A New Year Amidst Changes

We brought thr New Year in yesterday with a day of music, dancing, joy, laughter and mourning. Yes, there was mourning as well. My dear Uncle Nick passed into heaven in the morning. My dear, sweet friend’s Granny passed also. So the mourning is for the loss of them on this earth, even though we know there is joy in their presence in Heaven with Jesus. We will miss them. But Newness of the year was celebrated, as the show must go on and many were joyful because of our music and work. So change was a part of the start of the year on its onset. And my hope is that God is always prominent in all we do so we keep Him closer than ever in the forefront of our being. Then whatever tides roll and shift, we are secure in the closeness to Him who is bigger than it all.❤❤❤

Happy New Year Blessing!

I will be too busy tomorrow to blog, so I wanted to bestow upon you my blessing for your New Year 2019. Here is my blessing for you:

May you stay close to God and grow even closer to Jesus Christ every day.

May the journey He leads you on be filled with faith and hope every day.

May truth be unavoidable and overtly attractive in every aspect of your thoughts and actions every day.

May the Light and witness of Jesus in your life shine out brightly every day.

May you always see God’s goodness and blessings and worship Him no matter what happens every day.

May you make a difference for God’s kingdom every day.

May you stay humble and pray all day every day.

May the peace and joy and love of God be so strong in you that it trumps everything else every day.

May God be first in your life all day every day.

May you know what a treasure God made you to be and how loved you are every day.

May you smile and laugh every day.😄❤

Another Day

So, today my daughter and I made a bunny family out of 3 socks, rice, rubber bands, ribbon and fabric markers. We live the Magyver craft project youtube hacks. Lol. So, I decided to do that rather than take a much needed nap after last night’s extremely late night. So, apparently I am better to my children than myself. And I am glad of that. Serving others makes me happy, serving myself rarely does. Like my dad always said, “I can rest in heaven.” So, hope your New Year is bringing you joy and peace so far. Don’t forget to thank God for getting us through another year. Maybe talk a bit more with Him also and maybe read thr Bible a bit today before the day is out. God bless and keep you. Trust Him (and pretty much no one else). Love to you. ❤

Happy New Year!!!

So, Happy New Year!!! ❤ 

I started the New Year with reaching 20,000 views on my blog and that is really cool. So, I am thankful for all of you who have shared ideas with me and allowed me to share mine too. It is beautiful. Love to you and may God bless and keep you this year!!!❤

New Year Resolutions

So perhaps I am a little old, but I realize each year that there is nothing significant in a day unless you believe it is so and make it significant. Nothing happens unless you make it happen… one of Newton’s Laws. New Year’s day is just another day unless you want a change to happen in some way and need some excuse for that to happen. That is why resolutions generally don’t work for longer than your attention span. I believe that is not cynical so much as realistic. I believe you can’t make a wish things will change but refuse to commit to backing it up. I need to lose a few pounds, but vowing to stop eating or worse, taking a pill to make it magically evaporate, is pathetic and ineffective if in place of committing myself to improved health because I want to be a better, healthier, more energetic child of God. So, the resolution should be a deeper change, something which promotes lasting change and betterment. Something like praying every day, reading one chapter of the Bible every day, forgiving someone, wanting to please God, helping people every day, using gifts or talents to do good, etc. And we can make that change any single day of our lives and we must every day of our lives. I like how the singer Carolyn Arends sang it, “This will be my resolution, every day is New Year’s Day”. Every day, every hour, every minute is an opportunity to start again and be intentional. In fact, to be effective, it must be so.❤

My New Year’s Resolutions

I will do less that doesn’t matter am more that does.

I will be a better servant of God, my family and humanity.

I will teach my children meaningful lessons.

I will strive to honor God in everything I do and say.

The past is gone, the present is a gift worthy of intention, respect and appreciation and is in God’s hands, and the future is in God’s hands.❤

This Brand New Year

So, here we have 2017. It is January 1, 2017. I am 42 for a couple of months more and ho estly, I never thought I would still be alive at this age when I was younger. Lol But as it stands for today at least, I am still here as we all are. 🙂 So, having that in common, I am happy to share also with you my interest (as you also probably hold also) in making this year much better than last year, which had great moments but largely sucked. So here we are. I am happy to report that my day today was infinitely better than many days last year. We brought in the year singing and playing keys and dancing with our band family and a few hundred friends following our lead in celebration. We sang the songs, danced the danced and had a ball. Literally, it was a very fun ball. 🙂 And today, we took a week off of the band at church as they hired a substitute band so we could catch a break, so we slept in longer than we have in a while and went to IHOP for brunch and lazed about the rest of the day, planning the year, planning house projects (sexy huh? but for us is a good time) and changed the air conditioner filters. In between, I hung out and prayed and napped on the bistro porch swing for a couple hours (my favorite room of the house lol). Why am I telling you all this? Because today is a day of hope, a moment of renewal. I intend to stop pining about what was lost, despite its magnitude, and forge on with hope and fun and promise and sometimes those days that seem lazy really are all those things and the reason we are where we are and have greater meaning because of the incredible things we went through to get here. I am choosing, in other words, to put the past in the behind and use the power of what was lost to increase the value and preciousness of what remains. I invite you to do the same. It is a brand new day, a brand new year, and each and every one from here on out is a new opportunity to pour your energy into the right now and plan a little ahead if you’d like. Make it an adventure, make it an opportunity, make it dang fun. Accept no opposition. Accept no distraction and interference. Do at least one act of service for God every day, encourage someone at least once a day, love yourself, pray every day, work up a sweat every day, enjoy some moment of pleasure every day, live life fully. What an amazing time to be alive. We positive followers of God shine like lights! Shine yours so brightly people have to wear sunglasses! Live on, baby! Rock on!!!! XO