Bring it On, Ready for Anything

So, yesterday when we woke up, we had plans. Instead of those, we get a water stain on the ceiling and have to climb up in the hot, Florida attic to investigate and bring down all the Christmas decorations to see better, discovering the AC guys who were here doctoring our dying air handler screwed up and now we have to replace drywall and the air handler now. Yippee. I also had to shop vac the drains and air handler catch basin, full of sludge and rusty goo. Then we had to retape the roof gutter filters that had the tape had fallen off of. Then I had to water the garden and flowers because we are in a dry spell and it is hot as molasses and the plants were starting to suffer. Then we met the kids’ friends at the skating rink and my skates were not delivered before we left as the tracking indicated so I could not skate. And it was one thing after another. I did dishes, was yelled at, and worked though my husband’s frustration and anger issues, so I am in charge of much of running the entire household sometimes.

The day left me tired but unmoved. I found time to pray and read my Bible, I did my job. Whatever came up, I was thankful And handled it. I did it. How? God helped me. When we do what He asks, He answers prayer and helps. I do not live by my strength, expecting an easy ride, demanding my rights, even if they are wrongfully kept from me. I freely operate my right to be above it all, seated already in the heavenlies as the Bible says we are when we are saved by Jesus Christ. I am always free to pray, always free to love and use the fruits of God’s Spirit, always free to obey humbly and do the right thing. He is faithful and worthy! Praise God!❤

I Wonder at Night

During the day, I am very busy. This is an extremely busy season of our lives. I keep busy, I have no choice. But at night, alone and quiet in my bed, the rest of the house asleep and dreaming sweet or weird dreams as they may. That is when my wondering happens. Right before dreams come to me, I have thoughts. I wonder about all kinds of things. Some are beautiful and good, magnificent and praiseworthy things. Some are dark and mysterious, bordering on temptations. And this is when I have to stop the turn made and double back to good again. I cannot do this on my own. The Holy Spirit in me is powerful enough to tame my rambling mind and kick out what was kicked out hundreds of times before and reverse direction to godly wonder. It is not for me to choose what to think about, it is for me to contritely obey God when He said to think about things that are good and honorable and praiseworthy. That was commanded. So I need to constantly check my thought wondering and especially at night when it is hardest, obey God with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit. He helps every time I really want Him to and convicts me when I don’t. What a gift He is!!❤❤❤

Realizing with Help that I Have Been Praying the Wrong Prayers

So, sometimes we need help. I asked a sister in Christ for help today. I generally just ask God for help. Today I was led to ask a sister in Christ for advice and received an encouraging true answer back in response. And it turns out my prayer has been ineffectual because I have been praying the wrong prayer. I thought it was one thing and it was something else. (I hate to be vague, but it is very personal but still want to share the praise.) In addition, she gave me great advice and actions to take aling with my prayer and fasting prayers. So I am over the top encouraged and am up for the long haul of a new prayer and action plan. And this is why we have a kingdom/church of heaven and not just individuals. Sometimes we need each other. Everyone has different gifts. And praise God for obedience in us and contrite hearts in us so we may do what He designed us to do and help each other out. Praise God Almighty!!! His design is perfect!!!😄❤❤❤

Fine, Not Fine

When someone says “I’m fine”, I know only one thing for certain… they are not fine. When someone is doing ok or well or great, they say so with those words. “Fine” is never fine. It is one of those polite words that has come to mean “I am very insecure/worries/stressed/ill/lonely/abandoned/neglected/angry right now and don’t really have a handle on it but I will say ‘fine’ to be left alone because I don’t want to talk about it and it is just being nice to say that”. If you ever want to test that, ask “Are you sure you are fine?” and look at the reaponse. If the response is emotional in any way, ya got your proof.

What do we do with “fine”? I have a teenage son now who is often “fine” and that is usually some freakish hormonal response of hanger or disappointment or injustice at some perceived fairness violation. And I probe as a good nosy mom and get an emotional response. So, obviously they want to not be “fine” but are too emotional in thr moment to deal with it objectively at that moment. So what do you do? How can we help?

I say now, “I love you and am here to talk whenever you want to.” And when the “fine” is adamant, I pray with him. This changes the perspective rather quickly and allows him to release enough stress to put it in proper perspective or talk about it or maybe even be fine after all. But a humble caring on their terms is invaluable. Generally, “I’m fine” responses are from a position of pride- false pride or selfishness- and humbleness is the cure, which is always true. And when faced with humble love, the pride cracks and the person has a chance at sharing. Then we can stay humble and help or pray with them or just listen. At least they will know we love them.❤