Reminder That God Answers Humble, Faith-Filled Prayers

Just wanted to remind you, in this extraordinarily distracting and busy world, that God is still in control and always answers humble, faith-filled prayers. That has not ever changed because He does not change, His faithful, loving character dictates this. God hears you. He knows you by name and how many hairs are on your head (or legs if hair on the head is sparse lol) in a given moment. We must remember through the distractions and cares and worries and busy-ness that fact, that truth. Pray and believe it. Pray that God will send the cold front faster so Dorian turns sooner to do less damage. Then believe He will do it. And pray believing and with humbleness and a right, purified-by-Jesus mind and He will answer that prayer. This is how He works and it is an excellent example. Works in any circumstance. He wants us to remember, have faith and be humble. The God who has upheld and protected the great, beautiful state of Israel, still upholds us also. He is so very good and His grace, love and mercy are very generous to us who pray. Remember that always and get praying for this Dorian situation and any needs you have. Be saved, humble and have faith and God will answer. Every time this is true. He loves us so much!❤

Never Forget the Bad

The wounds you bore, the mistakes you made, the pain you survived, every tear cried, never forget. But remember for the right reasons. Remember that the enemy and bad choices made all those things but God has healed them all or is in the process of it as soon as you humbly ask Him to. Remember where you have been in order to bring glory to God for getting you through and saving your soul for eternity from such devastation. Never forget what God has brought you through. Forget to glorify God and forgive it all, even yourself, and then deny these things power over your present, learning that God’s salvation and life is far greater for you and for eternity. I am proud of where I have been because praise God He got me through them wiser and humbler. Our history needs to be reflected on sometimes not to go back or grow bitter but to forgive and realize what God brought us through and never to go back to it. Forgetting or drowning the past in distractions or drugs/addictions of choice prevent the full lesson. Sometimes greater than the pain of that time is the longer drawn out pain of remaining there and not allowing God to heal you and complete the leason. People believe the lie that it will hurt more but the truth is that God frees completely. ❤

Watch “Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton – Just A Fool (Unofficial Music Video)” on YouTube

So, this song has been on my mind lately. The thing is that when you accumulate some years during “maturity”, you reminisce in quiet moments. You regret some. You appreciate others. You wonder at your own sanity or insanity when the opposite would have been called for at different times. You get why you are largely alone now, preferring the stability of a few close friends to popularity from the world of strangers and denegration. And it hits you that although the past may hold most of your ambitions and loves and passionate pursuits and hard times and incredibly amazing and perfect moments, all of it accumulated to get you to the most important moment of our life… the NOW. And you may have left some love out there floating around, rejected for a while but you know remembered by them now and again, and you may have left some pretty harsh treatment being forgiven beyond deserving, that God brought you to this place to forgive now and love who you can now. Better. Bigger. With maybe less ambition but much more wise fervor. And maybe, now, as He has blessed you with survival and presence, you can give God back some love He gave you through it all. He has been your constant, precious friend. He is the Lover our souls all wanted and still want. And treasure your precious gift that everything else has led to… NOW. ❤❤❤

When I Walk the Country Road

I am unapologetically a nature girl. I am most alive outside, most happy dirty, most energetic working outside and most artistically worshipful surrounded by God’s designs and colors, touching His textures. I could live outdoors, rustic (no tech or electricity) camping is my favorite vacation. So when I walk down a country road, I am immediately the energetic, confident, loving, worshipful, poetic, artistic, powerful, fun girl again absolutely full of life and love and harmony with nature. It takes me back there, to before evil spots, dark places, bad experiences, grief, loss, etc. Walking down a country road for me is purifying to my soul and restorative to my essence. I am me again in the presence of God, purified and focused again, belting out new praise songs that pop into my head, dancing with the movement of the wind. I am that little girl who spent time alone with God again and His world. I am immediately reminded what is important and benidicial and what has to go, like doubt or worry or sorrow or anger. These melt away. The joy and peace and love and hope is left, faith and trust in God. And everyone has their walk down a country road. Some people’s is revisiting a familiar place from the past or going fishing or hitting a baseball straight down center or sitting quietly alone in prayer. Whatever you need to do to remember, do it because sometimes we need to go back and be reminded who we were originally made to be and the incredible Who who made us. ❤❤

Remembering the Forgetful

Daddy has dementia. He forgets now. He does not remember special days anymore. He does not remember what day or year it is readily. He does not remember how some people are connected. He remembers me. Daddy never forgot things or people until lately. He always knew everything about everything. He remembered everything at exactly the right time. He knew important dates. He reminded me of these things. Now I remind him. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t. The majority of the time now, Daddy’s remembrances are of his family of 6 together in the farmhouse, working the land, milking the cows, fighting his (at the time of these remembrances) alcoholic father to keep him from hurting his mom because he was a mean drunk. He remembers God and his hope for heaven. He will go there one day. He has been dreaming about that with his vivid dreams. Daddy forgets much now. I help him remember. I help him remember to smile and laugh, something that thankfully comes easily to him now. I remind him of good times, moments with Uncle Buddy before he died young of leukemia, moments with Aunt Barb and Aunt MaryLynn, moments of singing at church, moments at the wheel of a tractor. I remind him to remember. I remember for us both. He feels useless now. I remind him of his power. He feels helpless. I remind him how much he always helped everyone. He feels dumb for forgetting. I remind him of his intelligence in working and fixing machines with no education for it. He remembers to love me. I remember to remind him that I love him and will always do so. I thank God for my time with this amazing man who forgets but will always be remembered.

The Lonely Lie

A popular temptation the enemy attempts to snag us with is that lie of loneliness. It is a lie because no matter what we are going through, others are going through exactly the same thing. No matter if our bed is unshared with another or not, we never sleep alone. No matter how raw your heart is or dry like a desert, we are never without a listening ear or loving Comforter. No matter what sin type you gravitate towards, you are not the only one sinning like that at that exact moment and you never sin alone. The thing is that we are never alone. Ever. We are in fact always in the presence of the angels and the Holy Spirit. And when we pray, we converse with the One always with us and seeing us and knowing us best. In fact, the One who made and loves us a whole bunch never leaves us and is always faithful and loving and good, even when we are not, and we are not. So, when you feel alone, it is important to remember that that feeling is a choice you are making to be deceived and isolated on purpose because it is far from the truth. God is always with you. God is always with me. God is there wherever we are, no matter what we are doing and He loves us best and biggest in the world. And yes, sometimes it feels like He is the only One, but when that One is the loving and all powerful God and Creator of the universe, we are still rich with that Friend. Do not allow the enemy to win a round because you purposely choose to believe his lie and decide you are all you’ve got in this world and even that is bad. No, no, no. Just say no to the lie of loneliness, pick up your Bible and read for yourself how secure we are in His constant companionship. Remember Whose you are. God did not make us and then fling us away to our own devises. We are lovingly nurtured, sometimes disciplines and always guided toward growth and blessing (which can take the easy or hard way). We are not without resources either. We have at our every humble request a Heavenly Father who will hold our hurting souls in His gigantic but gentle arms and heal us and make it all better. He is peace in the storm and light in the dark. You are never alone. I am never alone. Sometimes we want arms, but a soul hug is much more fulfilling and the arms will come when the time is right. Just know that we are never alone.

Good Days

Today, I choose to focus on the lighter and happier side of life. I will dwell on grapes without seeds and blueberries the kids and I picked together and swimming together in the ocean. I will purposely remember our St. Augustine vacation and seeing dolphins swimming in the Intercoastal. I will remember playing for hours upon hours at the park as a child and never being the least bit bored by the same eight pieces of plain metal playground equipment. I remember church youth group parties with the Earnest boys and watching their home made movies that spoofed Pee Wee Herman. I will dwell on past musical dramas I was in as a child with my friends and am directing now with other kids who are now friends. I will cling to happy rains where the sun is still shining and rainbows afterwards. I will focus on trips to the zoo with my family now and my love of zoos growing up. I will see that there is always a silver lining in the darkest clouds and sometimes even a gold one. And when the ugly tries to push me around, I will look up and have my heart warmed and refreshed by diamonds the Lord drops down for me from Heaven. And no matter what filth rises up against me or my family, I will purposely choose to rest assured and in perfect peace that even if I can’t see with my eyes or even feel with my heart at the moment, God has everything under control and is working it all out for our own good and His glory. So, why have bad days? Why not choose to have good days? Why not allow your mind’s current realities of peace and joy, beauty and tiny treasures, love and hope talk your heart into feeling better and having a good day? Build a new good memory rather than wallow in yesterday’s defeats or ugliness. Choose beauty of creation rather than wrecking ball damage. Focus is the difference between a good and bad day. Focus is it. God can help you focus if you need help. He is just a thought or word away.