in that conversation. It is not that spirit animals are stupid, because they can’t be. They don’t exist. What is stupid is believing in them and here is why. They don’t exist. And further, often people who believe in these made-up creatures don’t believe in Jesus Christ or trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation, and there is much supportive historical evidence for Him. They would rather trust in a mythical creature to help or save them in life (called idolatry in the Bible) than trust in God their Creator to help and save them. To me, it makes a lot more sense to believe in God our Creator for which we ourselves are proof. He makes sense. The Bible makes sense. I am so thankful we have it to read and learn the truth.😃❤️

Hard Beginnings and Good Endings

I think this is so many people’s story. This is all Christian’s story because life on this planet is riddled with people against God and troubles like mine has been but when we humbly accept salvation from Jesus Christ and begin a relationship, eternal life with Him begins then. While on this earth, we will still have trouble but we have hope and eternal life will continue when God one day pretty soon remakes everything without the sin and evil.

So even if things have been pretty yucky in life, that never has to be anyone’s eternal fate. There is hope in Jesus Christ and it is all laid put in the Bible for us. Praise God!😃❤️

Not Even Jesus Can Save Someone Unwilling to be Saved

Jesus Christ, our only way to eternal salvation will not save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. He will not do it because it is against His original design that gives us free will. Everyone at least the age of reasoning makes the choice for themselves. Every person decides whether to pridefully refuse His free gift of salvation or humbly accept that salvation and worship and love God back for eternal salvation. Of course Jesus wants everyone saved, He proved that on the cross and leading up to it and sealed it with His resurrection. And we can tell everyone how easy it is to be saved by our loving God but we can not change their mind if they want to suffer apart from God forever. They choose that themselves. So please do all you can to love people and that may soften a person’s heart. Love is the key and prayer. Both can soften the heart. But when you do both consistently and faithfully, know that you have done everything you can because it is up to them to be saved for eternity or not. ❤