Spending Time Thinking

I hit on this with a previous blog. This is so important. I had a couple hours until we get together with my mom and family to eat out. So I went to the back yard and sat on the tree swing and just thought about all that God has richly blessed us with. A roof, a mattress, air consitioners, great shower, clothes for any occasion, great friends and family, transportation, and so much more, even after the enormous sacrifice to save our souls. I am convinced that I am the richest little girl in the world. I just am. Sure, many people have more stuff but never seem content. Many have much less and are maybe content but struggling. I am content. And with thr Lord, even if I lose everything, I will still have Him and thus contentment. That is what makes me rich. God does. He owns everything good of eternal value. And He so richly pours it out on us. He is a good, good Father and I am so thankful for His rich grace toward me. I do not deserve it but it makes me want to deserve it so much. I am so thankful! 😄 ❤ ❤ ❤

Tech versus Think

Too much technology is literally mind numbing. We as a society have opted to be entertained and minds manipulated rather than think for ourselves in our free time. People are staring at screens rather than studying or speaking with each other. People can relate more to a fantasy than reality. Then they are surprised when people take this narcissistic, fantastic behavior to a new level and harm another person. It is a trend. No one looks around, knows their neighbors, goes to church, helps out a friend on moving day, etc. They are “busy” entertaining themselves. Unless it serves them, they won’t serve. And this mind shattering illness is rampant. I find lately that I want to run away to a tech-free zone and communicate with someone, play music, sing around a fire, roast marshmallows, play board games, paint, paint, paint. I want to know my neighbors and help them paint their fence. I want to have coffee on all the time for those who happen to stop by. I want to look people in the eyes and find out what makes them want to breathe. I want to live with the compassion and passion about life that I feel. I do not want to be entertained, but I want to learn and create and express with another soul. I do not want tech to think for me, I want to think for myself. I do not want media to bend me, I want to be worth reporting on. I want to thrive, not simply live. I want to be at peace and joy with God and not get lost in the cares of the day. I want to make life something to be felt and experienced and not inputted onto a screen. I want rolls and smells and not airbrushed sterile 2-D Pics and movies. I want real, I want bad notes, blemishes, dirt, imperfection, facial expressions. I am tired of touched up, fake, enhanced, perfected, synchronized. I am tired of staring at lit up boxes. I want to create sculptures and art and piano pieces that make people feel something. I want people to feel something, care about something, think something is special. Anything. I want people to think.

Living on Purpose

We make a lot of choices in this life. We choose to bathe or not. We choose to be productive citizens or not. We choose to be responsible for our actions or not. We choose to be a good parent or not. We choose to be faithful or not. We choose to show love or not. A myriad of choices we make every day and often many times during the day. Often our choices seem to just happen without much thought. And that, my friend, is very dangerous. Every few minutes we are bombarded with opinions and distractions and coercions. Evey marketing ploy is a fresh and effective way to. Manipulate people into believing something. And if we are not thinking purposefully and purposefully making choices, the automatic ones may very well be horrible for you long term. Automatic man decisions can be based on something as temporary and downright idiotic as list with no thought to consequences. Automatic man may make decisions based on the get-more-for-me selfishness disease without determining whether that is affordable or beneficial. When we do not live and choose purposefully, we tend to live and choose foolishly. So purposeful contemplation are required. And those need to line up with truth of God’s Word in order to be perfect. Living on purpose without having a moral code built on truth ends up looking a lot like living without purpose really. It is quite important to temper thoughts with truth so the purposeful life may be meaningful and most beneficial. Something to think about.

The Evil Religion of Evolution

Yes, a heavy subject. However, as a doctor and hence a long time science major, I was inundated with the religion of evolution in every class. It even spilled out into subjects you would think knew better, like history and even math and art. There was a constant religious agenda whose sole purpose was to convert you to their Godlessness. I, a Christ follower, was verbally abused and undermined if I raised a word against their religion by mentioning mine. I realized that institutions of higher learning were not only extremely expensive but also very closed minded, the opposite of what they tell you. Yes, I did get an education that I can use and yes, I learned much there but one must always be aware that there is a very humanistic bent on everything and an agent a that if you are not aware of, you may be tempted to fall for. Many a Christian has fallen victim to the evolution religion. Why do I keep calling evolution a religion you ask? Because it is. There is no scientific basis for it. Carbon dating is inaccurate because we set the time dimensions. We have truly no idea how things break down over that much time. That data is inputted into the computer to begin with. Also, things have been dated to millions of years old that were proven to not have been manufactured definitively in 1953. Just because someone says it is true, does not mean it is true. They may be selling something, and in this case it is a religion. Why? Because they do not want there to be a God. People who don’t believe in God personally are really champions for the other guy, knowingly or unknowingly, and thus are not content to just allow you to believe. If there is no God, there is no personal responsibility for your behavior, except what society dictates. We then become more important, we become gods and are the most powerful and intelligent things in our universe, seemingly. God’s existence threatens their greatness, and hence the evolution religion was born. It requires much much more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in God because God’s evidence is everywhere and evolutions is nowhere in nature, only books written by man and a flawed dating system. Missing links everywhere. And the first tiny particle that started it all had to come from somewhere too. And their god of humans are so flawed and delicate in design that we cannot possibly be it. Think. The more you think, the closer you get to God, the Creator of thought. Pray, study the universe for yourself, read your Bible and your faith will never be shaken by agendas and other religions will not encroach upon your knowledge of the truth.