Today’s Grace

So, a few good things happened today. I bleached then washed and scrubbed the windows and will re-caulk them once they have dried. Cracks have developed and one coat is not enough in Florida, folks. Also, we are insulating our electrical outlets that are on outside walls. We are insulating thr sliding patio doors and adding a new threshold to our front door and complete the replacement of our lights to LEDs. And whenever they get around to it, the installers will be here of a new solar turbo attic fan to reduce the power use and strain of the air conditioner to work. All these things are paying for themselves in no time at all and will complete our home to an energy efficient one. And that to me is the grace of God at work. He provides blessings to lift n our burdens- spiritual first and then that trickles down to financial and physical. And I want you to know that God provides what we need when we need it if we stay close to Him and stay humble. He truly rewards the pure in heart with the greatest rewards. I would be ok with heaven sometimes, an eternity with Him. But His grace and provision do not ever stop, know no bounds. He keeps loving, keeps giving, keeps blessing, keeps forgiving, keeps improving us. Wish everyone could see it, wish everyone could be filled with humility and draw close to Jesus and see it all. It is beautiful! Oh how I love Him.❤


Fence Phase 1 Nearly Complete

Now, our beautiful fence is definitely a gift from God. Here are the pictures. And now, when I look out the window, I see a beautiful fence and not many faces and cars coming and going I don’t know as well as kinda sketchy neighbors I do know. Just adds to the happy peaceful place God provided for us to grow up. God is such a great Father.😄❤

Meeting a Friend

There is no substitute for meeting with a friend. I met with my friend today at the park and am so so very blessed to have done so. Friendships are a gift from God and true ones are few and far between. Something to treasure and value and life is just so rich for having them. Yes, I can thrive with Jesus but I am sure happy to be able to do so alongside someone else. 😄❤

At the Beach

So we took a family vacation to the beach for a few days. I know, driving 1 1/2 hours to the beach is not such a big deal as some people have to travel to get there, but this vacation was special. It marked the first time the kids were old enough to send them out without us so they didn’t have to wait for me to finish making the sandwiches and things thus no guilt. Yay! Also, we are right on the beach with our motel and can see the kids on thr beach just ten yards or so from the balcony so they can test their independence without me losing site of them should a problem arise. It helps that they swim like fish and know self-defense (we have role played many potential problems and what to do and I taught them what my dad taught me). Lol. So, here is the very first beach or any vacation for that matter, where I can vacation too. I can relax. I can even, as I did yesterday, take a walk on thr beach alone and watch the sunset. That was the most beautiful sunset of my life. I thought for a moment about who would love to see that sunset and them let it all go and just basked in the glory of God’s work and paint job. It was truly divine. I was blesses to see His magnificent work and so blessed to be refreshing with family and Him! God is so very good!!❤❤❤

Band Blessings

I am in thr best band of my life. I have had good bands, but this current band is phenomenal. We are all good musicians, not perfect but good, but when we play together, something extraordinary happens and everyone feels and knows it both within our band and those listening. Every gig we have done has gotten three or four more gigs and rave reviews. Never before have things clicked like this and you cannot believe how deeply I am grateful to God for it, the Giver of all good. 😄 ❤

The Gift of a Day With my Daughter

I know it seems like I am always with my kids, and I pretty much am. But today was special. My son was at his dad’s and my husband was working at church so Kathleen and I had a special day together. So after cleaning together (yes, we had to do real life first), we went swimming, drew together, watched a movie together, colored and chatted. I dismissed the phone and all tech and we hung out. Nothing extraordinary but what a precious treasure! She is a remarkable girl and it was a treasure to have a girls’ day. And I loved it. And I will make a day happen with me and my son soon because what a great way to show love to my children than just hang out for a day. So precious. And how cool it is that God, our Heavenly Father, longs for that time with us too. Such an extraordinary thought. We are so very blessed!❤

Little League Baseball

There is something pure about little league baseball, something wonderfully American, simple, heart-warming. It is like a return to innocence, good clean fun, great sport. Exercise with exciting moments and fun teamwork. No tech, no tvs, no inflated entertainment required, just pure fun. American. Lovely. I am blessed to have both kids in baseball. They love it and I love that they love it. I enjoyed it at their ages and it is super cool they can have that same great experience. Blessings.❤