Little League Baseball

There is something pure about little league baseball, something wonderfully American, simple, heart-warming. It is like a return to innocence, good clean fun, great sport. Exercise with exciting moments and fun teamwork. No tech, no tvs, no inflated entertainment required, just pure fun. American. Lovely. I am blessed to have both kids in baseball. They love it and I love that they love it. I enjoyed it at their ages and it is super cool they can have that same great experience. Blessings.❤


Rain Check

We were going to go bass fishing today. Yes, the weather guys said rain but they are wrong about half the time, so we were playing the odds. We lost. Rain, rain, rain. And cold. Boy, we’re they right this time. And we have a rain check and will try another day. My son is interested in fishing and I am interested in grilling some fresh fish for lunch, so there you have it. Some day soon we will fish. Today, we will hold our rain checks and play some board games and watch a red box movie with popcorn. These things are best to do on a rainy day, so rain checks are welcome here. Have a beautiful day filled with blessings from God. ❤

Mid- Morning Outings

So, we went out to pick up our equipment from the NYE gig and unexpectedly met up with our band brother and went out to brunch. What a nice treat! It is often when steadily doing the work that God sends a blessing. I never received a blessing when laying around doing nothing. I believe God blesses those who get put and do something, just an observation from my own life. ❤

Awake at 5:30am

Why my body woke me at 5:30am is a complete mystery to me. It is not welcome nor necessary, but awake I am nonetheless. So, I prayed. There must be a reason. As I accumulate time to my lifespan, I realize there is a reason for every little thing. Our greater than amazing God created all of us and designated stars/galaxies/weather/body systems/organisms to operate just so to perpetuate life and love and energy. If He does all that so utterly perfectly, there are no mere coincidences in His order. He answers prayer. Think how incredible and mystifying that is in the whole scheme of things! What a loving mighty God we serve. He actually hears the prayer of His children and answers. Wow! So, I guess even comprehending and sharing that is a good enough reason to be awake this precious but ungodly hour. That being accomplished, I will pray more and lay back down. God bless you and keep you and shine His glory on you today. Have a beautiful, intentional day!❤

Another Day

So, today my daughter and I made a bunny family out of 3 socks, rice, rubber bands, ribbon and fabric markers. We live the Magyver craft project youtube hacks. Lol. So, I decided to do that rather than take a much needed nap after last night’s extremely late night. So, apparently I am better to my children than myself. And I am glad of that. Serving others makes me happy, serving myself rarely does. Like my dad always said, “I can rest in heaven.” So, hope your New Year is bringing you joy and peace so far. Don’t forget to thank God for getting us through another year. Maybe talk a bit more with Him also and maybe read thr Bible a bit today before the day is out. God bless and keep you. Trust Him (and pretty much no one else). Love to you. ❤

The Words Heard Around the World

Friends from 74 countries have read my words this month. Which means my words have travelled much more than I have this year. Lol. It is beautiful, the power of the written word that connects and heals and moves beyond borders made by man. The word has power to go beyond boundaries we contrive and share thoughts and emotions to people we could not otherwise ever meet. What a wonder! That is why God wrote the Bible also. It has lasted all these centuries and still powerfully conveys truth in thought and emotion to everyone who can read or be read to. So fantastic are words. So utterly perfect. God bless you this New Year!!! May God’s Word recapture your heart and eye and may your words inspire you and those who read them.❤