True Love Warts and All

To love someone is to know them and be appreciative of who they are, despite what they do. Some things warrant a calling out, but that is also love. Presentation is the key. But in God’s eyes and true love’s eyes (because God is love and truth so they are all the same), no ugly thing separates us from loving a person. Nothing is bigger than forgiveness. Nothing is so great that change is not an option. There is always hope. Love screams that in the night. Love pleads it in the darkest hours. “I am still here loving you! Even in such filth, I see the beauty of your original design and you are magnificent!!” We all screw up, some more than others but we all do. We always can choose to be good instead at any time and God and thus true love forgives and holds and comforts and cheers. I know this because God did that for me. He never left me alone, even when I screwed up so much I couldn’t see or feel Him. True love stays. It reminds of inner beauty, it encourages good behavior, it cradles in the hard places, it strengthens the soft ones. Being light to a dark world requires us to love truly like this, like God does. And if we haven’t the strength for it ourselves, no worries, He will give us more anytime we humbly ask Him to. He loves us after all. 🙂 ❤ ❤ 

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