Somewhere in the World

Somewhere in the world

There is a quiet noise of nature.

Flowers wave their proud, beautiful faces at the wind,

Trees shade the grateful ground,

Mossy banks frame a healthy trickling stream.

And somewhere in heaven is a similar scene,

There has to be for such a scene

Is heaven to me here, such lavish pause

Somewhere in the world.


Thrown Away

Thrown away, the soul dejected

Lost, alone, the heart does cry

The fit of loss is hard lifted

The burdened pain of love passed by.

And yet is hope, I hear it singing

Fading in from miles away

Call of trump and future mansion 

Jesus beckons me to His day.

Never think a loss is wasted.

Never wonder at pain you bear.

Bow in prayer to One who know all

And think on Him and He is there.❤

Never Alone; Trust God!

I am So Thankful

I am so thankful for all my blessings God has given to me and my family.

I am so thankful for all of the trials and losses for they are a part of me.

I am so thankful for the health of us all and for my little family I love.

And I am so thankful for friends that I love and the friends God sent from above.

But most of all, that no matter what bad, no matter the loss and betrayal

And no matter who fails or if I fail myself, I am so thankful God never will fail.

I am so thankful that Jesus Christ came as Messiah to save all of us

For He brought us hope and showed love despite us and gave the reason to be thankful.❤❤❤


When showing ducks, the foxes love to participate in the judging.

They enjoy the details and particulars and love to see them sunning.

The foxes judge with the bunnies and smile and joke a lot

And soon they accept the foxes and excuse their prior plots.

So elated were the other judges of the ducks with both fox judges

And so enjoying the slights they brought to them, the fudges,

That when the ducks were showing off their wondrous plumes and dives

They counted a few less of them than written, yes, fewer lives.

It was official, some of the ducks were reported to be missing

And when a youth said tales of fox tails seen about their dress rooms

It seemed so preposterous and was dismissed as muse.

Whoever heard of a fox, after all, disturbing a duck he was judging?

And they with so clever the words and so many nice teats for their pleasing. 


When spouse would rather undress a fantasy girl

And find satisfaction with the unreal airbrushed instead

A part of their relationship dies and lonely lies

And more and more of that trust is dead.

But one thing I remember when these thoughts arise

One simple thought helps me to survive

God can heal any deep inflicted pains

Not in man but my trust in God alone remains. ❤

Something About the Night

There’s something about the night

About being alone in a bed

That throws loneliness at your feet

And drowns the laughter.

There is something about the night

Alone and cold and stark

That I should be happy about

But it still always feels a struggle.

There is something about the night

That weighs heavy on my heart

Of feeling unloved, unwanted

Of cuddling up alone.

But with God, there is no night.

He lights it with His calm.

The day is always there with Him

The night must flee it’s course.

So I cling to God in the night.

He pampers my soul and spirit.

The flesh may always burn with want

But my soul and spirit are free

Of the great pain of the night.

So to God I put all my trust.

And I will choose to listen

To the voice of peace and reason

And God will bring me comfort.❤

Greedy Fingers

Greedy fingers grab for more,

Never are content.

One person’s stuff they have to have

Never quite content.

Formulating how to get

More of everything,

They set out to abolish peace

Just so they succeed.

Narcissistic are these lost, sad souls;

They should not marry

For who can love them more than they

Who take more than they carry.

Stay away from greedy ones

They destroy in moments

What took you years to save up for

To them it is their dues.

Do not be like them, dearest friends,

Enjoy what you are given.

Appreciate all that you own

And wait for gold ’til heaven.❤