Quilt Progress, Pine Tree and Moon

Never thought I would like such a dark block but I believe this is what hope looks like visually. Darkness may be all around, but Jesus is our bright light like the moon here that makes it all right. Happy place. ❤ 

Growing a Tree

When we want to grow a tree, the very first thing you need is knowledge of which tree does well in which zone or environment and which will get along well with the environment and critters living there. You need knowledge of shading, root growth, needs and requirements of the tree for growth, etc. Next is digging the right sized hold for the tree and pouring the right blend of fertilizers in the hole and water and great soil in an idral location for your tree. Then you either buy a sapling or the seed if really ambitious or buy a tree start or spend a fortune on one already big. Then you plant with great care, keeping the roots damp and happy as you go. You fill in around it with great dirt and water it again around and tamp or pack it down. Then you protect from critters as needed and keep watering as needed and fertilizing along the way as needed as it takes root. And all this can be found about anywhere and is not even that interesting unless it is your tree. But I wrote all this as a metaphor. The tree could be your dream, your marriage, your children, your spiritual walk with Christ, whatever you need it to be. But the point is that anything really worth most to you in the world is never an overnight thing. There are steps, plans, a certain order of things that the farmer/gardener/God knows that sometimes we have to trust and obey and just patiently wait and we will get there. God knows what He is doing and loves us. Keep trusting acndnd obeying and His goal for you will be accomplished and flourish/thrive. We may only see this step but trust that He knows them all and will keep giving us the next step as He finishes helping us with this one. Keep focusing on the Gardener/God. He knows.

The Lighter Side of Tree Frogs

In Florida, we have these adorable little green tree frogs. A day before or the same day that rain is coming, these adorable critters bark. It sounds like a bark. Before I heard it for myself, I would not have believed it. I heard it and saw it and then knew for a fact that tree frogs bark to warn you that rain is coming. Barking frogs. Now, doesn’t that crack you up? And even better, tree frogs eat mosquitoes!! Score!! I just wanted to share that. Praise God for making barking frogs! What a hoot.