Loving the Children

Jesus loves children. So do I. I am a really old one myself. It is beautiful the newness of everything, the awe ar discovery, the preciousness of every minute, the here and now of it all, the faith and trust and wanting to please. There is a sacredness, a preciousness, an innocence to it all. It is endearing. I love leading these precious ones in worship to our Maker. Oh how they are eager to sing! To praise! To be heard! We need to keep them protected and out of harm’s way the best we can. Anyone who harm’s or wounds or warps a child should be severely punished now and if unrepentant will definitely be punished for an eternity. Anyone who kills a child (even an unborn baby) should have the same fate given to them, but that is my opinion because I share Jesus’ heart in matters of loving children. He never sent them away, always had time for them, encouraged their faith. I imagine he smiled so big when a child wondered after a butterfly, realizing He made them for just such a child to enjoy. Children are treasures. Teaching mine at home has been such at rich blessing for me. Leading worship also blesses me. I am mom first and foremost, always have been, always will be. If I could, my house would be full of them. As it is, we always end up with several around. God bless the children!! ❤

God Bless the Hot Tub

So today is build dat for the back patio to become a sunroom which will house as new hot tub. Of course in FL, we rarely need the heater, but in winter we will use that too. And God has pouted out His blessings on us over and over, as it is costing about half of what we thought and we are doing a lot of things too. It is something to look forward ti, to be calmed and soothed by, to help alleviate muscle pain and aches Steve is experiencing. It will be an enormous blessing and pain reliever, Lord willing. So not much work on the quilt today, but there is a wonderful reason for taking a break and working elsewhere for the day. Thank you, loving God who provides!!!

Clearing the Head

Today was a head clearing day. Most of it was mental. But for me, mental precedes everything else and tends to get the most cluttered. I have a conversation prepared if I ever speak with a particular person again. That is done. One less thing floating around my head. Also, I laid all my quilt blocks and planned exactly what needs to be done to get it together. That is checked off my mental cargo hold. I spent a lot of extra special time with Kathleen today, which she has needed and it had been weighing on me. That is checked off with a concerted effort to keep that up. Several other things were talked out with God on 3 mile walk this morning, so that was special and decluttered a bunch of little things. So declutter in my mind was my theme today. It was completely unintentional and I just realized it myself and feel unburdened so I know it was a gift from God. So I feel so very blessed. Praise God!!

Blessing of Motion 

It is beautiful to move. 3 miles this morning. About a mile pushing the mower lol. More walking at the park with my daughter later in and a good swim. I am happy to be motile and am thankful God has made us healthy and movable. How boring would it be to stay in the same spot all day? How thankful I am just to be able to move around and exercise. We must count our blessings. There is a good one… motion. ☺❤

Walking with God

I walk in the mornings again, back to my normal routine. And while I walk, I have time to contemplate life. This morning I simply walked with God. I worshiped, I chatted, I appreciated, and it makes me very joyful to spend one on one time with my Maker/Heavenly Father. I know He knows every tiny detail of my life and heart and has chosen to love me anyway. Other people care about me, a few even love me and that is so beautiful, but I doubt even the greatest person on earth could still love me knowing every detail of my life and heart. At least one thing would be off putting or they would run screaming into the hills. Well, maybe not that bad lol. But it is a beautiful thing to know and speak with God who made us all and tells me in His Bible that He is my Heavenly Father and loves me not matter what. Who loves like that? Think about it because He loves you like that. Of course He wants us to humbly obey because His holiness demands justice but we do our best and pray and ask forgiveness and He forgives AND forgets. Amazing! God is soooooo good! I love Him. I would encourage you to take a walk or sit a spell with God today and find a time to do it every day. He blesses and rewards such obedience. 

Thankful Moment

For this moment, I just wanted to thank God for the passion for writing. Really, He gave me a desire to write and share that is unquenchable unless I do so, a built in drive, I guess. I thank Him! And I thank you, brother, sisters, friends for reading what I wrote. WordPress was kind enough to inform me that I just reached 10,000 views. That boggles my mind. I do pray about what I write and I pray for those reading it to be encouraged and helped by it and blessed in general. So I do not take lightly this act of love and drive and passion, and I am honored and thankful that God blesses this little girl I am, the littlest of girls. I wanted to share my thankful moment. May you be blessed by God and come to a deeper relationship with Him every day! Keep praying! Keep reading your Bible! To God be all glory!