The Blessings of Friendship

I am so very honored to have a best friend of 40 years!! She has been my best friend since we were 3, and we went to church and school together. And we have been a short bike ride and we’ve been hundreds of miles apart from each other but it never takes but a prayer or voice on the phone or text to bring us right back to the running conversation. And we miss Jody, who used to be one of us, but we are thankful for each other. We have unique issues we pray over each other about. And we have sometimes been weak in our faith at different times and helped encourage each other in the truth. And I am eternally thankful to God for the blessing of her in my life. We needed each other and still do.  God always provides. I am so very glad He does!!! Thank you, Shawn, for being the constant human in my life, best friend second only to Jesus! Love you!❤


Working Alone

Today, Joe was helping someone else so I worked alone. Steve was helping our band drumming brother move things out of storage (he is selling a restaurant kitchen full of stuff if anyone is looking to start a restaurant) so he was gone all day. Earlier, I worked on my quilt a few hours and then got to work. After school, while Kat cleaned her room, Zach vacuummed for me. Thank God they can help now! And I, all alone, pulled up 8 of the trunks of established jasmine roots (they root and grow thick and crazy like Madusa’s hair). And I dug out some grass and dirt and round the ditch for too much dirt was still getting into the ditch and clogging it up. And I worked on preparing the garden area. That was enough. It was a lot. I am feeling it now. But thank God for hard labor. I love the challenge of it and sense of accomplishment that it brings. And I love God who gives us health and ability to work. It is such a blessing to work. It is wonderful!❤

Quilt Progress- Still Tying

With an enormous sidetrack of our hurricane Irma and subsequent cleanup and maintenance (the air condenser going out last night as our most recent sidetrack), I have been tying the quilt together as I have been able to. And now, I am happy to say, I started tying my last row. There is an end in sight! So excited. And I will have the quilt finished before I need it for warmth in our 3 days and 5 nights of winter here in Florida. Lol. I will be finished soon and will show you when it is completed. I love it still and every time I see it, it reminds me of great moments in my physical and spiritual life and feel so blessed. Quilting allows such individual expression of artistry that despite the extensive time involved, I absolutely love it! I had someone ask if I did commissioned quilts for people, and I was thankful for that because this is only my fourth ever (one was a small pillow quilt for my baby nephew and two for my kids). But it would take a lot of money to get me to pour out time into someone else’s story, giving up time with my family. It is beautiful though to think of that way. And maybe when the kids are out of the house, should the Lord wait that long to come and get us. (I doubt that He would wait so long, could be today or tomorrow, no one knows but God.) Anywho, quilt is still in the works and I will snap some pics when she is finished. Love you and God bless! ❤

Concrete Footers

So today was fun. Last night after our day work (putting up an outer form for concrete footers to be poured), I cut out sod to use as the inside border of our concrete footers. And we mixed and poured concrete and leveled it out. This concrete footer will be the base for a paver retaining wall for the dirt around our oak tree. Another way we are trying to keep any chance of flooding to a minimum in the future. (And it will be pretty.) So that was a new experience and I was blessed to be a part of it. Love hard physical labor. I should have gone into construction and landscaping instead of medicine. It is so satisfying and therapeutic! Do not understand when people don’t want to work. Work is a glorious gift from God. The ability to do work is an enormous blessing!!❤

A New Experience with Old Remembrances

So my ex (my son’s dad) started a new job driving a bus from hotels to the four major Disney theme parks. Tonight, we dropped my son off to ride around with him for a few hours to have time together without his new wife, quite literally the wicked stepmother from Cindarella and her ilk. And so it was new. We rode around exploring restaurants and shops and Disney Springs area while they rode on. It was quite a new experience to everyone’s contentment and happiness. And old remembrances washed over us as afterward we ate at Ponderosa, which I did not know still existed and which tastes exactly the same as I remember it from my childhood with daddy. ❤ And I tell you again and again that God is exquisitely good and it was again very good day with Him. Oh how I love God who continues to bless, regardless of what else goes on in the world. God blesses us as He blessed King Hezekiah who obeyed Him. It is truly a wonder how greatly God blesses, hears and protects those who obey and sincerely want to please Him!❤❤❤

Working Good & Hard

Hurricane Irma did a wonderful thing for me. I should say that God did a wonderful thing through Hurricane Irma. He laid down the short front and long side jasmine walls. Now we get to put up a fence! Two walls front and back of jasmine gone! My nemesis is lessened and more time is freed up. And we will have a great fence for a dog. So exciting! So worked my tail off today cutting and removing the jasmine from the wire and it was really hard work but so good because I know eventually I will have much less maintenance work! Yay! I feel so blessed and thank God He strengthens me. More to go tomorrow, should be done by the end of the week and a new fence put in behind me. Yay!!!❤

Encouragement & Other Surprises

My secondary love language is words of affirmation. I think that is because criticism was always heavy in the air and my ears growing up and all the way until now. I have my best friend (I live you, Shawn!) and a few friends here or there who encouraged, mostly church and band and lately blogging family has been my greatest source of encouragement and for that I am so grateful. But lately, people are so pressed by the enemy and cares of this life and so distracted or fantasied away that, confirming the end times where people are lovers of selves and looking to their own interests, have been largely silent in the encouragement department. So when I hear words of affirmation/encouragement/good truth, I am greatly surprised. But the beauty of that is that when I do hear those words, like tonight from my husband, I know I am on the right track, doing the right things to be a light and encouragement enough to cause someone to feel and be blessed enough to speak it. It means more now because it is so rare. So praise God for that!!! ❤❤❤