Christmas Present and Christmas Past

So because our church had Christmas service this morning and we needed to be there to play in the band, we celebrated Christmas yesterday, on Christmas. And by us, I mean my husband, two kids, mom and myself. Tiny. Happy. Not quiet but peaceful. And there is a lot to be said for a birthday party celebration early because today was calmer and reflective and enjoying family time and new toys and relaxation. It is a beautiful thing. Might just make a thing of it. One restaurant we liked was open so we all dove into the buffet at Golden Corral after church and I didn’t even have to cook. So there is a calm in the house, especially now after I finished rearranging the family room to accommodate a new mounted on the wall smart tv, a little work. And we can play games and snack on homemade cookies and put on fingernail polish (yuck, not for me, for my daughter lol) and rest and ride bikes and play tennis and celebrate the beautiful Savior of the world’s birthday together. Love this day. Love it more now.


Christmas Ode to Readers

May your stocking be filled with warm, cozy feet and may your cup of cocoa be warm. May all that you unwrap be loved for the thought and may your best gifts be unbought, but wrapped in a spirit of live, joy and peace and complete with smile and warm hugs. And may you not ever forget you have God with you wherever you go! Merry Christmas, beautiful creation of God! Much happiness be to you and your family, even if it is just little like mine. God bless us everyone!!

Poem of Journeys

Life is not but a journey of growth.

The lessons they shape as onward we go

Past the darkness of valley, the triumph of peaks

And all through it, God’s presence we take

Though we may not feel it, we may feel on our own

And think that our heartbreak is borne all alone.

We must then dig much deeper still

Past the pain and emotions, past our great strength of will

And drop our defence and bend on our knees

And give God our broken and His love receive.

So cheer for your journey now and into the fog

Keep your head to the wind and your focus on God.

Passing People

People come and go in life. Some stay longer than others and some stay deeper than others. It is rare now to have someone stay forever, at least in my life. Family and a few best friends is all for me. Everyone else seems to just be temporal, whether I like it or not. And of the whole of the world, any of it, it only exists before you because God wishes it. He made everything and He designs and plans everything and that is that. We have little say about those facts. What we can control is how we are with those who cross our paths for however long that might be. And if we plant a seed or water a seed of Jesus in those people, we will have succeeded in God’s eyes. Do not take for granted you will have another chance to show someone God’s love. Love now whenever you can wherever you have a chance to. 

The Light of Christmas

Tonight we drove around and looked at the lights, stopped for pizza downtown and saw more lights. It was beautiful, serene (pretty hard to come by), calm, easy and hopeful. There may be evil pervading most areas but here right now there is a pervading calm and happiness. Because of light? Because one Light came to earth and shared Himself with the world. There is light and hope from Him still, harder to see sometimes, but right now as the dark grows darker, what light we have from Him still shines brighter. We have His light in us and it still offers hope and peace and joy and nothing can change that ever. That is truly beautiful and that is why we celebrate Christmas with Light. 🙂

Once Upon A Yesterday

I looked back for a minute. My yesterday’s were like a dream, sometimes a good one and sometimes a nightmare, but a dream it was. I have never had that ability some possess of living in their past, living yesterday’s as though they were todays. My very vivid imagination and very vivid visual mind and thinking are so busy with now that they very rarely function in real time with past memories. I remember them but I can count on one hand how many memories are vivid, most are dreamlike, like that weird fuzzy cloud surrounding them they used to use on sit coms of old. I have some friends who have the uncanny ability to be present in the past and that fascinates me. It seems their imagination and memory is just as vividly real in yesterdays, even many yesterday’s ago as it is today and they almost prefer to live there sometimes. It is amazing. Generally for me, out of sight is out of mind. Great for being fully present in any current situation but horrible for remembering to take medicine if someone put it in the cabinet. Lol. God made us all so different. Recent past of course linger for me but only carries on so long and then memories are dreamlike snippets of good or bad or indifferent clips that happened a long time ago. The depth of my soul hold the spirit, connects deeply with those I love and they are always with me but the specifics (which are always rather overlooked truth be told) fade out. And I have a friend who can remember specifics of an incident or conversation seventeen years ago at a certain time and date like it was yesterday. My jaw drops every time. Not only can I not remember most of the time, but I think I would go stark raving mad if I did, my mind is so busy all the time with current situations and loved ones’ problems and care. So here is the point. God makes people to have different areas of focus for different reasons and important duties in His kingdom. God expects us to help each other and work with the gifts we are given for Him and other people and our own sanity really. No one is any better than anyone else and we must accept these differences within each other and appreciate them because together we are fulfilling our innate drive and God’s plan for all of us. We are here to worship and serve God together not do a series of comparisons. We are each made perfectly by are perfect God for what He made us for. Let’s appreciate each other. 

No Woman, No Cry

I love Bob Marley’s songs, for the most part, love reggae too. It is happy music. Even sad lyrics sound happy to a reggae beat, ever notice that? It breathes life into an old idea. And I love his song No Woman, No Cry. It reminds me that a real man cares for his woman. Very few people seem settled within themselves to be content with one person for a long time. And with everyone their own God or at the minimum selfish and prideful, it is only the morally upright and others-orientated and God fearing/serving that stand a chance. Compromises must be made by both parties. Many of my friends and I in times past have cried at the insensitivity and selfishness of her spouse. I am sure that is visa versa also I hear lesson that. And it is sad when two grown up people can’t be big enough to drop the pride down and lift their spouse up. It is sad. But there is hope because God is still on the throne. And God will sometime relatively soon come on back and we will not cry again. It is a beautiful thought.